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10-05-2007, 17:32
Allright, quick introduction. I love the social events that are the local games tourneys, however I don't really have a working WH40k army that I enjoy playing with. I've also got way, way too much to paint as it is, so I couldn't really permit myself to start buying huge quantities of new models. Finally, I have a huge pile of bits. The only logical conclusion was, of course, to start a shoestring budget Ork army!

I've been working on and off on this for quite some time now. Each piece has been given a little love when I've had the inspiration for it, and then put aside when I've met the wall or lacked the bits to get stuff the way I'd like. As a result, the bulk of it is in various stages of completion, but I'm feeling I'm getting to a point where I can start to show what I've done.

First out is the second of my (so far) two rocket buggies. I was supposed to write an university assignment, so naturally I went out and got drunk instead. When I awoke the day after, I found a drawing of some sort of missile ballista, with the words "THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!" scribbled under it. The result is this mess:


The main hull is of course an inverted Leman Russ body. I have no idea where it came from, since I think I'd remember using everything of a Leman Russ except the hull for something. Main hurdle to overcome now is fleshing out the smokestacks, and adding some kind of worky bitz at the ass-end of it. I was thinking either the engine block sticking out, or some sort of coolant-vent-fan gizmo. Suggestions?


10-05-2007, 17:32
Secondly, the looted Leman Russ. It's decked out with hull heavy bolter, sponson heavy flamers, souped up engine, and stikkbomb launchas. I'm thinking about adding a krusher at the front, but I don't know if it'll acually contribute to the model. What do you think looks best?

... and with krusha:

10-05-2007, 17:33
I brought all my nob bits on an eBay auction, which meant a rather awkward selection of weapon arms. Since I only had one right-handed choppa, and all my power claws are lefties, I had to improvise on some of the nobs. On this one, I thought it was stupid that he didn't actually have any hands to throw grenades with, hence Nimble the Grot riding in the howdah on the back.


At the moment, I'm working my way through a 15-20 strong mob of Skarboyz. Rather than overdoing the scar thing, I'm trying to bulk them up and make them visibly larger than the other boyz, by adding plasticard inlays to their feet and between the torso and arms, and adding a layer of greenstuff between between the legs and chest. They're also getting more gobs and shoulder plates than the normal ones.

Here's a size comparison:

And a skarboy with burna:

And that's it for the first installment. I don't have my own camera and progress is a bit sporadic, so I don't know how long it will take until the next update.

Thanks for reading!

Oh, and a bit thanks for the local guys in Bergen, Norway for enthusiastic backing and bitz contributions.

10-05-2007, 17:35
simply awesome :D

10-05-2007, 17:35
these are absolutely FANTASTIC!

this is what Orks are about, excellent work :)


10-05-2007, 17:51
Got to say thats a brilliant way of using the bit box, keep it coming!

10-05-2007, 17:57
Fantastic stuff - love the use of bits/plasticard - supurb modelling.

For the Leman Russ, I'd leave the roller off, it gets in the way of the lascannon.


10-05-2007, 18:04
I love these - that buggy in particular.

Many Orc vehicles look silly in my opinion, but this one really fits their theme, and still looks very realistic.

Warwolt the skaven
10-05-2007, 18:29
... Im ashamed of my army now, especially my tank :O

10-05-2007, 21:50
Missile Ballista - Best Idea EVER

Perfect Organism
10-05-2007, 22:28
This is fantastic stuff. Almost makes me want to get some orks.

10-05-2007, 22:31
Those are crackin! I love the vehicles, very Orky but not in a cheesy way. Btw did you draw the plans up for that missile buggy whilst drunk? Thats mad, maybe you should be drunk while making all you models..... my flatmates planned out how to take over the captaincy of our Uni hockey team when drunk, it was funny.

anyways keep up the good work mate, they are awesome!

