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11-05-2007, 02:56
Hey there all. After a bit of sorting and figuring, this is what I've come up with in regards to my 2000 point Empire army. I'm still very open to suggestions and changes at this point, so feel free to say your piece!
The list:

Templar Grand Master of the Knights Panther-
Sword of Power
Laurels of Victory

Captain of the Empire-
Battle Standard
Sword of Might
Armour of Meteoric Iron

Warrior Priest-
Dawn Armour

Battle Wizard-
Level 2
Rod of Power

20 Swordsmen-
Standard Bearer
*Captain BSB joins this unit

10 Halberdiers

5 Archers

20 Spearmen-
Standard Bearer
*Warrior Prist joins this unit

10 Free Company

5 Archers

15 Flagellants-
Prophet of Doom

10 Knights Panther-
Standard Bearer
War Banner
Inner Circle
*Templar Grand master joins this unit

5 Pistoliers-
Repeater Pistol

5 Outriders-
Hochland Long Rifle

Great Cannon

Helblaster Volley Gun

TOTAL-2000 points

Please, if you have anything at all to say about this army, by all means....I'm still in the building stages, so it's not entirely too late to make some changes.

11-05-2007, 04:06
Insert 'broken record' sound here:
The sword of power is no better than a lance on the charge. If that monster unit of IC knights and a lord with laurels of victory can't break a unit on the charge...your dice have abandoned you!

I'd also be tempted to put a tad more protection (ward save?, enchanted shield) on your general for added survival.

I also don't really think you need a magic weapon on your BSB and you've given him good protection already. Save the points since you could get 3 spearmen or something else useful.

I'm still not convinced on rod of power vs. dispel scrolls but am willing to be convinced (which is to say I'm going to try it next time I field Empire).

Core infantry are fine although I'd like to see them bulked up a bit (24-25) just so you keep max static CR after a few casualties.

I don't condone recruiting religious fanatics into MY military, but if you want a unit of flagelants they're certainly useful.

I am thinking your knights unit is a great hammer but also a really juicy target and big enough to be unwieldy. If it were me, I'd split the unit and take a 6 man unit of core (non-IC) and 6-7 IC (spare points from your taking a lance and dropping sword of might...). This would give you a LOT more flexibility and if you support your IC with the pistoliers they'll do better than they would with a rank.

Only other thing would be the outriders. I can't make myself take HLR just because I can't fathom a guy on horseback using a rifle more than 6 feet long. Additionally I think 5 guys with repeater handguns should be plenty. If you're married to HLR for sniping it can certainly stay.