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05-05-2007, 20:22
Arch Lector Ludenhof von Bricko-Hammer of Helstrumm(60ps),Dawn Armour(35ps),Shield(3ps)=213ps

Battle Wizard Elra Firedawn-Level 2(35ps),2x D Scroll(50ps)=150ps
Warrior Priest Ryan Doombringer-Hammer of Power(40ps),Shield(2ps),Heavy Armour(4ps)=136ps

Battle Standard Bearer Ulric von Bricko-Full Plate(8ps),Sword of Sigismund(45ps) =128ps

20 Halberdiers-Full Command=120ps

20 Swordsmen-Full Command=145ps

20 Spearmen-Full Command,Shields=140ps

10 Handgunners-Champion(Brace of Pistols),Musician=90ps
10 Crossbowmen-Champion,Musician=90ps

10 Flagellant Warband-Champion=110ps



20 Greatswords-Full Command=230ps

Helblaster Volley Gun=110ps

Helblaster Volley Gun=110ps

=1972 points

Help Spend 28 points!

05-05-2007, 21:03
I'd give the warrior priest a two-handed hammer and armour of meteoric iron instead of the sword of power, it's cheaper and about as effective.

Brace of pistols on your handgunner champion, why? I would drop both champions from the missile units, the musicians will do for fleeing from charge reactions but you should consider dropping them if you are short of points for something else. Handguns and crossbows together are a good choice though, good deployment can make opponents move into range of the handguns when they would otherwise hang back.

Swap one of those mortars for a cannon, better yet swap both for cannons, mortars are not good enough in my experience. Besides, you've got plenty of infantry of your own to deal with your opponents. The cannons will deal with other sorts of threats.

I would turn those halberdiers into 10-man detachments for the swordsmen and spearmen, they dont' make a very good unit in themselves and neither do swordsmen or spearmen without detachments. If you have any points left I'd increase the size of that band of flagellants, I tried using ten the other day and they just didn't last long enough. Your core infantry would do much better at 25 men each too.

Helblasters are versatily pieces of artillery, don't be afraid to move them to get into range.