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09-05-2007, 16:13
Hi there, fellow Warseers *waves*.
I've been playing Warhammer for about 7 years, and don't have a single army painted :eek:
This is partly because I don't really like to paint that much, and partly because I get very easily distracted by new stuff.
Every time I've sat down and tried to paint up an army, there has been a new shiny army released, or a new must-have video game to buy.
So I thought that now, with no interesting armies on the horizon (High elves in november, and I couldn't care less :p), I thought, let's give it another shot, and this time, let's document it online, perhaps that will give me the extra needed push to actually finish an army.

I've had an interest for Ogres and Bretonnia for long, but this time I chose Wood elves, because I had tried them out in some test games, and found them very funny to play.
I had an idea for a Wood elf army back when the new models were released, but I never went and bought any.
This time, I picked up on that idea, and I'm gonna continue and make it come true.

The army will consist of mostly elves, with the only tree spirits being a unit of dryads lead by a branchwraith, and a unit of wild riders.
The paint scheme is inspired by Warcraft's night elves, who I find have a really fascinating take on elves, with the radical skin and hair colours.

So far I've finished a unit of 5 wardancers (I will add 2 more later on) and have started to assemble my dryad unit (11 man strong).
I found the wardancers to be pretty fun to paint actually, and hope that I will continue to actually find pleasure in painting for once :p
(this might be because I've used highlighting and shading this time, something I've actually never tried before, and I'm very pleased with the results myself).

I've bought quite a lot of models to start up the force, and when the models I have today are painted I can assemble a force worth 1250 pts.

I have: 1 wardancer noble, 1 noble with bow, 1 spellsinger, 1 branchwraith, 10 wardancers (2 units), the Wood elf battalion and an extra unit of glade riders (will be converted into wild riders).

Anyway, I'm gonna try and keep this blog updated often, to show the progress I'm making with this army, and I hope you guys and gals find it an interesting read, and feel free to come with comments and questions.

As a treat, here's a pic of my wardancers (backs not showing, so sadly the hair isn't showing much. The pic isn't too good either, the highlights don't show much):


09-05-2007, 16:32
I am basically the same as you in terms of the first paragraph! Yay 4 unfinished armies!:angel:

The wood elves skin is purple? It's unusual but some how it works really well.
The white is very clear, did you use fondation paints or lots of layers of grey?

Keep up the good work

09-05-2007, 16:43
Yeah, the skin is purple, just as the Night elves in Warcraft.
I find it is quite different than most other armies, and a striking feature.
The white is just shadow grey basecoat painted over with several layers of thinned down white paint, though I do use foundation paints as basecoats on some of the areas of the models (the skin for example, is basecoated with Necron abyss).

09-05-2007, 23:49
Very cool, and very different. Are you going to convert any of your spellsingers as druids or anything as well, or are you just using night elf skin colour?

10-05-2007, 05:06
I'm just gonna use the skin colour, though a friend of mine gave me an idea I'm gonna try and make later on, a spellweaver converted to look like Malfurion Stormrage from Warcraft 3.
But that is in the future, for now I'm just gonna focus on making a playable army :)

10-05-2007, 11:01
No disrespect dude, but is this your first army? If thatīs the case itīs a rather good start.

Well here is some C&C for you to think about in the future.

Your result really come across as just dipped in the coulours respective pot.
You canīt see that you`ve worked up from a Shadow Grey basecoat with several thin white layers. It doesnīt really help to have thin layers if your just going to paint it all white anyway.

Another thing you should keep in mind is to take more care painting the faces. This way it just looked all clogged up and if I didnīt know better I would say they didnīt have any faces what-so-ever.
And you might want to try to have some form of shading on the skin as well.

Try these things and keep trying and you will get a lot better, really quick.
Hope you donīt get discouraged by these pointers. Itīs just some helpful tips.

As we say in Sweden: Lycka till

10-05-2007, 12:28
Hey Falkman, nice idea in regards to making them look akin to Night Elves. I was never a big fan of World of Warcraft( I knew what it would possibly do to me and stayed away!), but Warcraft III put a soft, purple spot in my heart for the Night Elves. Nice to see them translate so well!

