View Full Version : Thinking of switching from DE to VC (2k list)

05-08-2005, 21:25
Basically I've been playing DE lately.. and their story and playstyle just isn't that appealing to me anymore. SO I think I'm going back to VC.. except with a twist. I'm converting all my DE models into undead and going to play AOS.

Here is just a very quick mock up list.

Vampire Lord
Lvl 3 Wiz
Aura of Dark Majesty
Ring of Night
Wolf Lord
extra hand weapon

Vampire Thrall
Flayed Hauberk
Great Weapon
Wolf Form

Wight Lord
Sword of Kings
Gem of Blood

6 Dire Wolves - Scout
6 Dire Wolves
4 Fell Bats

4 Spirit Hosts
16 Drakenhof Guard, full command, Drakenhof Banner

6 Drakenhof Templars, Full command, Banner of Barrows

I don't play against too many magic heavy armies and at the same time.. all my opponents seem to have lots of immune to psyche or atleast good against it.

With the extra points I'm either thinking of adding some rank and file meatshields.. but as it stands now.. since I have so many crossbow elves.. I'm going to summon a lot of crossbows all over the battlefield.

Depending on where the Wight Lord goes.. I'll take 1 out of the Knights or Guards.. but I'm thinking mostly sticking him with Guards.

Not sure if I should try to fit in Black Coaches (seeing how most my opponents have access to str 7 lords).

I'm guessing AOS can't take allies so Ogre Ironguts are out of the question too.

What do you guys think?

Oh yea.. if any of you guys can give me a little nudge on convincing me to going back to VC all the way (away from DE).. go for it, hehe.

Screamin Daemon
05-08-2005, 22:22
.....I hate undead........

Having said that I feel better about myself.

Here's my thoughts:

I strongly recomend a second unit of skelies, and reduce the first one by 5 or so. Skelies are pricey, but are free to raise into a unit.

What are you planning on doing with your characters? leave them out of units by themselves? That would be ok for the vamps, but the wight lord would get eaten alive. I suggest you drop him unless you are planning on taking a unit of black nights or grave guard.....unless that is what the drakenhof templars are (I don't have my storm book handy right now.)


Never mind. After going to army builder and looking up your list I realized that everything I said was useless.

Your list looks just fine, but my question about the characters still stands, what are your plans for them?

05-08-2005, 22:59
Wights 'eaten alive' eh? Hehehe..

Anyway, what are you going to use as Drakenhof Guard?

05-08-2005, 23:27
I'm using executioners as Drakenhof Guards.

As far as the Templars.. I'm still using Cold One Knights.. but I'm a bit undecided whether I'll paint the Cold Ones to look skeletal with some conversion work or to just get them barded horses.