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08-05-2007, 23:25
After a 60 mile drive, and being stuck in some stupid traffic...thank the Dark gods for Starbucks!....here's Day 1...

Round 1: vs. Philip Santa-Maria(Empire) Really nice kid, still in high school I believe...had a very soft Empire list...actually brought 2 units of Spearmen!...a couple of bad Pyschology roles costed him the game...failed a Fear Check for a unit that was going to charge the Flank of my Chariot of Khorne...this allowed the Chariot of Khorne to hit the Flank of his General's Knights, wiping out 5 of them on the following Turn...also failed a Panic check with his BSB's unit when my Bloodcrushers broke a another unit of nearby Knights...if they had passed, they would have had the Flank/Rear of my Bloodcrushers because of my low Pursuit role...very nice kid, and was definitely in the theme of the game!...game ends in a Massacre in my favor...so 20 Battle Points...

Round 2: vs. William Yeh(Lizardmen) Another very cool guy, in his 20's I think...great looking army, well painted, clean and crisp with contrasting color schemes that made them pop...this game was very much looked forward to by the other players, since his list was a fighty list like mine!...we both only had a single level of Magic, so it played little to nothing in the game...manuevering and Combat would be our fortay!...William is a tactical thinker, and carelfully Deployed his Army, and moved it...he took an early advantage with some of my failed charges...'popped' my Bloodcrushers, and killed my Chariot of Nurgle outright...but then the game shifted greatly...he did end up killing my Flesh Hounds also, but I went on to wipe out almost his entire Army...left him with his Kroxigors and BSB w/Sauruses...he sent in his Old Blood on Carnosaur against my Plagueriders in Turn 5 and wiffed it pretty bad...allowed me to get a whopping 15 attacks back that were all directed at his Carnosaur...killed it, broke his lone general and ran it down...Chariot of Khorne ended up partially hitting the front of a unit of Sauruses that were tied up with my Plaguebearers...Impact Hits killed 7 and attacks killed 6 more!...broke the unit and easily caught it...game ends in antoher Massacre in my favor...20 Battle Points for me...

Round 3: Big Quinton Bohn(Beasts of Chaos) This was a much anticipated re-match between our Armies...last time the game was about a Draw, but Big Q realized his list was over by a Chariot so bowed the Victory to me...he brought Morghur and a very tough list, same one I fought the week before...Big Quinton is a buddy of mine whom I truly enjoy playing against, and is a really cool guy!...so the game starts off pretty decently for me...manage to kill his Shaggoth with my Bloodcrushers, quickly kill off most of this Warhounds before too many Spawn are generated, take out a Herd early...but then my dice just take a turn for the worse...a couple of close charge distances, and a damn Beast Herd actually kills my Chariot of Nurgle in 3 turns of CC!... I just couldn't seem to wound!...in the end, Quinton's dice were hot, and mine weren't...very hard fought battle, and again little or no Magic...I was ahead by about 200 VPs, but not enough for the win...so a tough, but very fun Draw....10 more Battle Points...

Ok...Day 2...

So another 60 mile drive early in the morning for me to get down to the LA Battle Bunker and meet up with Big Quinton...we again head over to the Carl's Jr. to grab some fast food and a soda...discuss yesterday's battles and our upcoming matches...Chris, another player there, happens to show up and we quickly envite him to join us...after some good "war stories", we head over to the Bunker to get things started...

John, the GW Red Shirt, already has the pairings ready for us, and we head to our asigned tables...here's a brief over view of my last 2 games...I'll post up a more detailed report a bit latter...

Round 4: vs Adam Ghi(Tomb Kings) Well, I knew I'd be playing Adam today, since he had 2 wins and a Draw also...everyone else had only 1 win and a draw or two...very evenly matched up Tourney...this was my first time really meeting Adam, much less playing him, but Big Quinton had warned me ahead of time about him...so the game was what I expected...very boring...he's a dry person when it comes to humor and passion for the game...and he's a bit of a "Rules" cheat...tried to tell me his Ushabti still got an Armor Save from my Bloodcrushers hits...uh, no...your a 5+ Armor Save, and I hit at S(5), so no saves...he didn't know that I too play Tomb Kings, and was able to call him on a lot of things...including his "extra" movement from the Flying Carrion...ugh...this game seriously dragged out...there was little emotion from him, almost like playing a robot, and he was getting pissy everytime I killed something, or he failed to wipe out something...surprisingly though, the game was very close for VPs...he's Charioteers were actually racking up VPs left and right from all the Flank and Rear charges he was getting on me...though the biggest reason was that on 3 Instability Tests, my units popped each time...just dumb luck...oh well, it is what it is...so at the end of this mentally tiring game, we were calculating VPs and I could tell he was trying to cheese me on points...strangely enough he didn't have a list with him...all from memory..."yeah, right" I said...at this point, he relented and I had a Minor Victory...he just didn't want to loose to me, I guess because he's one of their better regular players down at the Battle Bunker...too bad!...so another win for my Daemons, which gave me 13 Battle Points...

