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09-05-2007, 15:38
Here's my shot at a wood elf list to represent my character Enthardon's forces in the Nemesis Crown campaign. Since he hails from Nagarythe, the Wood Elf list better fits the skirmished style combat than the High Elf list. Let me know what you think:


Glade Guard @ 120 points

Glade Guard @ 120 points

The younger kin of Nagarythe group closer together in battle, allowing their numbers to bolster them where their age and inexperience hurts them.

Glade Riders @ 153 points
6; Musc

Those that patrolled closer to Ellyrion favored a hybrid blend of skirmished assaults learned in Nagarythe on horseback from their skills learned in Ellyrion.

Dryads @ 96 points

Dryads @ 96 points

Dryads @ 96 points

Over his many years of combat, Enthardon has encountered many strange folk. One such group are a population of Asur he found high in the Annulii Mountains, where the winds of magic flow freely and shape a great many of ill shaped monsters. These hunters, known as the Hayel'raem, trace their roots to the famed White Lions of Chrace. To prove their worth, they must slay a rare beast and wear its hide for protection. Overtime, the hide of the magical creature fuses with the elf creating a new, tougher creature that is rightly feared in combat.

Although outcast by most of Ulthuan, Enthardon embraced these noble people that patrol the mountains and slay creatures that may threaten the provinces below. They jumped at the opportunity to serve with him in the Old World

Wardancers @ 183
9; Full Command

Wild Riders @ 156
6; Musician; Standard Bearer with War Banner

These units represent the more diversified fighting styles Enthardon's shadow warriors have embraced over the years. Some of his riders have given into their hatred of the druchii, and use it to power their will in combat. Others still devote themselves to Loec, and train in his unique fighting style.

Waywatchers @ 168 points

These represent the most elite of the shadow warriors in Enthardon's band. They have been known to slay heavily armored knights with just one arrow - their keen accuracy is matched by no other archers in the world.

Treeman @ 285 points

This creature was captured by the Hayel'raem as Enthardon neared the forest in question. What pure creature it once resembled is now unknown, but the magical knowledge of the Hayel'raem allowed them to severe the influence of chaos and bring the monster into their band. It has fought valiantly for the Asur.


Enthardon @ 226
Light Armor; Shield; Helm of the Hunt
Spear of Twilight; Murder of Sprites

Enthardon is an Aesenar, a direct descendant of Alith Anar himself. He now leads his forces in the Old World to aid the Asur cause there. While he is accurate with a bow, he prefers to kill enemies with his blades. His ability to kill a man in one blow has made him a rival in skill to the swordmasters of Saphery.

Spellsinger @ 115
Dispel Scroll

Enthardon's forces are accompanied by an elf from Avelorn. She was ordered to accompany the Aesenar's forces by the Everqueen, so that the mage may assess the situation of the forest in the Empire.

Iluvashnir (Branchwraith) @ 140
Level 1; +1 Dispel Dice

Iluvashnir is the head of the Hayel'raem bands that joined Enthardon's forces. He is strongly influenced by his years in the shaping magics of the Annulii, and is strongly resistant to the eight winds in battle. He wearsa no armor beyond his ceremonial hide, and enters battle with his twin hunting axes. He is a great ally of Enthardon in his efforts.

Total: 1997


09-05-2007, 19:04
To be honest, I'm not a Wood Elf player...of High Elf player for that matter, but I must say, to me the army is looking pretty good. Now, someone with a little more knowledge of the Wood Elf army might step in and say differently, but in my opinion, it's looking nice.

Since I can't really give much in-depth commentary on the army list, I must say that I like the background you've created for this force. Well done on that! I was curious to see how you'd explain the Dryads being in a force from Nagarythe, and you seem to have done it well enough.

You might not have to go to such lengths to explain the Treeman in your army, however. In the older High Elf background(not too sure about the newer stuff), there were in fact Treemen living in the the Avelorn forest. The Treeman could be accompanying the Spellsinger from Avelorn you've got. An easy little stretch of the background like this tends to tie your force more strongly into the official background, which is something I see as a good thing when making your own back story. I don't know, it's just a suggestion, and not a very vital one at that.

Back on topic, it's a nice list. Hopefully a more knowledgeable Wood Elf player can help you out further.

12-05-2007, 20:29
Thanks for the comments! I do like your explination on the treeman, saves me some time! Now I just need to find a treeman model that I like!

Any comments on the functionality of the list?

12-05-2007, 20:45
branchwraith maybe replace this guy with a lvl 1 spellsinger + 2 dispel scroll

tbh i wouldnt give wardancers a musician as wardancers either muller people or get mullered, they dont tend to draw, especially when u are supporting them in close combat, the +14 for a champion is ok, but for 18pts u can get another man....

apart from that its a pretty good spread of units