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05-05-2007, 14:11
We played the scenario from WD a couple of issues back, where a goblin horde ambushes some dwarfs. The first close combat of the battle ended up securing my victory, but only after some close reading of the rules. I would like to check if we played the situation right.

During my (dwarfs) turn, my unit of 20 warriors attacked 4 of his trolls. Close by, a unit of 40 goblins, including his general, were charged in the flank by my lone Dragon Slayer.

I started by resolving the combat with the trolls. Thanks to my ranks & standard, i won the round, and the Trolls failed their break test. My opponent tried to argue that units with Stupidity would not have to make break tests, but it seems quite clear that this is not the case. Correct?

As the trolls broke, the large goblin unit - which was within 6" of the trolls - also had to make a panic test. We did this test immediately, i.e. before their own combat with the Dragon slayer. Correct?

The gobbos failed their Panic test. As they had to flee "directly away from the point where the friendly unit has broken", they actually ended up fleeing though my Dragon slayer. Was this the right direction? Would they have been auto-destroyed if I would have had a unit there with US more than 5?

As the gobbo unit was so large, their flee was not long enough to even pass the Dragon slayer, so he pursued and killed all 40 + general. Correct?

Not bad for one guy :D

See picture to better understand the situation:
http://img517.imageshack.us/img517/7596/combatki3.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

05-05-2007, 14:26
You made one important mistake. Units in close combat are do not take psychology tests.

05-05-2007, 14:34
Units in Combat only take Break Tests, but not Psychology Tests.

05-05-2007, 14:34
Trolls DO take Break tests, even if being subject to stupidity. They are immune to Psychology when stupid, so they don't take Panic & Fear tests.

As far as the Goblins panicking, (I think I read your example right), it would not happen. Units in melee DO NOT take Panic tests (or any Psychology tests for that matter), only Break Tests. Sorry but don't have the page # handy. So your situation of the Dragon slayer pursuing the Goblins would not have happened. Most likely the Goblins would have beat the slayer on combat resolution, but he is unbreakable so would stand.

In the last edition of the rules units in melee did take psychology tests, but not this edition.

Hope that helps,

05-05-2007, 14:44
Damn. I think we have to either replay the game or just decide it was a draw.