View Full Version : 2000 point GT style Lizardmen list

05-05-2007, 21:28
Hi all have been looking at this list for a GT style tournament at the local society, possibly the GT next year, thoughts welcome please :)

Lord Monty Py'ython
2nd Gen Slann Mage Priest
Battle Standard Bearer
Divine Plaque of Protection
Plaque of Tepok
Diadem of Powerl
War Banner

Skink Priest St'opit
Level 1
Mark of the Old Ones
Cube of Darkness

Saurus Scar Veteran
Light Armour
Great Weapon
Sacred Spawning of Quetzl
Sacred Spawning of Tepok
Glyph Necklace
Charm of the Jaguar Warrior

10 Skink Skirmishers

10 Skink Skirmishers
Javelins and Blowpipes

15 Saurus Warriors
Full Command

16 Temple Guard
Full Command

3 Kroxigor

3 Terradons

2 Salamanders

Total 2000 points.

Thanks for the critique/opinions :)

05-05-2007, 23:45
the stanard that causes fear is well worth the points as it will stop low leadership from charging and cancel out terror and stop the insane courage rolls vs undead just an idea