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06-05-2007, 02:50
Hello all,

I just played a few games of LOTR and really loved it, even though the uruk-hai I was using got their faces beaten in by some very tough dwarves.:cries:

Anyways i'm looking in to starting this here game and had a question about the Mines of Moria rule book. I know that the larger rule book has all of the army lists/ point costs for the forces of LOTR in it. Does the Mines of Moria rulebook come with these too?

Also any helpful tactics for starting an uruk-hai force would be appreciated.

06-05-2007, 11:08
The Moria rulebook has stats/points for most things in it, I don't have the big book so I can't compare.

I think the divide is that the Moria book has stats for everything in the film version, while the big book has stats for everything from the books and things GW made up too.

06-05-2007, 15:05
The big book has troops and heroes divided up into "geographical" regions, so that it is easier to put themed armies together. This falls a bit apart with the use of LOME.

Besides, the things that are missing in the little book are all present in the supplements (except the army of the dead - that's an FAQ errata because it was left out of the big book).

What sort of Uruk army are you looking to put together? Scout based, or armoured?

06-05-2007, 15:21
Well Pertinax, I was going to go off of what comes in the Order of the white hand battleforce thingy, which seems to have a nice balance between scouts and armored uruks. I know playing against the kazad-dum dwarves that armor is a very nice thing to have. I like the thought of the uruk crossbows too, are they effective?

06-05-2007, 16:02
You can't go much wrong with the box.

I'd go out and add to that the named Characters Vrasku and Ugluk (1 blister). Then, I'd consider getting a Sharku. Even if you don't use them as named characters, then you will be able to use them as unnamed captains.

I'd add to that a box of orcs (goes out on the proverbial Pertinax Orc/Uruk limb). They will add you some cheap arrow fodder for your more expensive uruks to get behind.

And then you will have loads of points, from which to mix and match what you really would like to do.

Its a VERY good start!