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08-05-2007, 20:58
Hi there,

well I'm a relative newbie at the whole of warhammer andI'm looking for some help .

I've put together a list based around models I already have (the battalion box) - and will be going up against mainly Chaos and Empire.

Tomb King w/ crook and flail, armour of the ages
Liche High Priest w/ Blue Khepria, dispell scroll
Liche Priest w/ Hieretic Jar, Dispell Scroll

8 Heavy Horsemen
20 Warriors w/bows
20 Warriors w/shields
20 Warriors w/shields
3 Chariots
3 Tomb Swarms

5 Carriorn
1 Tomb Scorpion

2 Screaming Skull Catapults

So the plan:
Each of the characters would go in one of the Warrior groups which would hold the centre
The Carrions would be on one flank, the Chariots on the other. The Scorpions and the Swarms would be underground, ready to go war machine hunting.

So, I still have 22 points left that I dont know what to do with - any suggestions?

This may not be the most powerful list, but will it be relatively competetive?

09-05-2007, 04:58
Firstly, LHP and TK are both lord choices, you can only have 1 for 2k points. If you want magic superiority and shooty/defensive-take the LHP and make a TP in a chariot with chariot of fire.

Have 1 of the warriors with shields be archers so you have 40 archers and 1 warrior unit have lightarmor with the shields. Give the chariots banner of undying legion and put tomb prince in there with a great weapon. Other than that, the list looks good.