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Dark Haven
11-05-2007, 00:27
I thought of a newer more aggressive list:
Dogs of War 2k List

Motto: “Balanced. It’s the new cheese!”

Mercenary General
w/ Lance, Enchanted Shield, Heavy Armor, Pegasus, Sword

w/ Heavy Armor, Sword of Might, Shield

Hired Wizard
w/ Level 1, 2x Dispel Scroll

(2) 5x Light Cavalry
w/ Spears, Shields, Light Armor, Swords

5x Heavy Cavalry
w/ Lances, Shields, Heavy Armor, Swords, Barded Steeds, Banner

4x Ogres
w/ Great Weapons

25x Ricco’s Republican Guard
w/ Pikes, Heavy Armor, Full Command, Ragged Ricco w/ 2x Swords, Heavy Armor

20x Dwarves
w/ Axes, Shields, Heavy Armor, Full Command

10x Halflings
w/ bows

20x Bearmen of Urslo
w/ Axe, Light Armor, Shield, Full Command, Beorg w/ claws

2x Galloper Guns w/ Bronzino

My heroes are there for support. I realize my guys could take out a chaos lord without lots of luck, so Imade them cheap and flexible. My army has lots of units I can flank, bait or draw charges with. Plus, I have number of hammers including my dwarve,s ogres andbearmen. Bearmen are disgusting!! You have a lord level character for free in that squad, combined with frenzy and their +1 to hit banner . . .woow!! My army is designed with mobility, stability and hard hitting in mind. If it helps, I have played VC, Chaos mortals and Brets before in fantasy.


11-05-2007, 10:15
Looks good to me. I always use generic pikemen, and I skimp on the heavy armour to buy more bodys. However, depending upon your regular oppoents, the extra weaponskill might be worth it.