Round 5: vs. Robert Canales(Empire) After that last game that nearly sucked my soul, I was hoping that my last game for the event was going to be a bit better...but instead it was A LOT BETTER!...Robert had a gorgeous Empire Army, that had a lot of great conversions that were subtle...his Great Swords were entirely made from boxes of Militia Men and Halberdiers...added a lot of plates of armor here and there on them! Very nice!...and his unit of Bull Rhinox Riders were just totally amazing to look at!...everything was well painted, all in the same blues and purples...well based and neat...very, very clean looking army!...also, I loved his theme!...his list was designed to fight!...only 1 cannon, only 1 unit of 10 Handgunners w/Hochland Long Rifle, 1 unit of Pistoliers, and 1 unit of Outriders...the rest was all Close Combat units!...Robert and I got a chance to chat a bit while I was trying to organize my junk and finish taking pics of all the Armies there(those are coming later)...he's a really cool guy, that truly loves this game for what it is...fun!...so our game proceeded, and it seriously was a blast from begining to end!...on his Turn 1, his Great Cannon took out 1 Plaugeriders and my Chariot of Khorne! :angry: ...Rhinox Riders hit my Flesh Hounds, smashed them pretty bad, but they held on with 2 models remaining...this allowed me to serioulsy counter charge the hell out of them...Plagueriders to one Flank, Bloodcrushers to another Flank and the Bloodletters to the Front to help out the dogs...all this, and I managed to get only 2 wounds through!!! :blink: :blink: :blink: ...I won CC, but he held and we laughed!...my Furies quickly disposed of the the Great Cannon crew, while the Exalted Daemon flew around causing Terror tests...one unit of Spearmen w/Lvl 2 Wizard failed and fled nearby the large combat going on...his Knights failed a charge against my Chariot of Nurgle by an inch, which gave me the charge...but I wiffed it pretty bad...so did he however, and I was stuck in CC with his Knights for the rest of the game!...just can't punch through 1+ Armor Save Knights easily...think I killed 3 out of 8 all game...and recieved 4 wounds in return!...finally broke his Rhinox Riders in CC, and pursued with everything...Flesh Hound and Bloodcrushers hit the Flank of his Outriders, wiped out 3, broke them and this caused a Panic Check on his general's unit of Great Swords...they failed and Fled!...my pursuit of the Outriders I rolled a 17"!!!!...this took me right into the fleeing Great Swords and their fleeing Halberdiers detachment...Plagueriders pursuit made the already fleeing Spearmen w/Lvl 2 Wizard Flee again, this time through the Handgunners, who Panicked and fled...my turn was next and some simple charges made the fleeing units go off the board, Plaguebearers pinned down and charged the Pitsoliers, while my Chariot of Nurgle continued to battle the Knights w/Priest...at this point, Robert had nothing left but those two units, and asked if we wanted to call it a game...I said sure, and we then just sat around talking about different conversion ideas, and painting schemes...very, very cool guy, and totaly helped me get out of the slump from the previous game...another win for the Daemons via Massacre...20 Battle Points...

We all tooke a break, while John figured out the totals as everyone began to turn in their slips and result sheets...Big Quinton was forced to play Adam in Round 5, and their game stretched out as well...once they were all done, we all packed up and got ready for the results...

*Best Painted Army: William Yeh(Lizardmen)
*Best Themed Army: Robert Canales(Empire)
*Best Sportsmanship: Big Quinton Bohn(Beasts of Chaos)
*Best Overall: Touradj(Daemonic Legions)...theDarkGeneral...me!

It was a lot of fun, and very exciting to get to play and meet so many new players...I'll definitely be heading back down there for the 2,500pt RTT in a month or two!...

For those of you who may be interested, I have started my own small site if you'd be interested in joining up...


