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10-05-2007, 18:32
Chaos Lord, MoCU, armour of damnation, halberd, chaos steed, shield (273)

12 Chosen Chaos Warriors (undivided), shields, Standard,War Banner (289)
12 Chaos Warriors of Khorne, extra hand weapon, shield, musician (267)
12 Chaos Warriors of Khorne, shield, musician (231)

20 Marauders, full command, flails (145)
20 Marauders, full command, LA, shiled(165)
6 Marauder horsemen, champion, musician, flails(108)

Chariot Of Khorne (150)
Chariot Of Khorne (150)

5 Warhounds (30)
5 Warhounds (30)
5 Warhounds (30)

7 Chaos furies (105)
6 Centigors, throwing axes (120)
Beast Herd, 7 gors 7 ungors, musician (82)
Spawn of Khorne (75)

So what do you think??? I'm not really into herohammer so one character suits me fine..furthermore, i like the idea of a solid centre made by warriors and marauders (screened by the beasts), and fast flanking units...could it work? Six dispel dice are enough, i presume...

P.S. I'd like to try the warriors,so please no suggestions such as : Swap the warriors for knights! :P

SO.....Do you find it a balanced army? Would you have fun playing against it? Would it be fun to play? Is it competitive?
Any reccomendation, thought etc is welcome!

10-05-2007, 19:59
swap the warriors for knights :P
seriously though, chosen warriors are less useful (or so I've heard). Bit of a fantasy noob, but won't those 12 man units be eaten in both melee and missile?
Other than that you seem to have a good mix of solid blocks and mobile units, just deploy carefully to avoid getting drawn out by frenzy-lures (obvious I guess)

10-05-2007, 22:58
Greetings happy_doctor...here's my thoughts/comments...

*Chaos Lord: Ok, but could be better...Armor of Damnation, Sword of Might and the Shield on a Barded Chaos Steed...maybe add the Helm of Many Eyes to take advantage of the Mark of Undivided

*Chaos Warriors: Good units, but only 2 are needed to anchor the center of the table or a Flank...and the days of 12 man units are gone...with 7the Edition change Rank Bonuses to 5 wide minimum...Undivided unit could be 15 strong and Chosen w/Shields...Khorne Warriros 16 for theme w/Shields and Halberds, FC

*Marauders: Flails are almost a waste because they rarely get the chance to swing back and don't often get the Charge...Grt Wpns if you really want he Strength bonus...otherwise, Lt Armor and Shiels w/FC is fine...

*Chariots of Khorne: Good, but you must be careful with them...smart players will lure them into Difficult Terrain...

*Warhounds: Ugh...maybe 1 unit of 8-10 models...

*Chaos Furies: Great unit, never leave home without them...8-10 work the best...

*Centigors: Good unit, add Shields and a Musician

*Beast Herd: Ok, but a bit small...Foe Render is needed for the LD (7) boost and Combat...

*Spawn of Chaos: Great unit, take them in pairs...

Hope this helps...

10-05-2007, 23:29
thanx for the feedback!

and the days of 12 man units are gone...with 7the Edition change Rank Bonuses to 5 wide minimum...Undivided unit could be 15 strong and Chosen w/Shields...Khorne Warriros 16 for theme w/Shields and Halberds, FC

actually, i'm familiar with the changes in the rules..I was thinking of deploying them in a 6x2 formation, as they will be shielded both from missile fire and magic by the herd and hounds...would they be too "cumbersome", tactically speaking???
As for receiving the charge, chosen can handle themselves (being the equivalent of h.cavalry, as far as save is concerned) , and the same goes for the khorne units, 3+ save if needed (though i'd try to get the charge off and use xtra hand weapon)

point well taken on the centigors, the marauders and the chariots, changes will be made...
on the frenzy front, being a more or less experienced player, i plan on using the hounds for frenzy-shielding(both for the chariots and the warriors)
the beast herd is kind of ablative armour for the main units, and as such they'll be in range of the general's leadership...i guess...

IDEA: if i drop one Khorneate chariot and a unit of hounds, i can add a tuskgor chariot instead, thus gathering some points in order to pay for the changes in the centigors,
and the marauders.plus I get another fury, and 2 undivided spawns instead of one bloodbeast of khorne!
What do you think TDG (and everyone else of course)???

11-05-2007, 00:10
i'd agree with 6x2, with chaos chosen and khorne warriors it's too costly to build up ranks, so go for as many attacks as possible to take advantage of their abilities. i'd be tempted to give one of the units great weapons to add some punch.

11-05-2007, 17:35

keep the comments coming please!!
Come on, it's not a list seen commonly on the net, is it???Can't be THAT boring either...I hope... :D

11-05-2007, 20:53
Well, as a competitive player, I'd much rather face a unit of Chosen Chaos Warriors that are 6 wide and just 2 deep....means that it's harder for you to wield on the table, and thus more "cumbersome" to move...also means that you can loose the +1 Rank Bonus to Combat Res really easily...2 dead models and you're left with a Standard and Wounds done in CC...(maybe a Flank/Rear if your lucky)...

Dropping a Chaos Chariot of Blood and some Warhounds for the Centigor upgrades and a Tusk Chariot isn't a bad idea at all...