View Full Version : O&G: Is Mork's Spirit Totem Enough?

07-05-2007, 23:50
I was wondering if just taking a BSB with Mork's spirit totem enough magic defense in a standard 2000 pts game? I would put the BSB into a big unit of Orcs so I would mostly likely being 3 DD each turn plus the standard 2 DD. I really don't want to take a scroll caddy. Has anyone tried this?

08-05-2007, 00:01
I use it all the time.

It's good defense for anything 8pd or less. You have some trouble if your opponent is using more than 8 power dice or is tomb kings(although I haven't faced tomb kings with the banner) but if you are facing magic heavy than the banner and a caddy gives you great protection.

The great thing about the banner on your bsb is that if you take it on a black orc you can get a 3+ armor save, plus he still has his great weapon. So it's a good fighter, good magic defense, adds combat res to the unit he's in and lets you re-roll failed BT tests.

So it's a great multi-use character. Meaning if you take it in a tourney and wind up facing dwarfs or khorne, it's not a total waste, since the character can do more than just tote the magic banner around.

08-05-2007, 12:05
As Shimmergloom said, it can work quite well against low to medium magic armies, so it depends a lot on who you are facing.

08-05-2007, 12:33
Go for it. I've rarely played games where my opponent has cast more than one spell each turn that i couldn't just take on the chin. So much of magic is unreliable and if you've not invested any points in magic defense, your army should be considerably bigger than one with a ton of wizards so you can afford to let some spells through and still be ahead on numbers.

Apologies if you get rinsed by a super magic heavy slaanesh army from time to time but i still think it's a perfectly viable option. Quite often you'll find you come across armies that offer no magical offense like your own so any points spent on defense are wasted.

Down with dispel scrolls!

08-05-2007, 14:00
I like magic, and im my aera magic is played at a high level(9 to 14 pd), so if it for casual play I say go on. Although for a tournament I would get the scroll caddy.

08-05-2007, 19:08
I've found that the bsb and the staff of sneaky stealin wich would make 8 dsd is more then enough for most armies, sure a lizardman army with slann would be the exception but, most of the games i've played 8 dsd is more then enough.

08-05-2007, 19:22
Most of the time it will be enough, but in a competitive environment probably you'll need a shaman with a scroll. Or a goblin with the staff of sneaking, the staff is quite useful since it will also hinder your opponent's casting phase.

Brother Siccarius
08-05-2007, 20:09
I was wondering if just taking a BSB with Mork's spirit totem enough magic defense in a standard 2000 pts game? I would put the BSB into a big unit of Orcs so I would mostly likely being 3 DD each turn plus the standard 2 DD. I really don't want to take a scroll caddy. Has anyone tried this?

Good against medium magic armies. Against Heavy magic armies you'd have trouble anyways, so I wouldn't worry too much about that. You don't need to stop every spell after all.

I would take a dispell caddy anyways, just because there's some times when there's something you don't want to leave to chance (Comet of Casandora).

09-05-2007, 21:00
The biggest problem that OnG suffers from is that in a high magic environment, our leadership lets us down. Against slannesh or whateverelse that has fear and magic, it is really tough to compete. I usually run a bsb with spirit totem and a caddy with one scroll. I've tried putting the caddy on a wolf chariot, which worked out well once the game progressed and magic became less important. Basically, you should play with a bunch of different styles of magic defense to see what you like the best. Problem is, low magic defense can lose you so many games. Magic seems unreliable when you use it, but when its getting used against you, its seems so much better.

09-05-2007, 22:00
As has been said, it's excellent against armies that have a roughly medium amount of magic. I myself have one of those armies, and I can say from personal experience, Mork's Spirit Totem does its job rather well.

Ozzy Orc
10-05-2007, 08:30
2000p I take the banner and sneaky staff :) It's very good.. I played against a VC player with 10PD and 2 bound spells.. And no magic for him ^^ (No Raise :P).

10-05-2007, 12:02
Indeed, it's a nasty little item that. When I have the misfortune of facing an Orc army containing it, even though it may be against better judgement or common sense, I try to take out the BSB waving the damn horrible thing around.

The feeling of being essentially neutered magically as long as the Spirit Totem is still on the table, and its unit is strong and many-ranked, is a less-than-pleasant feeling. It's strange, because I almost always only have a mid-level amount of magic in my armies, so it's not THAT big of a deal. Just a quirk of mine, I guess;) I guess I'm not a fan of paying out the nose for a Battle Wizard(or two) and Warrior Priest(to a lesser extent, as he's useful regardless of his spellcasting), and having said mages rendered almost useless by...an Orc and his crummy flag, with 20 or so of his buddies jeering behind him.
Anyway yeah....bitter and resentful, but with a bit of grudging respect for the greenskins and their rather nice magic item.

Point is, if you're an Orc player and want to efficiently shut down your opponents magic phase(at least for a while, at worst), get Mork's Spirit Totem. If you really would like to throw (magical) sand in his eyes, also take the Sneaky Staff. Unless he's insanely magic heavy, while those two items are on the table and doing their thing, his magic phase will be basically an exercise in futility. And silent cursing. For him.