Of course, you're like me...still coming to grips with the beast that is painting little weird men. They're looking fine as is, and honestly I think we're at about the same "level" give or take, so no complaints from me in terms of actual painting quality. Keep at it and be neat. That's pretty much my goal when painting, as since I'm rather new to it and not by any means the progidy I thought I'd be(;)), being neat and consistent is currently the look I go for.

I find that even though my painting may be not that great, if it's neat, smooth, and consistant well, it comes out looking okay.

The only thing I could reasonably suggest knowing my own painting skills and knowledge, is maybe hit the face details with a little more highlighting and such, to bring out the great features that have been scuplted on them. The Wood Elf model line is top notch, and the more you pay attention to their pretty little details, the more justice done to them.

Anyway, great work, and keep 'em coming! Please and thank you, of course.

In a little while I'll have some pics of my Empire work going on, and you can feel free to comment there like I did here, and give snotty pseudo-advice:) Can't wait to see more!

10-05-2007, 15:10
As I said, the picture is not of the greatest quality, it's taken down at our gaming room with only the roof lamps as light source, and not with the optimal camera.
There are highlights on the skin, though there arent that many of them, and they're not very light.
The highlighting on the cloth is not superb, I just have some darker colour in the deepest recesses and then plain colours on the rest of the cloth, but for me this is a big step from what I've painted before.
The hair have been drybrushed pretty good, but it doesn't show any good at all on these pictures.

I'm no great painter, and have never aspired to be, and all figures I've painted before this has been painted with just flat colours, so this is my first try to do "something more" with my painting.

The problem is that I don't have a camera with a macro function, so I can't take any pictures on my own, which means that the only way I can get pics taken is by having a friend take some with his camera when we play our weekly games of warhammer.
Wish I could get better pictures, my friend is really good at it when he's at home and has good light sources to play with, but for now this is all I can get.

10-05-2007, 15:22
Well in that case, hope you get better pictures. Because you canīt see any highlights really. They might look better IRL but the photo drags them down a bit.

Donīt you have any friends with a decent camera? If they are nice buddies you can demand to snag it for a while to take photos.

Some Muppet
11-05-2007, 21:30
are they supposed to be purple with green hair?

12-05-2007, 00:21
the skin tone does appear very very thick, I mean I can do no better, but you did say it's the pics, and yeah that's understandable, so better pics and I'm sure we well see htem as they should be, mad

13-05-2007, 18:52
Erm, i persoanly can't stand the skin color, i know you said night Elves. It's not badly painted, though it seems a little think, i just hate the purple. But still good luck, have fun, and end up having one of the most unique WE armies out there.

13-05-2007, 19:34
are they supposed to be purple with green hair?
The skin is purple, and they have different hair colours, one has green hair, another one blue, one black, one purple and one greyish.

I'll ask a friend if I can borrow his camera and perhaps get some better pics.

I've also finished assembling 11 Dryads that I will start painting tomorrow :)

17-05-2007, 06:07
Hi Falkman,

As said above, above, obviously there will always be some things one can improve on ;) but it looks like a very good start. Especially going for washes and highlights is a big step forward. (I remember how cool it was the first time I tried it on my models!) All in all it looks better than a lot of armies I've already seen.

I also have unpainted models, some of them having been unpainted for years. (Well 2.5 years to be exact.) My problem is that I want my models to be painted well, but then becomes bored after a few and decide to continue some other time, which often turns out to be several months later, normaly when something cool comes out :D Best of luck with your goal.

I quite like your Warcraft theme. It's new and cool :cool:

On the side, and perhaps you'd like to check this with someone. I have been getting good results with using the colour most of the model will be as a base, in this case with your elves probably purple. It helps to keep the paint thin, which improves detail, especially if you want vibrant colours. I still use black base if I want a dark model, but find with white base I have to paint several layers to cover the white well.

In some cases I've actually not even used a base and just started painting, in other words, basing different parts of the model with the basic colour I want there. It saves time and I'm quite happy with the result. Do make sure all oil is washed off the model to start and do not touch it wile painting it to make sure you have good paint bonding.

