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Lady's Champion
05-08-2005, 19:46
I always liked having all Goblin Characters to get more than anyone else has- I like to think it makes up for the poor leadership

I like this army because it was so cheap- it is the battalion + the warhammer boxed set + the night goblins- I built the warmachines myself and I'm satisfied with the results (I bought one Wolf Rider regiment as well)

What do you all think (criticism welcome)?

Orcs led by Goblins at 2000p

General: Goblin Warboss with Great Weapon, Light Armour and Ironskin Shield 124p (goes where needed)

Night Goblin Big Boss with Mad Cap Mushrooms, a Great Weapon, a Shield and Light Armour 68p (in Night Goblins)

Goblin Big Boss with Porko’s Pigstikka, Light Armour, a Shield and a Wolf (in Spear Wolves)

Level 2 Goblin Shaman with Nibbla’s Itty Ring and a Dispel Scroll 140p

Level 2 Goblin Shaman with Staff of Sneaky Stealin 115p

Level 2 Goblin Shaman with Dispel Scroll 115p

9 Wolf Riders with Spears, Light Armour, Shields and Full Command 138p

10 Wolf Riders with short bows and Full Command 150p

20 Night Goblins with spears, 3 Fanatics and Full Command 159p

10 Arrer Boyz 70p

10 Arrer Boyz 70p

2 Snotling Bases 50p

25 Orc Boyz with two hand weapons, shields and Full Command 228p

15 Big Uns with two hand weapons, shields and Full Command 178p

2 Orc Chariots 160p

Goblin Rock Lobba with bully 85p

Goblin Spear Chukka 40p

Snotling Pump Wagon 40p

Lady's Champion
08-08-2005, 09:17
Bump- please rate it I need some advice

Freak Ona Leash
08-08-2005, 10:36
Get rid of the arrer boyz. The never do anything. Use the points that hwent into the arrer boyz to make your Big Unz unit bigger.

Tormentor of Slaanesh
08-08-2005, 14:46
the arrers are great flankers!! they could also pick off the odd rank......

08-08-2005, 14:55
I personally think that Orcs and 6 Goblin characters is a cheesey missuse of rules. Though legal I think you'll find that you'll take a lot of stick about being cheesey/beardy etc

That aside drop the sneaky staff of stealing as its once use only and abit useless. Also drop the chariots as they don't really fit in with the army. You have mainly infantry so your army is going to get left behind by the chariots which will then get mobbed.

Get another snotling pump wagon as they really rock

Lady's Champion
08-08-2005, 17:01
Well, I use the chariots to support my infantry- they don't go on ahead and I haqve mostly found the Arrer Boyz the most useful unit they have beaten infantry twice their size!!! And you may be a little right about the cheese but the background story I have written for them almost justifies it.

08-08-2005, 17:20
Oh, be brave--take out all the orcs and make it an all gobbo army. That's what I'm doing!

Lady's Champion
10-08-2005, 10:06
Lol, but I already own all the Orcs lol. I'd better start saving up