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the blind knight
09-05-2007, 13:27
Before i proced to explaing my fluff and pictures here is a warning:i am not a good painter or modeler or writter or .....(you get the point)Now that you know that lets get down to buisness:

THE FLUFF: (this section will be edited often)
I still didnt work out any details but here is the basic idea

-they are excomunicated
-they suffered unwanted mutation
-loyal to the emperor
-really old chapter
-on the 8 page of the CSM there is a list of chapters on that list there are two croosed out spots.My chapters is one of these two chapters
-no veichles
-ruled by a drednought that hosts their original chapter masters body and mind
-second in comand and the only other commander is a chapalin elected every 50 years(or sonner if he dies)
-they crashe on a snow planet and lost their gene poll
-they consist of 250 members and cannot expand
-they are divided in 3 platoons:1-heavy wepons and normal marines(200)
2-suicide bikers(25,will explain name in tactics)
3-the terminator platoon(25)
-the planet they crashed in infested with xenoxs races and its a endless dark on the planet
-their base is the crashed battle barge which was converted to the chapters fortress
-they designed underground tunnels to move quickly

So is this fluff aceptable

TACTICS:Simple.The heavy wepons and normal marines shoot the hell out of anything they see and the suicide bikers ride(in groups of 5) directly at the enemy general and throw at him teleporter homers.Then the terminators teleport from their underground base.

Here is the list of stuff i have done or are planninf to do

COMMAND SQUAD(half finised half WIP)
2 TACTICAL SQUADS(still need to buy them)
5 TERMINATORS(still need to buy them)


devatator squad




command squad


the blind knight
09-05-2007, 13:27
Stupid picture limit






09-05-2007, 14:00
First off the fluff. I like the basic premise and especially like the bit about their base being their crashed battle barge retro-fitted. THe only problem is the bit about them being one of the first founding legions, thats kind of a no-no, just in that its sort of cliche/played out.

As for the models, I like some of the conversions and the bases are nice. I think you could use to thin down your paints a bit more, do you mix them with water much as you paint? Also, it seems on some of the metal parts, such as the tube on the Devs missle launcher, that you could get a bit more paint off the brush for your drybrush. Try wiping it almost completely devoid of paint and using mutiple layers to get to the level of pigmentation you want.

Good luck!:D

09-05-2007, 14:24
I agree with the above, make it a second or preferably 3rd founding chapter, and lose the 'suicide' bikes, if they have no geneseed, last thing they want is losing marines to stupidity!