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07-05-2007, 07:33
Hi, I've been out of WHFB for a while, (since the Wood Elves release actually) so forgive the slightly noob question. I've been out of the loop somewhat.

Is the new rule book out yet (Would that be edition 7 or 8? I've lost count)
If so, how much different is it from the previous rules? Does it warrent buying if I just play social games with a few friends (all of them using my rulebooks and models?)


07-05-2007, 08:03

7th is out since last September, and although it is not necessary to upgrade and update, I think that 7th is an improvement over 6th.


07-05-2007, 09:09
Thanks for the reply Festus :)

So, is edition 7 like a rewrite of the rules (Like edition 5 to 6?) or more like small edits and updates?

DarkLord Of Naggaroth
07-05-2007, 09:47
I'd say the old rules are still easily playable so if you dont feel like it then just carry on as your were, not nearly as many rules were changed from 6-7 than from 5-6. but yes, they are probably are an improvment.
There was a mini rulebook that would be ideal, but I'm not sure about that, was it just for skull Pass or something? but if it's still for sale then you're better getting that.

07-05-2007, 12:33
You can play with the old rules, exspecially if you use old army lists (all except empire and orcs and goblins...and perhaps dwarves). But the way you play 7th is very different form 6th, thatīs what I think.

07-05-2007, 13:07
It's a revision to the rules, but all the core mechanics are the same, just with added changes on the specifications.

07-05-2007, 13:35
More of a slight adjustment than bug re-do. As been said it's not necessary to play 7th above 6th, but the 7th is definetly more fun IMO.

07-05-2007, 22:13
Don't give GW any more of your money, use 6th edition.6th 6th 6th!

08-05-2007, 00:35
Give GW your money. Especially if you play tournies.

Also, I find that the 7th ed book holds up better than the 6th, but then, my 6th was paperback...the worst idea for big rulebooks ever.

08-05-2007, 01:37
I do like 7th ed alot. One of my biggest problems with 7th ed is that it is so close to 6th ed, its hard to keep the rules straight.

You'll be fine with the 6th ed rulebook & play 7th ed. Just don't argue when someone tells its different.

Vile Snotsuckle
08-05-2007, 02:29
Ive been out of the loop for 12 years. Just getting back into it. The major change I see is the prices, holy crap! They're really trying to rack in the dough now aren't they? Its a pain in the butt to make an army from scratch, because in order to do so, you need to sell your kidneys to do so.

08-05-2007, 04:46
the mini rulebook can be had online for 15 bucks, it is an excellent book (index, toc, durable) and an excellent value for the money

08-05-2007, 10:42
I think the 7th ed rulebook is a bit easier to find things in, that is the organisation is improved over 6th.

08-05-2007, 12:23
Ok weird question here - how do I know if I have the 6th or 7th edition rulebook? Is there any easy well to tell?
I've had the rulebook for about 6 months or so, but don't know which edition i have

08-05-2007, 12:38
This is the new 7th edition Hardback:

This is the old 6th edition Softback: http://www.unispel.com/catalog/product_thumb.php?img=images/whrulebook.jpg&w=150&h=150

You're certainly better off buying the new 7th ed rules. A small rulebook was released with the Battle for Skull Pass box, and can be found on eBay for cheaper. 6th had some rules that are now gone, and it's better not to get into the habit of using them.

08-05-2007, 12:45
Thanks for that Jedi - it is the 7th edition that is sitting in front of me then

15-05-2007, 15:38
So, what's the difference between THE BATTLE FOR SKULL PASS RULE BOOK and the full rulebook.

I'm a bit strapped for cash at the moment and 5 GBP is looking a lot better than 25 GBP. Does Skull Pass contain all the rules? Besides hardband and pictures, what will I be missiong out on?

15-05-2007, 15:48
Nothing is different rules wise - the large hardback book contains extra hobby advice, background material and lots of pretty pictures.

The Battle for Skull Pass book is only the rules.

15-05-2007, 16:31
they're exactly the same and even have the same page numbers if you want to ask rules questions

29-05-2007, 20:21
I thought I would tag on this topic. I have been out about 4 - 5 years now (about when 6th came about). I was a Mordheim player mainly. I know the 7th edition rules are out, but are any of the codexes updated yet? I know Empire is soon. Is the current dwarves 7th edition?

Gorbad Ironclaw
29-05-2007, 20:33
Empire and OnG is the only ones released after 7th was released. Dwarfs was released just before, and should been designed with a lot of the changes in mind tho.

Wild Rider
29-05-2007, 20:42
I've been out of the loop for 18 years or so. I used 3rd edition rules!!!! Are the rules any better these days? I'm just getting back into it.

Just an add on, whats this about Warmachine and hordes everyone goes on about. I had a look at the models and to be honest they are nice but just as good as GW's if not worse imo. They also have a limited range so far, so it must be the rules make it a more flowing game because i can't see why people think it's so good.(maybe due to it being new)

Perhaps someone could enlighten me.

29-05-2007, 20:46
Thanks for the information on dwarves. Sounds like it will be a bit before we see a new dwarves army book then.

Gorbad Ironclaw
29-05-2007, 21:08
Wild Rider, it depends on what you want from the rules really. Warhammer have come a very long way from 3rd ed. It's a much more streamlined battle game now, having lost most of it's rpg characteristics. It does play pretty good, and should give you an enjoyable game, just as long as your aware that it have changed a lot.

Can't really comment on Warmachine. Never played it, don't like the stuff I hear about it, so not very likely to either(not to mention, never seen anyone with the models or with interest in the game around here).

Wild Rider
29-05-2007, 21:22
Gorbad Ironclaw, thanks for that i've just got a modern lizardmen army and i'm getting back into the loop again. Though the guys i'm going to do battle with use the 2nd ed rules! So i think i might have to enlighten them.

Gorbad Ironclaw
30-05-2007, 05:40
Hehe, sounds like you all been out of it for a time :)
But you can try it out and see if you fancy the new rules, you can always play games using the old rules if you like too. Just consider it different game systems and you should be fine.