View Full Version : Which of these armies do you find more satisfying to play as?

05-08-2005, 20:54
Vampire Counts or Dark Elves.

I think I'm hearing Vampire Counts calling my name. I like Dark Elves for their models and troop diversity within the game... but like the Vampire Counts for their characters and story.

Which do you guys find more enoyable to play as and against?

If I do decide to play VC.. I think I'll convert all my Dark Elves into an army of Sylvania list (Crossbowman as Crossbow militia, Executioners as Grave Guards w Great weapons, COKs as Black Knights.. haha.. dunno about turning chariots into Black Coaches though.. thats a little too far-fetched).

05-08-2005, 22:00
As a longtime player of both I still enjoy Dark Elves the most. When they work, its a thing of beauty.

Vampire Counts are good fun as well however. I have played just about every type of list with them but still enjoy my Blood Dragon led force as I like trying to win with "elite" undead units like Grave Guard and Black Knights. I don't really enjoy the Nechrarch list at all, but the others are fun. I suppose you get more out of VC since there are mutiple forces with the same troops, but Dark Elves have been more fun for me and my regular opponent enjoys his games against the Druchii far more than facing off against the Vampires.

Dark Elves have great models in my opinion and I play a mostly infantry force that is stunning on the table. Their movement provides a great many tactical challanges and options for you and the specific uses of the different units within the army are quite focused allowing you to manipulate your force to whatever portion of the game turn you enjoy most. I feel the Dark Elf rules are good and now well balanced. The CoS list is also a nice by product that can be used to add even more life to your game however I've found no reason to dip into it as of yet.

All in all I love the Druchii but honestly, you can't loose either way, they are both terrific armies.

Captain Brown
05-08-2005, 22:36
Well I have found Dark Elves more satisfying to play versus undead. That is merely my personal feelings, I am sure there are quite a few players who would say the opposite. I just found that the Vampire Counts seemed to rely more on magic and large units and less on small units for their tactics and this just suited me.

05-08-2005, 22:54
Well, I think I've made my decision to switch over back to VC.. except yea.. I'm going Army of Sylvania this time around. It seems like they are more combat oriented and don't need hoardes of skeletons/zombies to work. Thanks for any input... I'll definitely be keeping most of my DE figures though to convert into undead.

05-08-2005, 23:00
I've never had an interest in either, but after some thought I'd say a wych themed Dark Elf list might strike a chord with me. Undead just aren't my cup of tea.

06-08-2005, 01:13
DE`s everytime for me.

07-08-2005, 00:06
Sorry gorenut but i have to say darkelves aswell :) Im currently remaking my DE army while my VC army is still laying around in boxes. Donīt know why really, but i think the VC stuff gets a bit one sided after a while.

If you convert DE into VC you can play them both as Darkelves and Undead, so iīd say thats the way to go.


Sgt John Keel
07-08-2005, 01:23
I'd say Dark Elves too. The concept of the Vampires themselves is excellent, but to be honest I hate that they are dragging entire mountains of bone with them wherever they go. A true vampire strike from the shadows.


07-08-2005, 01:52
DE for me (easy to say as i already own about 5000 points :D )

I just like the mobility and the multiple tricks you can pull off with that. With Vampires it's just advance and autobreak units because of fear and the Vampire who cleans out the front rank (boring but rather effective).

And i adore the model range.. one of the best so far with very few glitches ( mounted Sorceress *shudder* :mad: )

07-08-2005, 09:54
Well, I play both of those armies (my only 2 fantasy armies, btw), so this thread could have been made for me.

Anyway, VC were my first army ever, and I still have a weak spot for them. Ranks of skeleton warriors marching and rising from the ground is just amazing. I also use my VC extremely effectively, and haven't lost a game in ages using them. However, my army list usually resorts to about the same configuration (quite varied in units, but still).

I have found DE to be a little more challenging tactical wise. I play an infantry dominated force with some backup cavalry mostly, but the dark elf list just allows more tactical play, more variation, and a bit of everything in the game. Dark Elves can do everything; they have great maneuverability, good combat potential on some units, and can shoot and cast magic as well. In the end, gaming with DE is more a challenge for me and that makes winning with them more rewarding.

The boyz
07-08-2005, 17:07
I would have to say Dark Elves for me really, mainly because I just like them and they have some pretty cool troops choice and a fairly good backround fluff wise.

07-08-2005, 23:21
DE are my Choice, not only because they were my first Fantasy Army, but because they got to be played with a bit of brain. I often fight against VC an they only need a pile of Skellies with a Vamprie to clear the first rank, than autobreak and thats it. tried them out some times and get really bored.
but well thats just my opinion

08-08-2005, 14:30
I agree that VC have a better story than DE, but I prefer DE for the style of gameplay.

Warhammer (IMHO) is all about movement, and DE are great in that aspect, while VC are much more static and rely a bit too much on magic for my taste.

I find them to be boring to play (with them or against them)


Warlord Queek
08-08-2005, 17:12
I'm sorry, but I say DE are the better choice as well. They're just the most fun to play with and against.

And then I hate the VC fluff too. I dunno, those VC are just not my cup of tea. I hate al those skellies and stuff.

Personally, I'd throw that idea of the Sylvania army in the Gutter and just switch back to DE. Nobody on this thread likes the VC better, so it would be for the best.

Greetz, Warlord Queek-Queek

08-08-2005, 21:35
any army that is funny. And not only made to win. Also, painted/converted armies sure are nice to play!
Basicly, all my armies aren't made to win, but to have fun and laugh a good time. I have an exploding skaven army. I often take 2-3 weapon teams, 1-2 engineers and 0-15 jezzails at 2000 points. Sometimes with a canon. I also like the banner of burning hatred. This usually results in uncontrollable plague monks and explosions everywhere, with green lightning going from side to side and finally my engineer goes BOOM.

My second army: ogres. Do I really need to explain? They are heavily converted to have lots of fun to watch and, again, I have machines (leadbelchers) just for the explosions, gnoblars for the insignificant part and I'll have a scraplauncher because the misfires are just so fun.

my third army: orcs. I mostly have infantry though. Still, they have animosity which has a funny style. However, I plan on having a big squig unit. Just for the look and the fun. Uncontrollable monsters going on rampage around the battlefield, yay!

my fourth army: gnoblars. This must be the funniest army ever invented. I'm going to have a lord on rhinox. Also, a couple chieftains. I'll look at my opponent's face saying "my hero is worth 34 points full equipped and has S3" LOL. And then, I'll take the worst cavalry ever, for the same effect: "my cavalry moves at 4, has WS2 S2 and is worth 4 points". And my gnoblar army is so far 100% funny conversions and it will remain that way. It's so hilarious. And their animosity is really fun too.

08-08-2005, 21:46
Well, I've already decided to do an Army of Sylvania. Its going to depend on a lot of wolves and fell bats. I think it's going to be a lot of fun, win or lose.. I don't really care.. I just like the idea, haha.