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05-05-2007, 12:51
first off, im new to fantasy, im learning most of the rules playing WFO. anyways, im in a game right now and here is the scenario.

i have a high elf commander, on a eagle for a mount, he has the reaver bow.

my opponent has a DoW merc. captain on a pegasus.

on my first turn i moved the commander just within the captain's charge range (20 inches right?). when he charges me, willi be able to stand and shoot?

i read the text on stand and shoot in the BRB, but all im seeing is that if the charging unit moves MORE THEN HIS NORMAL movement to charge. this is fine, but flyers have a flat 20 inches of movement.

am i to assume that any charge made by a flier that goes over 10 inches allows me to stand and shoot?

i already know im at a -2 on shots due to stand and shoot and shooting at a single model.

05-05-2007, 13:12

You can S&S if the chargers start their charge from more than 1/2 of their charge range away, not more than their normal move (although this is often identical, it really is not the same).

For flyers, this means usually 10" and more allows for a S&S reaction.

BRB, p.19. left column.


edit: And it is only -1 for shooting at a charger. The Pegasus does not qualify for the -1 due to a single model, as his US is too high!

05-05-2007, 13:39
ok, thanks festus