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08-05-2007, 05:50
1500pts Empire


Captain 105
Plate Armor, Shield
Sword of Sigismund (+1S, always strike first)

Warrior Priest 134
2 Hammers,
Armor of Metioric Armor (1+ SV), Sigil of Sigismund (magic resistance 1)

Battle Wizard 150
lvl 2
Doomfire Ring (bound lvl 3, burning head)
Ring of Volans (1 use, random spell, any lore, bound @ cast value)


23 Halberdiers 158
shields, FC
(captain leads unit)
- 10 Militia Bowmen 80

23 Spearmen 158
shields, FC
(WP leads)
- 10 Militia Bowmen 80

14 Handgunners 132
marksman, repeater handgun

14 Handgunners 132
marksman, repeater handgun

7 Knights of Mu Sigma Chi 197


Cannon 100

Mortar 75

TOTAL- 1501

So thats my list, I have all the models except the halberdiers and 4 of the knights (yes the MEX knights are my fraternity). The army is based on the province of Stirland. I started the army and idea last summer, and ironicly enough, the green and yellow gold is the same colors of the college I transfered to this year. Where I pledged Mu Sigma Chi, so I'm now in the process of developing a backround for my order of knights.
My plan for when I expand to 2000 points, is to upgrade the wizard to lvl 4, add 2 knights and a captain the MEX knights, some pistoliers and flagalents. Perhaps some others if points allow.
The only thing I've thought about doing to the above list so far is adding some huntsmen.

08-05-2007, 18:00
if no one has anything to say... am i to assume the list is perfect???

09-05-2007, 17:04
Well, perfection may not be the most accurate description.

By the way, your school colors matching your knights is coincidence, not irony. Irony would be if your knights matched the colors of your new schools most hated rivals and you were forced to wear your knights colors to all school sporting events.

Now, on to your list:
Your characters are generally okay. You have taken 2 arcane items (rings) on your wizard which is a no-no. Dump the Volans ring as it's really not the best use of your points (get 4 more halbards or spears and you're better off). I'd also take a dispel scroll on your wizard for that added 'get out of hell free' pass.

For your troops:
You have LOTS of shooting which is fine. I'd suggest making your infantry units 24-25 and making your handgunners detachments or 12. You need something that can supporting-charge and remove rank bonuses. For that reason I'd consider swapping out the archers for some free company or other melee-oriented detachment since skirmishing archers won't cancel rank bonus.

Your knight unit is getting on toward unwieldy in size. With a 175mm frontage you'll have a lot of guys who aren't fighting because they're hanging off the edges as well as facing some awkward wheels. Consider dropping down to 6 for better maneuverability and to make room for points to bulk up your infantry.

Cannon and mortar are fine. You might think about dropping the mortar and using the points for a unit of pistoliers to support the knights.

09-05-2007, 18:18
i'm not sure on the points, but the staff that lets you store dice from phase to phase is probably better than one of your bound items.

09-05-2007, 18:36
I agree with Raven on pretty much all points. With Knights, it seems to me that their most effecitently used in units sized 5-6 or 10-12. Lots of shooting is indeed fine and dandy, but I would look at getting some Pistoliers or Outriders as Raven said. They can shoot AND support your Knights quite nicely.

You have two very nicely sized units of Handgunners with which you could possibly stand to lose a couple from each and not be too hurt by it. Detachments tend to work best when they support their parent unit in close combat, rather than shooting. Don't get me wrong, having an attached missile unit isn't a bad thing by any stretch, but a melee oriented unit is typically a better use of points. Halberdiers and Free company are my favoured melee detachments.

All in all it's a very nice list! Even if you made no changes to it whatsoever, I think you'd be still be sitting pretty. Just thought I'd make some suggestions:)