10-05-2007, 22:46
Great work , especially love the buggy. I have to see more

10-05-2007, 22:51
Within seconds of looking at this thread you became one of my favorite modelers on warseer. Your plasticard work is great, as evidenced by that missile-ballista, that is just brilliant. May I ask what you were drinking? Maybe my results will look like that. I really love your work, it's the kind of thing that make me want to start an Ork army. Keep the pictures coming, your work is an inspiration.

10-05-2007, 23:19
heh-heh cool as!!
The heavy bolter on the looted russ, with the use of the stubber and shoota guns, the ripper head 'out the hole' behind it is simply classic.

Your skarboy looks posatively mean in comparison to the ordinary boy.

Yup, knock this up as a very inventive and well made ork army. Brilliant.

11-05-2007, 00:05
Very nice tanks and buggies, though the grot in the howdah has got to be my favourite item.

A part of me will always be Green and seeing Orky conversions like this make me want to start another army.

Biff Gunhed
11-05-2007, 00:08
Yep, truly awesome work. This is what I want my Orks to look like! The looted Leman Russ is absolutely fantastic, probably one of the best I've seen, and using the Leman Russ chassis for the buggy looks fantastic. Can't wait to see them painted.

11-05-2007, 02:41
I love the tank and the buggy! The gunner sticking his head out above the Hull Heavy bolter is awesome and I love how you've made the ballista functional by putting a spring in there for tension ^___^

Anyways... I just wanted to subscribe *Shuts up*

11-05-2007, 06:46
I am really impressed by the work of conversion, this one goes very well with the spirit ork without being exaggerated for all that as it is often the case.
The buggy is really nice .
The tank there is a matter which adorned me bizarre as the gunner, I do not know how he was able to return inside ^^ .
Finally this it is only it, it is not the end of the world.

There is not more than has to wait to you in the bend for for painting:D

11-05-2007, 07:39
Some great work here especially the buggy. I look forward to seeing how you progress with this army!

Penguin of Death
11-05-2007, 09:25
Ork buggy is great, proper Mad Max style, always impressed when someone can take an existing part and use it so well in an original way and the Missilista on top is a stroke of genius.
Boyz are nice and the Russ has some great added details, I vote have the roller

11-05-2007, 15:25
Excellent start! I'd go with the "deff rolla" on the Russ but have it sat a little forward of the hull. Brilliant conversions all round. :)

Easy E
11-05-2007, 19:20
I'd go without the Deff rolla, or at least re-work it a bit more.

The buggy is great, as is the Nob.

Nice work all around so far. I would love to see the army finished.

11-05-2007, 19:45
you could put some holes in the bugy smoke stacks so it's more like the russ,
but orkier.

11-05-2007, 19:52
Wow, these ork conversions are sweet

I think the looted russ is better without the crusher.

Do a battlewagon!

Keep up the good work

12-05-2007, 00:03
I can't think of a blog that represents "necessity is the mother of invention" better than this one.

Good job thus far, keep us posted!

12-05-2007, 05:02
Wow Makaber, wow.

thats almost all i have to say.
heres the rest:
-that buggy rocks some major ass, i cant wait till i'm 21 so i can get drunk and make awesome stuff like that.
-that looted russ looks awesome. like really awesome. beyond words awesome. and death rollers are always a good thing. always
-that nob is magnificent. where did you get its right arm? i want one.
-those skarboys are completely awesome and like totally ******* sweet. they look de'd 'ard and mean. can't wait to see 'em green (painted).:skull:
-can i borrow that idea for the skarboys for my own?
-i love you (im not sure i f im serious or not)

one last thing . . .


when my orks are done, they will follow you on any WAAAGH! you may start. ever.

but they are staying with me. :D

oh and i hate you (see sig).

