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09-05-2007, 21:19
I haven't played Fantasy in about a year and I don't really remember what my old army list looked like. I think I got a fairly good idea but I have a couple questions.

Right now my 2000 pts list looks something like this,

Bruiser with GW, HA, and Wyrdstone necklace

Butcher with Bangstick and Dispell Scroll

Butcher with 2 dispell Scrolls

Butcher with Dispell Scroll

5 Bulls with LA, Iron Fists, Standard Bear and Bellower

5 Bulls with LA, Iron Fists, Standard Bear and Bellower

6 Ironguts with Standard Bearer and Bellower

4 Leadbelchers

4 Leadbelchers

That leaves 75 points and I was thinking about throwing in a Gorger but I know people are going to yell at me for not taking gnoblars. Truth be told, I am not planning on winning as I don't have a lot of fantasy experience behind me (this is for a tournament at a con by the way) but I would like to take a list that doesn't waste points.

This is more or less set in stone as I have the models and they are all painted but, I have some decisions to make.

I need to know if I should drop the light armor on the bulls and in that case I would downgrade the Ironfist to an additional hand weapon. I seem to remember never ever using the Ironfist as armor anyway.

I have a choice between taking 3 butchers and a bruiser or 2 butchers and a Tyrant. I think the more butchers I have the better but lemme know if I am wrong.

If I drop the LA and Ironfists on the bulls I believe that would give me enough points to field the Gorger and some gnoblars ( i have both the gorger and 1 boxes worth of gnoblars).

I also have an unassembled box of Iron Guts but I thought 2 units of those might be a bit much for 2000 points.

This will be my first game with the 7th ed rules so it will mostly be a learning experience. Like I said I don't want to build the be all end all army (not sure if that can be done with ogres anyway) just something to play and have fun at the tournament.

Oh and I really hate gnoblars.

09-05-2007, 21:33
You are correct that I would normally yell at you for not taking gnoblars. I will suppress the instinct. :)

My first thoughts:

1. A Tyrant is a much more fearsome general than a Bruiser. In my opinion, the leadership difference and the ability to be either Terror-causing (Demonkiller Scars) or even better, Panic-inhibiting (Kineater) is too much to pass up. Also, since the Tenderizer is just too good to leave home, you need the extra magic item alotment to get some protection for the general as well.

2. When I've taken three Butchers, I usually run out of good spells to cast before I run out of dice (short range of most spells is the usual culprit). Two Butchers can overcome all but the most determined magical defense (and still wipe the floor with most rank-and-file troopers in combat).

3. At 2000 points, a second unit of Iron Guts is not excessive. These troops are good. Use them.

4. On the Bulls, I find that I never suffer from S3 shooting. It's always S4 armor piercing or better. Therefore, armor just about never helps me. The Ironfist is probably just a fancy and more expensive additional hand weapon (but I like them, and can't help myself ... so I pay the extra point per model).

5. If you have special slots open (and you appear to), then there is no reason to take Leadbelchers in units of 4. Four units of two would have the same total firepower; more flexibility for target selection; less overall vulnerability to destruction by misfire; be more useful as cheap sacrificial units.

- Gukal

09-05-2007, 22:34
I wouldn't claim to be a highly knowledgable and experienced OK player, but I have some thoughts...

Firstly, as Gukal said already, go for a Tyrant. He's a monster(literally, even) and worth the points for the reasons Gukal has mentioned already.

The other thing is in regards to Bulls. In my experience, Bulls work best in multiple smaller units, say of 3 or so, armed with additional hand weapons. Iron fists are okay to equip the odd unit with, but additional hand weapons are more effective imo.

Leadbelchers are great...if used in the right way. The general opinion seems to be to run them in pairs and upgrade one of them to a Bellower.

Butchers are great and, imho, a necessity. Three might be overkill though...I'd go with two of them.

I'd go for two units of 4 Ironguts over the one large unit, but as Gukal said, 2 units of Ironguts would certainly NOT be considered a bad thing for 2000 points.

Anyway, I hope I've helped a little.

andy demoe
09-05-2007, 22:46

i would go for something like this at 2000 points and i believe you will still have a few points left over,just a suggestion

tyrant:hvy arm,wyrd neck, tender,luck gnob
butcher:dspl,skul man
bullsx3:belwr,2ndhnd wpn
bullsx3:see above(butcher)
bullsx3:see above(butcher)
bullsx3:see above
irongutsx3:stdrd,belwr,wrbnnr,lokout gnob(tyrant)
irongutsx4:belwr,lokout gnob
leadbelchersx2:see above

09-05-2007, 23:36
Works for me, just have to pick up another gorger, paint 1 irongut and I'm set. This way is actually less work for me and if you guys think its better, then great.

Just did the points total for it and it came out to 1915. Should I get one of those big names? Or some more Lead Belchers?

09-05-2007, 23:53
Also, any tips for using this type of army? In 40k I have a very upfront CC style but this seems to be a little more uhhhh tactful :)

10-05-2007, 02:18
If you're looking at getting a big name, I'd suggest Kineater for the Tyrant. If you have the points, putting Seigebreaker on the Butcher with Skullmantle would make for a nice/nasty surprise.

Well, in a general sense, the main goal with an army like this(ie. most OK armies) is to win close combats through causing wounds, instead of static combat resolution. Charge enemy units with multiple units, try and make your units support each other in combat. You're going to be outnumbered, outranked, and out-misc. combat res bonus points in almost all cases. You need to cause lots and lots of wounds to win combats.