View Full Version : The Red Host of Tehenhauin - 2,000pts

The Black Aquila
05-08-2005, 23:54
Ok, this is my first stab at trying to create a Red Host list. Well, not my first stab, i've test played the list before and I quite liked it's style, but I just want to see what you people think of it. I value all of your opinions, since I am normally use to 40k and have not played with my Lizards in a LONG time... But anyways, here it is! My Red Host.

Tehenhain - The Prophet of Sotek
Skink Chief - Red Crest, Spawning of Sotek, Light armour, shield, Sacred Stegadon helm, Burning blade of Chotec. (Accompanies unit of 24)
Skink Chief - Red Crest, Spawning of Sotek, Light armour, Battle Standard bearer carrying Totem of Prophecy. (Accompanies unit of 29)
Skink Priest - Lvl 2, Spawning of Sotek, 2x Dispell scrolls
Skink Priest - Lvl 2, Spawning of Sotek, Diadem of Power, Bane Head
Core Units
29 Red Crest - Full command
24 Red Crest - Full Command, Skavenpelt Banner
15 Skink Skirmishers - Blowpipes
10 Skink Skirmishers - Blowpipes
2 Jungle Swarms
Special Units
3 Kroxigors
4 Terradons

Total = 2,000pts

So, what do you all think? Any good or a load of pants... :confused:

He Who Laughs
06-08-2005, 00:15
Thats a good solid list. I've got a Red Host myself, very similar to yours (minus the Cohorts).
I would strongly suggest a re-shuffle to get more (say, total of 4) Swarms in - and make sure Tenehauin joins them, this makes for an abolsute solid corner stone to the army.

I prefer to use javs to blowpipes, but each to their own.

Tenehauin (lev3) + two Lev 2 Priests is alot of magic - I normally only run a single Lev 2 alongside Tenehauin, and most of the time this is enough magic, both for casting and dispelling. I assume the Banehead on the Priest is for magic-sniping? Remember that the normal Priest have to take Beats lore, and so don't have access to all the lovely Heavens lightning-sniper spells.

Apart from that - very good list. Good luck with it!

The Black Aquila
06-08-2005, 00:30
I have always considered Javs.. but i've been a bit iffy on which truly is better. Why do you favour javs over Blowpipes? Is it due to being able to move and fire at short range without any penalties? I agree and I always do put Tehenhauin with my swarms for a solid hard to move unit and if I manage to get Bear's Anger with him, he becomes one nasty guy same goes for any skink priest actually. What would you suggest I remove for extra swarms?
The bane head is just to help kill any character that I think will give me a lot of trouble just that little bit easier.
I normally would only take one Skink Priest as well.. but i'm always worried of being out done in magic. My list really does need that Ox stand spell to rally those Ld 5 skinks that will almost certainly be off at the first sign of resistance.

08-08-2005, 20:09
Get rid of the stego helm. No use for it. Don't need the ld (keep tehen close) and +1 armour ain't worth 40pts, put him with cohorts and give him enchanted shield + revered blade. 5 str 5 no armour save attack on the charge is what ye want.(with the big unit with sign of sotek)

You are also forgetting that your skinks have to take the sotek mark (your skirmishing ones)

And on your big unit take the sign of sotek, +1 attack is not to be sniffed at.