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11-05-2007, 02:23
Highborn (145) (total points 283)
Alter Kindred (35)
Bow of Loren (35)
Arcane Bodkins (25)
Helm of the Hunt (20)
Sword of Might (20)
Shield (3)

Wood Elf Noble (75) (total points 130)
Wardancer kindred (30)
Spites (Pagent of Shrikes (25) )

Spellsinger (90) (total points 150)
Level 2 (35)
Starfire Arrows (25)

Dryads x16 180 points

Dryads x16 180 points

Dryads x12 144 points

Treekin x4 with a tree Elder 280 points

Treekin x4 with a tree Elder 280 points

Wardancers x5 with Musician and Bladesinger 111 points

Treeman 285 points

There are some glaring problems with this army. I can modify a bit with the number of dryads but I only have what's listed here plus some other characters (Like the Dragon special character, Drycha, etc).

I don't have any magical defense. I really like the magic arrows on the mage but I know a dispel scroll would be handy for those fire spells...

The army is fast, and hits like a brick with the only down side beings the lack of numbers and no ability to flee charges. War machines will eat me for lunch and armies with solid blocks of infantry will probably break me easily.

The treeman is a big target and the Treekin are scarey but unlikely to hit hard enough to be line breakers. I can't count on magic to save me so it's all about manouver.

Have I mentioned that I haven't yet managed to finish building my forest for the free forest deployment?

Tournament's in two days and I need to finish painting everything...

Comments are welcome.


11-05-2007, 03:31
Flavor wise I'm a tad disappointed that you have no forest spirit characters with so many forest spirit units.

As to content:
The characters:
I'd make the alter a noble rather than highborn and then either make your treeman an ancient or take a plain-jane (no kindred) lord, or pick up a branchwraith caster with cluster for a spare dispel die. Additionally, your wardancer would be better served with a melee-oriented spite such as mischief or murder of spites.

Additionally your mage really needs the scroll you mentioned, probably actually needs 2. The starfire arrows are cool in concept but with a single shot at low (for an elf) BS and S3 you're not likely to do much with this.

Lastly, you have no unit aside from the wardancers that your mage can join which will leave him/her a tempting target.

As to your troops:
The dryad units are simply too stinking big. With 44 models you'd be better served with either 4 units of 10 or 5 units of 8 providing you much more maneuverability. You're unlikely to ever outnumber anything so don't sweat the numbers. If a dryad isn't on the fighting rank it might as well not be there. I'm also a big believer in using champions in your skirmishing units for that extra attack in the same frontage.

You could also free up alot of points by decreasing treekin to 3-man units with champions. 9 wounds and 10 S5 attacks really is plenty in most cases, particularly when supported by other units.

Wardancers are an absolutely spectacular troop type. 5 is really an undersized unit you'll likely be unimpressed by. If you have the models and time bulk these guys up to 7-8 and you'll like them more.

The treeman is, well, a treeman. If you want one in your army there he is. Given the overall composition of your army, I'd make him your general (change to ancient, obviously).

12-05-2007, 18:32
u cant have 2 magic weapons on your highborn ;)

as ravenblood said, your wardancer char would be better off with a different sprite, mainly because u will be running him forward so he wont be able to shoot

you may want another lowbie mage because people tend to splurg on magic, so having dispel dice is good and u have to figure what units you are going to put your characters in since now they can be targeted if they are not in a unit unless u plan on hiding them or something

14-05-2007, 03:56
I'll post a report of the tourney results tomorrow. Needless to say I got 2 Draws and a minor loss.


19-05-2007, 02:32
Game 1 verses Wood Elves
He Had:
Ancient, 3 10x archers, BSB with hail of doom, 2 5x glade riders, 5x wild riders, 2 8x dryads, 2x spellsingers, 4x warhawk riders, giant eagle

We kicked the stuffing out of each otehr, it turned out to be a 70 point draw in the end. I killed the dryads, and everything ridden got run off the table by a single unit of dryads who kicked the stuffing out of the wild riders and glade riders who charged them. Fast Cav or not I backed them into a corner and then chased them off. He killed all my other dryads, one unit of tree kin, and the spellsinger as well as badly wounding the treeman. My Lord killed half the wildriders, the Warhawk riders, and a bunch of archers for no return damage. At the end of the game he pointed out my two magic weapons so I swapped out the Sword of might for extra hand weapon and light armour. Wardancers hid and didn't get killed. Strange gaem since with all the Tree singing running around neather of us could risk actually being in the forests!

Game 2 verses Dwarves
He had:
Runelord on Andvil of doom, 2 20x dwarves with hand weapon and shield, 20 ironbreakers, 20 longbeards, a cannon and 2 Bolt throwers. There was at least one thane... And a alot of fire runes. Pretty much the nightmare army for me.

He castles up in the one open corner and forces me to come and get him. Wardancers and treekin + Dryads slaughter their way through one unit of warriors and a bolt thrower to try to get the runelord but he's too tough and I can't hurt him. Doh, lots of VPs there. My Lord, Treeman (who bounces off a regiment of Dwarf Warriors first) and a formation of Dryads spend the entire game reducing the Iron Breakers below 50%. His longbeards cut down the other unit of treekin and the spellsinger is useless since he has 7 dispel dice adn three runes of spellbreaking. I get a minor loss. Mostly becasue three ironbreakers survive combat with my lord only to bop him for three hits and wounds with me flubbing all my saves = one dead lord.

Game 3 verses Empire
He Had:
2 Pyrowizards, an Arch Lector, and a BSB on foot, 2 20 regiments of swordsmen each with detachments of handgunners and free company, 20 spearmen, 5 Knights, A Mortar, Hellblaster, and Cannon plus a unit of greatswords.

He deploys accross the entire table. as do I. THe Game ends in a draw as he kills most of my army on my right while I kill everything he puts on his left. No real tactics, just a grind back and forth all game. The Lord does the good job of teh game and snipes the pyrowizard, the Arch Lector, and the Helleblaster crew before getting cannoned to within an inch of his life. The Wardancers kill twice their points and then get run down by swordsmen. The Treeman terrored the knights off the table and then chased small units about all over the place. Treekin just got run down by ranked units and nasty fire magic. I think I got Conflagurdooomed about four times. Luckily not the treeman at all.

So pretty much even for teh tournament. A couple of things I'm planning to change is purchase another tree kin and make three units of three instead of the two fo four. I'll fill out the wardancers to 10 and add in a couple of dryads to the unit of ten. The Treeman stays as is but the lord drops to a hero and the bow of loren and arcane bodkins will be replaced with just the Helm of the hunt, the Sword of might and the Enchanted shield. He's a nice war machine killer or perhaps just an annoyance. The Starfire Arrows will be swapped with either the Hail of doom or a dispel scroll.