View Full Version : Starting Beast Of Chaos Need Help

08-05-2007, 23:09
i luv the models + fluff i love the ability to pop up behind an enemy's rank
but i cant get how to use the units together heres what im thinking of using beast lord undivided ( i want to choose other marks)
bray shaman slanneesh
bray shaman slaneesh
bray shaman slaneesh (it's a really good lore)
10 gors 10 ungors full comand 2 hand wepon x3 units
beast herd 5 gors 15 ungors (shield)
chaos warriors 15 tzeench or khorne 2x units full command
3 minotaurs of nurgle armor and all
5 furies
its abou what my list has i no it needs work but im just starting with beast men

08-05-2007, 23:40
the mark on the minotaurs has to match your generals.

i'd try some centigors, they're pretty cool. if you're ambushing you probably want a couple of minimum herds to do this (5 and 5 with a foe render to help them arrive in the right place)

your army looks quite slow, i might go for knights over warriors, or dragon ogres. also giants are always fun.

08-05-2007, 23:54
You really need a few fast units. You may want to try a couple of chariots as they are cheap and can cover ground fairly quickly. Other wise, I agree with Sasha, go with knights instead of warriors.