12-05-2007, 09:56
Some fantastic conversions and original ideas, you are an inspiration to orks everywhere, I might have to steal the skarboyz idea as well

12-05-2007, 14:32
I've been busy with work and stuff, so I haven't had time to write a proper reply here, so sorry for the delay. All the positive feedback has been both very humbling, and hugely inspirational. Thank you for all the kind words! :)

KayvaanShrike, Strelok: Speaking from experience, I wouldn't recommend actually building anything while drunk. There's the potential for cutting accidents, and more often than not you end up doing things that isn't such a great idea in hindsight. And I drink beer and whisky.

anselminus: Good point on the gunner. I'll build a door somewhere.

N810: I did the smokestack holes with an electric drill which I don't have access to any longer. It looks good but was a tremendeous pain in the ass, so I don't think I'll repeat it. It would be damn near impossible now that they're glued in place, anyway.

thewizardofoz: The right arm of the nob is the chainsaw attachment for a catachan sentinel. I got tons, so expect to see them making more appearances. ;) It's a lovely bit.

At the moment, I don't have anything more to show, since I'm fleshing out the various infantry mobs. First on the agenda are the tankbustas, then the skarboys after that.

The Leman Russ don't have a lot of work left either, so I'd like to finalize that. I've decided to skip the deathroller, and go for some spikey armour ram things instead. I also have to cover up the hatch holes on the sides of the tracks, one with a door, and the other with a ladder.

I'm a bit stuck on the buggy. Probably plate it up a little. Still stuck on what to do about the engine.

I also have a squad of six mostly finished bikes, made from chopped up, reassembled, and de-chaosified Chaos bikes. They look pretty okay, but they don't photograph well. I think I'll orkify them a bit more, get riders for them all, and try taking some new pictures.

In the far horizon is also some Killa Kans made from scratch, but it's a bit of a daunting project so we'll see.

And, as a sneak preview, some un-stupid-looking rokkit launchas:


Oh, and I found some old pictures of the first buggy I ever built. I posted them here before, but I can repost them here, for sake of completion:


Warwolt the skaven
12-05-2007, 15:41
Dang thats your first?... you just made me want to go and buy some plastikard and GW-wheels! wooho!

12-05-2007, 15:54
Great stuff! I particularly love the Rokkitz ... give those boyz some skull hats and you've got perfect Deffskullz. :cool:

KayvaanShrike, Strelok: Speaking from experience, I wouldn't recommend actually building anything while drunk. There's the potential for cutting accidents, and more often than not you end up doing things that isn't such a great idea in hindsight. And I drink beer and whisky.

I once woke up with a hangover and an Orc BloodBowl team that was completey covered in sand up to their armpits. Don't Drink And Base!

12-05-2007, 17:43
That is some very neat (as in precise) plasticard work! especially on the second buggy. youve also got an incredibly inspired use of bits in those buggies! they look very mad max.
Looks like its gonna be a rockin' waaargh when its all done, so good luck slogging through the ork mobs.

12-05-2007, 17:57
kick ass buggy you got there, love the engine

Easy E
12-05-2007, 18:33
Killa Kans are actually very easy to scratch build. They are essentially card board tubes that you plate up with card/plasticard. Don't let them initimidate a person of your skills.

12-05-2007, 18:40
Killa Kans are actually very easy to scratch build. They are essentially card board tubes that you plate up with card/plasticard. Don't let them initimidate a person of your skills.

Yeah, I figure the body should be easy. The tricky parts will be the legs and arms, with all their fiddly worky bitz. I'm thinking a three-legged approach, never seen that done before.

13-05-2007, 15:49
go to the-waaagh's forums and into the mek's garage. then go to the 101 compilation.

it has a whole snotload of great ideas and how-tos in it, including a kan/dread how to.

16-05-2007, 02:18
I've done a little work on the Leman Russ. It's nearly done now, I could throw on some more plates, but I want it to be obvious there's an imperial tank underneath it all. What remains is some wires and tubing to make the engine a little more messy-looking, and maybe ding and scratch up the armour plates a little.

