View Full Version : Blessed spawnings, characters and units

09-05-2007, 19:14
The rules for blessed spawnings says 'regiments that have one or two blessed spawnings may only be joined by characters that have the same blessed spawning'.

Does the same mean exactly the same or just the character need to have at least the same?

A unit with only tepok may only be joined by:

1) a character wich also only has tepok
2) a character wich has tepok and some other spawning(s)?


09-05-2007, 19:22
At least the same.

09-05-2007, 19:26
A character with one or more blessed spawnings can freely join any unit.

If the unit has one Spawning and the character has two, he can join the unit as long as one his Spawnings is the same as that of the unit.

The purpose of the rule is to avoid giving characters free-riding benefits they normally dont enjoy (like pursuing by rolling an extra dice, as in the Chotec's Spawning or moving trough forests while formed up, like with Huanchi's).

09-05-2007, 19:48
At least the same spawnings.