View Full Version : Haven't played 6th edition yet help me with my army and tactcis!!!??? ;)

06-05-2007, 23:17
Hi all ;)

I haven't played WHFB much recently and I haven't even played the latest edition so I'm not toally up to date with the changes to the rules and how it will affect my army. I was hoping some of you experienced players could have a look at my list (admittedly a bit fluffy) and see if its still viable and any changes I should make - as well as tactics for the army as I haven't played much but want to get more into WHFB!

I'd like to be competitive but have put the army together from units I like!

General = Exalted Champion of Chaos, Hero of Tzeentch, Rending Sword, enchanted shield, barded chaos steed (goes with chaos knights) = 236pts

1 x Exalted champion of choas, hero of tzeentch, 2 x dispel scrolls, shield, great weapon = 226pts

5 x Knights of chaos, chosen, musician, standard, regiment of tzeentch, = 275ptss

15 x warriors of chaos, chosen, shields, halberds, full command = 375pts

19 x marauders of chaos, light armour, shileds, musician + standard (to go with sorcerer) = 148pts

Beastherd - 8 x gors 10 x ungors full command = 123pts

4 x minotaurs, regiment of Tzeentch, great weapons = 204pts

7 x chaos furies = 105pts

1 x dragon ogre shaggoth great weapon, light armour = 306pts

Thanks for your help in advance


Malchek ;)

07-05-2007, 06:28
Forgive me if i get this wrong but isn't a dragon ogre also a lord choice? and therefore you have to choose between the exhalted and him?

07-05-2007, 06:40
Actually, if I remember correctly, the shaggoth is only a lord choice if you upgrade him to a better shaggoth that takes up a lord choice too. It has been a little while though, so I might be a little rusty

07-05-2007, 06:44
Only the Shaggoth champion is a Lord, not the normal Shaggoth; also, the exalted champion doesn't use a lord slot anyway.

Melchek, I assume you've been away for quite a while, we are now up to 7th edition Warhammer.

I'm not sure what to recommend in terms of tactics, the army shows that it is a bunch of units thrown together.

You could try refusing one flank, anchoring the centre with the warriors and marauders, and moving hard down the other flank with your faster units - the shaggoth, knights, minotars, and furies.

I think the key here is to minimise the time those units spend exposed to enemy missile fire.

07-05-2007, 11:44
Hi sorry I meant 7th :rolleyes: but yes you're right it has been a while as I've been playing 40K almost exclusively....

So what about the army composition any advice??? I chose units/models I liked and tried to make them into some sort of force but is it that bad I shouldn't bother....? lol


07-05-2007, 12:07
Hey Mal, I find that picking models you like and getting stuck in works a lot better in Fantasy. In 40K choosing an army on aesthetics is a one-way ticket to wooden spoonsville (trust me, I know), but I find Fantasy relies on in-game tactics a lot more.

Your list looks OK to me, though I'm no expert on Chaos, but one thing that might be handy is something to screen your units - the beastherd can protect your infantry, but some hounds might be worth having to look after your Knights and Minotaurs. Thinking about it, the herd will also be nice to guard the flank of your (fairly small ;)) battle line as well.

08-05-2007, 11:58
Hi Mcmullet thanks for that - the only thing is where to get the pts from!? The only unit I'm not toally in love with is the marauderers!? lol ;)

To be honest whilst I want to have a chance of being competitive WHFB is more for fun for me so it doesn't matter all that much! ;)

Cheers mate

Rob - Malchek ;)