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Baron of Heldaine
06-05-2007, 20:33
Hey all, I am trying to put together 2250 Empire list by expanding the one I used in 6th Edition. Unfortunately, I don't have much experience with the army's characters. Is a grandmaster too expensive for my list? I would like to include some potent magic capabilities, even if it is in the form of Warrior Priests. So here is my list without characters (feel free to adjust unit sizes to account for characters ;) ):

Core: 766

10 Knight Orders, FC
25 Swordsmen, FC
25 Swordsmen, FC
10 Crossbowmen
10 Crossbowmen

Special: 697
20 Greatswords, FC
- 10 Archers
- 10 Free Company
6 Pistoliers, Mus
6 Pistoliers, Mus
Great Cannon

Rare: 300
Steam Tank

Total, without characters or magic items: 1763.

So that leaves about 500 points to work with on characters (or other units, if necessary). Like I said, I may have a number of Empire models, but I really don't have much experience with them. My plan with an army like this is to have the Steam Tank and Knights flank my infantry lines as my heavy hitters. The Pistoliers will be on the far flanks. If this is stupid, I expect to be informed of this :cool:

Characters are my main concern, though. I am totally lost on them.

Thanks for any help!

06-05-2007, 20:52
487 points is going to be tight if you want a lord and three heroes, but its doable as long as you don't expect them all to have their full compliment of magic items.

I don't think a Grand Master is too expensive, though he only really comes into his own with a decent magic weapon, and as points are tight and you want "decent magic" it may be the wrong choice - "decent magic" costs about 125 points per hero choice, which only leaves you 100 points for your Lord. I'd be tempted to take the Arch Lector with mundane equipment and a mix of wizards and warrior priests for heroes.

06-05-2007, 21:17
1 Grand master with laurens of victory
1 LvL 1 with 2 scrolls
1 Warior priest with GW Armour of MI, Icon of magnus
1 BSB with full plate armour, barded warhorse and sword of might

That is about 5 points over the limit.
for some more magic i would get this:
1 Arch lector with Armour of MI, GW and VHS
1 LvL 2 with rod of saving dices
1 LvL 2 with 1 scroll
and the same BSB as before.

im not sure how much points that is.

06-05-2007, 23:47
Have a Witch Hunter Captain.

Captain of the Empire @ 120 Pts
Barding; Hand Weapon; Pistol; Full Plate Armor; Shield
1 Warhorse
1 Sword of Might
1 Icon of Magnus

Baron of Heldaine
07-05-2007, 16:14
Thanks for the replies, how about something like this:

Arch Lector with Knightly Orders
- Biting Blade, Barded Warhorse, HA, shield

Captain BSB with Swordsmen
- Sword of Might, full plate

Battle Wizard
- lvl 2, 2 x Scrolls

Battle Wizard
- lvl 2, 2 x Scrolls

6 power, 6 dispel

To make this work I would have to remove the detachment of Free Company from the Greatswords.

With these characters, would this be a viable army?

07-05-2007, 16:17
Yes, but 4 scrolls is complete overkill.

Baron of Heldaine
07-05-2007, 16:52
Okay, thanks :D I will try to rework it

07-05-2007, 17:49
I would suggest the following
1 lvl 2 wizard with the doom fire ring, total: 130
1 lvl 2 wizard with 2 dispel scrolls, total: 150

This would leave you with 20 more points to spend as well, the ring is good for boosting your magic face and you still get a decent amount of magical defence with 6 dispel dice and 2 scrolls.