View Full Version : Going all Orc, how many units of Bl.Orcs?

06-05-2007, 16:10

I saw the last box of 20 plastic Black Orcs in the store yesterday and I'm trying to think of whether to do that army. Thus weather or not to buy the splash release and save the $15.

I currently own 20 metal Black Orcs but I'm not sure if I'd need 40 in total for 2000 pts.

I would do the all orc (no goblins, or goblin warmachines) horde, but I can't see a reason, immediately, to take two full 20 large unit of orcs. Especially as Big Uns are good.

So,.. has anyone played the Orc army where taking two solid units of Black Orcs is a wise choice?

06-05-2007, 20:32
maybe not a wise choice, but the looks on the new BO makes you wanna have a lot of them. If you have Grimgor, then 30-40 is a must becuse the unit will have all its ranged fire against it.

07-05-2007, 12:30
Here is the List I use if I dont want to field an all orc army.

Black Orc Warboss+heavy armour+Umms Best Boss's At+Iron Gnashas (goes in orc mob)

Black Orc Big Boss+heavy armour+Morks spirit totem (goes in other orc mob)

Black Orc Big Boss+heavy armour+boar chariot

Orc Shaman+extra level+2 despel scrolls

24 orcs+shields+full command (6 wide)

24 orcs+shields+full command (6 wide)

10 arrer orcs

18 BLack Orcs+full command+shields (6 wide)

18 BLack Orcs+full command+shields (6 wide)

7 Boar Boys+full command

3 Trolls

This list relies on the Power of the Waaagh.

The 2 Black Orc units waaagh, The warboss and his boys waaagh, Boss on the chariot waaaghs and the big boss and his unit waaaggh on a +2.