10-05-2007, 22:48
Almost forgot to post up the lists!...my apologizes for those who were interested...

Here's mine...
Daemonic Legions: Undivided

1x Exalted Daemon: Undivided(315pts)
*Lvl 1, Fire, Diabolic Spendor, Spellbreaker

10x Chaos Furies: Undivided(150pts)
*Fly, Skirmished

16x Bloodletters of Khorne: (291pts)
*Lt Armor, MR(1), Frenzy, FC

8x Flesh Hounds of Khorne: (128pts)
*Fast Cav, MR(2), Frenzy

14x Plaguebearers of Nurgle: (259pts)
*Cloud of Flies, Stream Corruption, FC

3x Bloodcrushers of Khorne: (240pts)
*Heavy Cav, MR(1), Frenzy

3x Plagueriders of Nurgle: (240pts)
*Heavy Cav, Poisoned, Cloud of Flies

1x Chariot of Khorne: (190pts)
*Large Target, MR(1), Frenzy, Scythed, Extra Juggernaut

1x Chariot of Nurgle: (180pts)
*Large Target, Poisoned, Cloud of Flies Scythed, Extra Daemon-Beast of Nurgle

Power Dice: 3
Dispel Dice: 3 + 1 Spellbreaker

...and from memory...

Philip Santa-Maria: the Empire

Templar Grand Master: Barded Steed, Sword of Sigismund, ?
Captain of Empire: BSB, Gryphon Banner
Battle Wizard: Lvl 2, Fire, Dispel Scroll, ?
Warrior Priest: Grt Wpn, ?

25x Spearmen: FC (BSB here)
*10 Halberdiers Detachement
25x Spearmen: FC (Warrior Preist here)
*10 Crossbowmen Detachment
*10 Handgunners Detachment
5x Pistoliers w/Champ
6x Knights of the Empire: FC
6x Knights of the Empire: FC(general went here)
1x Great Cannon
1x Mortar

William Yeh: Lizardmen
1x Saurus Old Blood: Carnosaur, Itzl, Tepok, ?, Golden Scimitar, ??
1x Scars Veteran: BSB, Sotek, ?,
1x Skink Shaman: Lvl 1, Heavens, 2x Dispel Scroll

10x Skinks: Scouts, Blowpipes
10x Skinks: Blowpipes
10x Skinks: Javalins
20x Saurus Warriors: FC(BSB here)
20x Saurus Warriors: FC
2x Serpent Swarms
4x Terradons
3x Kroxigors
2x Salamander Packs

Big Quinten Bohn: Beasts of Chaos
Morghur, Master of Skulls
Wargor of Khorne, GW, Shd, Chaos Armor, Collar of Khorne
Wargor of Khorne, GW, Shd, Crimson Armor, Dark Heart

Herd (11/6 Champ, Mus)
Herd (Same)
Herd (Same)
Tusk Chariot
Tusk Chariot
Khorngors (22), Full Command, Vitrolic Totem
5 Hounds
5 Hounds
5 Hounds
5 Hounds
Shaggoth (Light Armor, GW)

Adam Ghi: Tomb Kings
1x Tomb Prince: Grt Wpn, Shield, Scorpion Armor(General)
1x Liche High Priest: Cloak of Dunes, Goden Ankhra, Hiertic Jar(Heirophant)
1x Liche Priest: Staff of Ravening
1x Liche Priest: Dispel Scroll, ?, Casket of Souls

25x Skeleton Warriors: Shields, Lt Armor, FC, War Banner(this was illegal, and I didn't let him use it)
20x Skeleton Warriors: Bows,
20x Skeleton Warriors: Bows,
3x Charioteers: Champ, Standard, Icon of the Sacred Eye
3x Ushabti
3x Carrion
1x Tomb Scorpion
1x Screaming Skull Catapult

Robert Canales: the Empire
1x Arch Lector: ?
1x Warrior Priest: Barded Steed, Hammer of Judgement, ?
1x Battle Wizard: Lvl 2, Death, 2x Dispel Scrolls

25x Spearmen: FC(Wizard here)
*10x Militiamen Detachment
10x Handgunners: Hochland Champ
5x Pistoliers: Champ
25x Great Swords: FC, ?,
*10x Swordsmen Detachment
7x Knights of the Empire: FC
1x Great Cannon
5x Outriders: Champ
3x Ogre Rhinox Riders: Hvy Armor, Iron Claws, FC