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06-05-2007, 12:17
This is the list that I'm considering for the GT, it's competitive, but I wouldn't say it was over the top. It has a lot of magic, a bit of shooting, and enough combat potential to trouble anyone.

Wizard, Level 4, Dispel Scroll=235pts
Wizard, Level 2=95pts
Wizard, Level 2=95pts
Paymaster, Enchanted Shield, Barded Warhorse, Lance, H.A=87pts
10 Crossbowmen=80pts
5 Heavy Cavalry, Barding=105pts
5 Heavy Cavalry, Barding=105pts
11 Heavy Cavalry, Barding, Full Command=276pts
5 Light Cavalry, Spears=60pts
5 Light Cavalry, Spears=60pts
4 Ironguts, Standard=212pts
4 Ironguts, Standard=212pts
10 Halflings=60pts
3 Maneaters, H.A, 1 G.W, 2 Cathayan Longswords=270pts

Ok, from what I've been thinking the list has 1 serious problem area. Leadership, most notably panic. I have looked at the general instead of the wizard lord, but it means that the magic phase suffers a lot. I would take basic ogres but at LD7 there too likely to run.

As I see it, if I play the list bravely, attack and don't go for VPs denial, then the rewards could far outweigh the risks. The list has the main hammer(the knights) who start with +4 if they outnumber(rank, stand, BS, outnumber) this, combined with the 5/6 S5 attacks, the 5/6 S3 attacks and the 2 S6 should be able to deal with most units if I get the charge. The ogres add a lot of punch and the maneaters are fantastic, although they are the extremley brittle, great on the offensive, but on defence not good. With LD8, stubborn and possibley a re-roll, I expect them to stay in combat wiith whoever there facing.

The giant adds something else entirely, a highly unpreditable model, although he should be benefical overall. With LD10 stubborn he's not running anywhere. And being a called a giant, he may as well be called a target, hopefully he should allow the army to surive my opponents shooting ok. The 2 small units of heavy cav have an important role, they are going to hunt out small support units, hopefully killing/holding them and benefiting the army. The light cav are there as they are one of the best units in the game. 60pts buys you a bait unit that doesn't break the bank, if they do a supporting flank charge then they are great. They can also go after warmachines, and even charge in to get a wound on an already wounded wizard, they really are great.

Any constructive critiscm is appreaciated thanks,

07-05-2007, 11:26

Was wondering mostly what you thought about this list>? Too over the top, ok. And also any changes that you would make.


07-05-2007, 12:28
I'm not a very experience Fantasy player, but I like the looks of this. Looks fast and mobile. That being said you will have trouble against big blocks with good flank protection. And the big cavalry unit is very expencive, and will have a bigger target painted on it than the giant.
You should do nicely in the magic phase, but where will you hide your wizards? Seems they'll be easy targets for flyers/shooting on their own.
One of the strengths of Dow is pike hedges I believe, so maybe a unit or two of pikemen to give you a solid base.
Mainly guesswork here, hopefully some experienced dow players will chip in :)

07-05-2007, 12:37
Yep, you should have another unit of infantry to hide your mages in or you shlould give a mount at least one. Iīd also think about changing the halflings to Lumpin Croopīs fighting cocks, as these make the general less susceptible from running away due to Lumpinīs LD9.

I am not a fan of a lot of Ogres in a DoW army, because I feel that thatīs what OK are good for, but that is just a matter of taste. I prefer a more infantry based approach, although pikemen are hard to play.

07-05-2007, 21:35
I was thinking of pikemen, but the way I see it is, any enemy units they can do damage against can avoid them M4 isn't great. And any unit that can kill them(1+ save knights mainly) will go ahead and do just that.

If I swap the Paymasters' enchanted shield for a normal shield, then I can take a horse on one of the level 2s. Any thoughts>?