I had a lot of fun painting my previous edition dryads like this. Brown base, different brown and yellow and green areas, some painted, some brushed, a few washes, gluing flock and clump in places if you want and voila! I painted 10 at the same time, one colour at a time and in a very short time. Sweet!

So please keep us updated and don't worry too much about critique. The guys are just trying to help. :)

17-05-2007, 16:12
Thanks for those kind words Falcon, really makes me want to continue even more than I already do :)

Anyway, I've finished my Dryads, and are now assembling a unit of 5 Scouts with banner and musician (the standard bearer will carry the Banner of Zenith).

Here's some pics of my Dryads (I'm really proud of the highlighting on the purple Spite, and of the fact that I've managed to paint some decent looking pupils on all of the Dryads):





17-05-2007, 16:19
The dryads look really nice, keep up the good work

Warwolt the skaven
17-05-2007, 16:40
Even tough its a bit thick paint, and they don't really like high rating on close up. I am astonished how awesome they look in a unit. Wonderfull colors! better than me : (
Anyhoo, I really like the skin color. Ye geta 4-star rating just for originality!

17-05-2007, 16:51
Thanks for the compliments dudes :)

17-05-2007, 17:10
Awsome! Nice paint job, cool bases! (I like painting Dryads... unfortunately I'm still saving for my new models.) I don't think the paint is too thick. (Perhaps thicker than you'd like on other models, but it create a nice wood and bark feel that fits with the Dryads.)

Please share how you painted them :-) and good luck with those other mini's.

17-05-2007, 17:15
Thanks for the praise Falcon :D
The painting was very simple really, I just undercoated them with black spray, drybrushed a rough layer of Codex grey, then a lighter drybrush with Fortress grey and lastly a very light drybrush of Skull white.
For the spots, I simply painted on some Chaos black.
The vines are painted with Scorched brown, the skulls/bones undercoated Scorched brown and then drybrushed with Bleached bone.
The leaves are just Snot green, and the eyes are Snot green with a pupil of Bilious green.

11-07-2007, 18:53
Hey Falkman,
Let me say first off C-O-N-G-R-A-T-S to you!!! So many people have a hard time getting into the painting aspect of the game and to see you painting a complete army for the very first time I say good for you! I have read many comments on what you could do to make these models look better and those that ask for better pics. Well I say who the hell cares?! I'll tell you what. I happen to be one of those players that love the painting aspect of the game and I would never even dream of fielding an unpainted army. First you are attempting to complete one painted army so you get one thumb up for all the hard work that goes into it. Next I think your doing a damn good job for a novice painter so that equals 2 thumbs up for you. You just keep on doing what your doing and don't worry about White Dwarf quality minis because if you really start getting into it they'll just keep getting better and better. You'll see. I personally love the color scheme you came up with. Very different and gutsy. It takes guts to go with an untraditional color scheme as you have done and especially the colors you've chosen. Great work!

11-07-2007, 19:11
Wow, thanks a lot for those kind words Bortus :D
If I can get hold of a camera I will post pics of my Branchwraith soon.

12-07-2007, 09:09
That's really good stuff ! Glad to see a fellow WE painter . Most ppl seem to shun painting WE since there's quite a fair bit of flesh to be painted.. but glad u took up the gauntlet !


hope to start a blog too.. to motivate my lazy ass :P

03-08-2007, 01:31
THE SKIN IS PURPLE?!?!?!:eek::confused::wtf:

Krom The Eternal
15-12-2008, 10:16
I love the dryads they remind me of birch trees haha only downside is birch bark is super flamible 0.0 hahahaha anyway awesome job =]

15-12-2008, 15:10
Those dryads are nice! Interesting wardancers, the purple skin is something I've never seen before. Maybe it could use a little more depth? Maybe make the facial features stand out more, like eyes, mouth etc. Just some thoughts from my side. Keep up the good work!

- Edahlo

15-12-2008, 20:07
They look great, I've never thought of giving any elves (except dark elves) purple skin, so wood elves will be interesting. Can we have a close up of the wardancers? The dryads are great aswell, what season are you doing?

15-12-2008, 22:31
Cool skin, i would even try blue or yellow if i had some elves to try on.

Keep up the good work!