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09-05-2007, 07:08

Been toying with Dark Elves for a while, and this is my latest list. See whatyou guys think....

L - Highborn - 271 (goes with Coldone Knights)
Lance, Shield, Sea dragon cloak, Coldone Mount, Crown of Black iron, Armour of Eternal Servitude.

H - Sorceress - 175
Level 2, Darkstar cloak, powerstone

H - Sorceress - 192
Level 2, Dark steed, 2x Powerstone

C - 25x Warriors - 225
Full command, sheild, spear etc

C - 12x Warriors - 144
Crossbow, Shield, L Armour

C - 5x Dark riders - 120

S - 6x Coldone Knights - 235
Standard, Champion, Warbanner

S - 9x Shades

S - 6x Harpies

S - 14x Witch Elves - 231
Standard, Champion, Witch Brew

R - 2x Reaper Bolt Thrower

TOTAL - 1997

All help appreciated,

Regards, Tim

09-05-2007, 21:56
Looks like a nice list, couple of changes that I would make though.

Drop 2 crossbowmen and 3 shades saving you 66pts, with these buy a unit of 5 harpies, at 65pts this unit is brilliant at just about anything, hunting war machines/fast cav, and generally being a pain.

I would also change the 2 power stones for 2 dispel scrolls, as you will really want to stop damage spells hitting those fragile units.

10-05-2007, 07:08
Firstly, thanks for the reply.

Unfortunetly, the absense of Harpies is due to the lack of special slots available. However, i am now thinking of swapping the Chariot over for 7 harpies, but not sure yet. The chariot is the toughest unit in the army... See how i go.

I was originaly going to go with dispel scrolls, but went with more an attacking setup with the wizards ( a far more Druchii like choice i reckon..) But if it all goes pear shaped, its easy enough to change them the scrolls, or even mix and match as needed in the future.

With regards, Tim

10-05-2007, 08:22
Ok, list has been edited.

Chariot was replaced with 6 harpies, and then the shades increased by one (these numbers as you buy harpies in 2's and shades in 3's...)