View Full Version : Are OGRE armies all they are cracked up to be?

10-05-2007, 20:33
I have a great opportunity to pick up a BEAUTIFUL Ogre army that is modeled and painted to resemble a army from Nippon. Extensive conversions on the majority of the models and painted to a high quality. It is a great looking adn unique army.

However, I have not played with the ogres before bvut have played against them. They are a hard hitting army and I was thinking that it is different than any of the other armies I already own, Chaos, TK's, Brettonian's. The question I have for you all out there, are the Ogres all they are cracked up to be? Are they a viable army that is competitive and have subtle nuances? Will they allow for variety or are they a one dimensional army?

Please give me your feedback.

10-05-2007, 20:51
They are very tough army I think. The amount of attacks they get on the front row is devastating. If they get the bull charge they are gonna do well. I think the Ironguts is the best unit because of the high strength. The gorgers are really good as well. Unbreakable and hard to kill.

I do think they can be one dimensional. All the choices are well.... Ogres. My opinion is if you can;t get into the fluff dont buy them. If you can they will be a good competitive army.

10-05-2007, 20:55
The main problem people have with Ogres from what I've seen is the lack of numbers. Shooty armies tend to be mroe effective more or less again them since the loss of one Ogre is kinda big thing.

10-05-2007, 21:09
I love the models but am still struggeling on a way to actually win games. I have shyed away from them recently but have seen people(very few people) win with em by taking units of 3 and lots of Iron guts and come at you straight on with character in units and flank you with the smaller units. definitely have a lot of attack but as was mentioned, lack numbers to help combat res. With a few bad rolls your toast in combat.

10-05-2007, 22:19
I frikken love my ogre army. Prolly because I am a Skaven player and this is the exact opposite type army I could of played.

Skaven: Biggest army of smallest models
Ogres: Smallest army of Biggest models

The fluff is cool and they scream for conversions!

Have fun with em... And yes play small units of 3 to 4 and a coupel units of 2 lead belchers. I prefer two butchers and a bruiser as it affords me more points to get more models on the field... And I never take Gnoblars... I hate green things!

Skitter Squeek

11-05-2007, 03:40
I think the Ogre Kingdoms are a pretty great army overall, and I plan on getting a force of them sometime soon if time and money allows it.

11-05-2007, 04:19
They are my favorite army fluff and model wise(except the man boobs) and they have good rules, I say go for it. As far as army wise, I beleive the term is MEU(multiple elite units) My friend uses Bulls with a musician to flee from charges then counters with Iron Guts and can rip most stuff to pieces and anything that he can't he'll use his Bull Rhinoxes on.(Massive unit of Black Knights with a Blood Dragon Lord of Doom for example.)

11-05-2007, 17:19
I think they are a really anoying army to battle against. Played them in my local tornament in the semis and lost :(
I think they are very powerful and are a good option to Beginners. Im not saying they are an easy army to use because i don't know but they are a powerful army that brings fear to the opponent!!!

12-05-2007, 13:08
Well from I can see, they seem more difficult to play than other armies (if you try to win, anyway). But they're pretty fun to play WITH and AGAINST. Just be ready to lose a couple games though.

12-05-2007, 18:06
Ther alryt ther to balanced tho, i came up with a beard unit for myself and my ogres wond about 40% of the time, prefer my Dark elves and dwarfs tho.

13-05-2007, 07:56
Well... Alot of the more jaded players like myself hate ogres... I remember the good old days when they werent my only target... Now all the new players pick them up...

13-05-2007, 08:03
Who cares, you can do Shrek impressions all day, and that alone is worth it

sun tzu
13-05-2007, 08:13
I have played against the ogres 4 times and i am yet to loose.
They are VERY pradictable and thus easy to counter.
I have beaten them with my dark elves, skaven and twice with my orc'n'goblins.

If you look at them and panic you will loose but keep your head and take them down.

You have to break their battle line which can be very easy if the player uses small units, remember that ogres have average LD:evilgrin:

19-05-2007, 10:01
In my opinion a fully painted ogre army is one of the nicest armys out there. When you first start playing with them you have to expect to loose a good amount of games before you start wininng. I've been playing with them for a year now and win most of my games at my local club. You have to adopt your own tactics and army lists. In my army I Have a tryant, 3 butchers, 3 unis of 5 bulls with extra hand weapons, 2 units of 4 ironguts, 3 yhettis. I deploy in a corner of the table and concentrate my attack on 2 or so of his units.

You just need to remeber that when playing with ogres you either spells on the units or support to win a combat. It is rare you will do it with out help.

Da Boyzz
19-05-2007, 12:15
Ok, well I am also after a bit of advice on the old ogre kingdoms...

Would it be possible to play a list of ogres that have a lot of the shooty ogres? [lead belchers i think] Like i mean a line of like 10 x 2 units, then a heap of say 3 man strong units... about 10 of these?

or are the points per model to large to do something like this?

19-05-2007, 13:33
lead belchers have very short range, wich is the biggest hinderance I'd think. 12" ain't far.

Murderous Monkey
19-05-2007, 22:46
Ok, well I am also after a bit of advice on the old ogre kingdoms...

Would it be possible to play a list of ogres that have a lot of the shooty ogres? [lead belchers i think] Like i mean a line of like 10 x 2 units, then a heap of say 3 man strong units... about 10 of these?

or are the points per model to large to do something like this?

It's not just the points per leadbelcher that makes such a list difficult, it's also the problem that each unit is a special choice (if I remember correctly). You'd need a BIG points total in order to be allowed that many specials in an army.

20-05-2007, 00:48
They actually run really nicely as MSU army lists and shine with a lot of mobility and hittyness.

I don't think they're a hugely powerful army like V.C, Skaven or L.M., they do have they're strengths, but they seem to be limted within their army book and also with outnumbering rules and rank and file rules in general.