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Blue Orphen
10-05-2007, 19:01
Sgt. Johnsman ducked as another explosion rocked the bunker. He slowly rose to peer out the firing slit in the wall. The two feet of ceramite between him and the battlefield seemed a fragile reassurance against the constant bombardment that had started early in the morning. After the first hour he had stopped flinching when the shells landed; after the sixth hour, he barely noticed the constant whine of falling shells or the thunderous explosions they wrought.

Johnsman's platoon was spread out among several bunkers identical to this one, the outermost defenses of the planetary governor's mansion-compound. He found himself longing for the open fields of war, where he could at least see his enemy. These lengthy bombardments were the worst - trapped under tons of earth and steel, praying the structure could weather the weight of fire raining down like the tears of an angry god.

Behind him, Johnsman could make out the muffled and muted tones of his men, being led in prayer by Corporal Hicks. '...may your hand shield us from harm, and your love grant us the valor and strength to necessary to smite your enemies...the Emperor protects...' Johnsman found himself laughing at these words. Well, whatever keeps morale up, he supposed.

At that moment, he realized the shelling had stopped. It took him several minutes to readjust to the quiet. Fingering his microbead vox, Johnsman ordered the other squads to remain in their bunkers until ordered otherwise. Snatching up his lasrifle, he made his way to the exit hatch.

The entire compound was alight, fires consuming anything that would sustain them. Remarkably, the bunkers had withstood the rain of punishment. Johnsman stuck his head up over the crenelation to survey the battlefield. Smoke was everywhere, but he could hear the distinct march of armored feet and the dull revving of industrial engines. It would appear that the enemy had decided to engage.

Johnsman yelled into his microbead, telling his men to assume firing positions. He heard the shuffle and hustle of soldiers in the bunker underneath him, and the high whine of lasrifles being powered up. It was then that he saw the first shapes moving through the shadows. Little more than shadows, they moved with a speed that seemed inhuman.

The first figure broke through the wall of smoke, and Johnsman recoiled in awe. It was an Astartes, tall and majestic, armored in rich purple and trimmed with shining gold, without a helmet or other head protection. The Astartes ran at full speed towards the bunkers, and as he drew closer Johnsman could make out his features. His hair was white as snow, and framed a perfect visage unmarred by the slightest impurity. He was without a doubt the most beautiful thing Johsman had ever laid eyes upon. The Astartes sprinted through the wreckage of the battlefield, zipping around craters with ease at a speed that no human or Astartes should have been able to maintain.

Before he could blink, the majestic warrior was at the foot of the bunker, and Johnsman was screaming the order to fire at will. That order barely left his mouth before the figure bounded atop the bunker and severed Johnsman's head cleanly without the least bit of effort, his long swords slicing through flesh and armor as if it were air.


Bellerophon, the Scourage of Kadath, laughed. These pathetic mortals had hoped to hold out against his hordes, and had paid for their arrogance with their lives. He glanced around the battlefield as his children went about looting and defiling the corpses strewn like a child's playthings. Not a single drop of blood could be seen on his face, and his armor and weapons were both clean and shining, as if they had just been removed from a display rack. This planet had fallen, and soon, the rest of the Kadath system would be left a burned out husk.


With the end of university coming quickly and the summer imminent, I've decided to finish up the project that has kept me occupied for several years now. I started out with the Black Legion, and painted about 750-1000 points worth. This past winter, I decided to turn my long-time dream of a LatD army into reality. After a number of prototypes, I began the long and tiring process of assembling mutants and traitor guard.

Right now, the majority of my models and supplies have been moved home from university. I have a few things left, projects I've been putting together in my spare time between studying for finals and writing term papers. A nice way to manage the stress of your senior year =).

Now, these pictures are largely WIP, and are not of the best quality. My photo rig is also at home, so I won't be able to get any quality photos until I finish my move, which should be about a week or two from now. But I do have some WIPs of my HQ, as well as a half strength squad of mutants and some Death Guard from the CSM army.

Here's a list of what's on the agenda:

Blue = LatD
Red = CSM

60 Mutants (all assembled, approximately 20 are painted and sealed)
18 Traitor Guard (3x 6 man squads, one with HB and HStubber, two with ML and GL)
6 Rough Riders with Lances (mostly assembled)
8 Hounds (3 finished)
2 Obliterators (1 finished, 1 half finished)
8 CC Marines (able to be CSM, 'Zerks, or Possessed - finished, need basing)
7 Death Guard (finished, need basing)
6 Noise Marines (Assembled, unpainted)
6 Daemonettes (Assembled, unpainted)

There are some other things that will be completed along the way, including a Defiler, a Russ, and a few Sentinels, but the stuff above are the core of the two armies.

Now, on to some photos =)

Bellerophon, Scourge of Kadath
I envisioned a horde of mutants being led into battle by a leader who at least appeared to be the antithesis of Chaos. As such, I assembled what I imagine a Pre-Heresy Emperor's Children would look like - Aquilla chest plate, greeved legs, the cape and eagle backpack from the SM Commander box. He is running up a ramp made from a Rhino door and a piece of Mordheim scenery, mainly to add some more dynamic motion to the model and possibly to show Daemonic Speed. Gamewise, he is as follows:
Chaos Lt. with Twin LC's, D. Speed, D. Strength, and D. Mutation.

**Bellerophon, Scourge of Kadath (http://s165.photobucket.com/albums/u49/osymandias/Bellerophon/)**

The Broken Ones
I think I stole the name for this squad from someone else on this board - I remember a log from a long time ago (years maybe) with someone who used that name for either Plague Marines or Plaguebearers. Either way, I thank you for the idea, and hope you don't mind me borrowing it - it fits well into the naming convention for the army =)

These were first done for the Black Legion list. I didn't like the idea of using actual Death Guard color schemes for them, since they are part of the Black Legion, not a squad on loan from the DG. As a result, the scheme is a take on the traditional BL one that is featured throughout my army, with the appropriate Nurglish touches added. I did the same thing with the Berzerkers, and will with the Noise Marines (whenever I get around to them).

The Broken Ones are led by Amoxus, their AC with a PF and Bolter. There are photos of the rest of the squad in my gallery (link at bottom). I need to base them, and go back and do the eyes on most of them, but otherwise they are more or less done.
Amoxus, Champion of Nurgle

**The Broken Ones (http://s165.photobucket.com/albums/u49/osymandias/The%20Broken%20Ones/)**


Well, that's all for now. I'll update as soon as I can get some more pictures.

10-05-2007, 21:24
Very nice background material and some excellent painting as well.

Keep up the good work and best of luck with the project.

11-05-2007, 02:12
I like the backround a lot and your painting seems solid *gives thumbs up*


11-05-2007, 16:51
I look forward to seeing what you have done for Mutant models.

I've been taking another look at the LatD list and seeing the modeling possibilities.

I started by mixing Beastmen and Catachan parts but decided that I didn't want too many Mutants (if any) with "Firearms" so I will probably stop building those.

It may not be the most competitive but I'm filled with glee with the prospect of 3 units of 30 Mutants and 2 units of 20 Chaos Marine allies.... Tee hee hee.


11-05-2007, 16:58
looking good:D
like the nurgle champion a lot!
*more pics* ;)

11-05-2007, 17:57
The background is great and the painting is great!

Everything is great so far.

Keep it great by adding more pics!