I'm also considering adding spikes to the tracks. I've seen it done on a lot of other builds, and it looks superb, but the spikes are normally in two or three rows, and I'm not sure how to manage more than one row on this, considering how the track links are patterned. One row wouldn't look nearly as good, I think.

Instead of the krusher, I added some tusk-like armour plating on both sides of the hull. The holes where the small hatches normally go on the sides of the tracks were covered up with an ork-sized door on one side, and an access ladder on the other. Also note the heavy shoota gunner at the front, now with the hatch in place. The idea is that the hatch will be glued in place once the model is painted, allowing the head underneath (which is glued to the gun mount) to rotate underneath it, always facing in the direction of the gun.

The tusks didn't turn out exactly as I'd intended, but they're good enough I guess. Will look a lot better when painted, hopefully. The discolouration is from heating them up a little, so I could bend them pointing ever so slightly inwards.



Oh, and I'm already stopping by the-waaagh.com frequently, it's a great source of inspiration. It also keeps my ego in check since everybody there is infinitely better than me at this. ;)

16-05-2007, 02:39
dont beat yourself down man.

your skills definitely seem on par with those guys at least. your stuff is pretty awesome.

just keep up the good wORK and everyone will be happy.

Warboss Grimmtoof
16-05-2007, 03:59
Aw now if datz not un of da orkiestz pieces of dakka i'z seen I dont know wot iz!:p And thats a pretty nasty piece of work russ! How did you get rivits that small? My leather hole punch makes rivits about the size of a shoota barrel.:( Seriously nice work.

Warwolt the skaven
16-05-2007, 07:44
Persoanlly I don't recommend The-waaagh. Theyr far, far FAR to used to Waargh and Krooza skills. Anything bellow that gets flamed and harassed. And this is a personal experience >=(

16-05-2007, 08:03
I just noticed the double-barreled battle cannons, I'm liking the tank more and more.

17-05-2007, 01:07
Persoanlly I don't recommend The-waaagh. Theyr far, far FAR to used to Waargh and Krooza skills. Anything bellow that gets flamed and harassed. And this is a personal experience >=(

You know, I'd actually agree to a certain extent. I wouldn't say I've been harassed or flamed, but many posters there have unrealistically high standards. It's a bit disheartening when you get poor or very little feedback on something you're very proud of personally.

And thats a pretty nasty piece of work russ! How did you get rivits that small? My leather hole punch makes rivits about the size of a shoota barrel.:(

I use very thin rods of plastic, which I cut into small slices with a really sharp hobby knife. It's tricky to get them even and thin enough, though. The solution is to file them down once you've glued them into place and the glue has cured properly.

Anyways, thanks for the feedback! I'll try to get something painted up soon, some of the vehicles are getting to a stage where I can call them completed. I think I'll go for a black/white/red scheme with various brown and grey camo patterns mixed in: Think a non-garish mix of Goff and Blood Axe.

17-05-2007, 16:21
This is crazy good. Damn you for making my stuff look bad :p

But feel free to check my log (see sig) for Killa Kan ideas.[/shameless plug]

18-05-2007, 01:52
But feel free to check my log (see sig) for Killa Kan ideas.[/shameless plug]

Thanks for the link. The Kans look a bit too eclectic for what I'm going for: I'm aiming for a more uniform, military and no-nonsense look. I love the raider trukk though, made me giggle. And the jet engine buggy is awesome as well, wish I had more of those sponson covers.

This evening I build a new burna skarboy, he's turning out wicked cool. Pictures tomorrow. I also made the head for the third and last burna, with a scratch-built raised welding mask. I'm extremely happy about it, so I'll probably try to knock up a body for him ASAP. I'll try to get some pictures done over the weekend.

20-05-2007, 00:12
man this is some amazing work, keep it comming!!

20-05-2007, 15:53
Where's the Warboss? ;)

21-05-2007, 21:11
Have you worked out a list for your force yet?