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Vorgrak ChosenOfUndivided
10-05-2007, 20:28
This army will hopefully be able to take on any armies that I face, but I would like some advice.

Exalted Champion: Sword Of Might, Enchanted Shield

5 Knights: Chosen, MoK, Full Command

3x 10 Warriors: Full Command

2x Beast Herd: 12 Gors:2hws standard, musician
8 ungors

3 Dragon Ogres: Light Armor, Great Weapons

The dragon ogres and knights will march up one flank and use terrain to help conceal them. I could care less about how many turns it takes them to get into close combat as long as its less than 4. The rest of the army will march up the center, beast herds in front. My general will stay within 12" of everybody and march with one of the squads.

Before I try it out I'd like some feedback from you guys.

11-05-2007, 15:52
The list looks pretty good, my only real concern however are once the herds turn and run and hopefully dont panic your warriors, your warriors will only be 2 ranks deep. It would seem that you are relying quite a bit on the roll of the dice with this build. Your knights will more than likely be bated around the board the whole game if you are playing a good player and if your don't screen them to control their frenzy. Undivided I'm guessing? If so I may give the warriors the mark of slaanesh so they won't panic when the herds take off. At a quick glance those are the suggestions I have.