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06-08-2005, 23:46
This was the 4th game I'd played vs a friend's dwarf army. Our first 3 games were all draws. The last one in fact was so close that only like 45VP points seperated us.

So this time I tried the no shaman tactic vs dwarfs. I was hoping to just have an endless wave of troops to swamp his dwarfs.

I was a bit worried about not having foot of gork or gork's warpath to help deal with his cannon, but put my hopes into getting the first turn and shooting it down with my lobbas.

He had left his army list at home, but said it was virtually the same as the last list when we played, except his runesmith had a spelleater rune. So it was pretty easy for me to figure out which runes he must have dropped to get the spelleater.

Dwarf Army list:


1. Lord Aldrack(General) - 273pts.
Great Weapon, Gromril Armor, Master Rune of Swiftness, Rune of Might, Rune of Resistance, Master Rune of Spite

2. Thane, Battle Standard - 88pts.
Gromril Armor

3. Runesmith - 157pts
Great Weapon, Gromril Armor, Rune of Resistance, Master Rune of Balance

4. Runesmith - 157pts
Great Weapon, Gromril Armor, Spelleater Rune, Rune of Spellbreaking


5. 20 Dwarf Clansmen -245pts.
Hvy. Armor, Great Weapons, Shield, Full Command

6. 20 Dwarf Clansmen - 205pts.
Hvy. Armor, Shield, Full Command

7. 15 Miners - 210pts.
Great Weapons, Heavy Armor, Full Command

8. 10 Crossbow Dwarfs - 120pts.


9. 19 Longbeards - 346 (led by General)
Great Weapons, Hvy. Armor, Shield, Standard/Musician, Rune of Slowness

10. 19 Ironbreakers - 265 (led by BSB)
Gromril Armor, Sheild, Musician/Standard

11. Cannon - 125pts.
Rune of Fortune

12. Stone Thrower - 110pts.
Rune of Accuracy

Total pts. - 2301pts.


Here's my army, it's the same one I posted in the army list forum.

Graulz Horde
Below are the tribes of Graulz Horde tribes conquered by Graulz plus
those tribes who have joined his Mighty Waaagh!

1. Orc Warlord(General), Graulz - Lord
Great Weapon
Drog's Dead 'Ard Armor
Big Boss 'At


2. Savage Orc Big Boss, Carakas - Hero
Great Weapon
(leads savage orcs)


3. Night Goblin Big Boss, Shrak - Hero
Great Weapon
(leads night gobbos w/spears)


4. Orc Big Boss, Grotfang - Hero
Boar, lt arm, shield
Porko's Pigstikka
(leads wolfriders w/spears/musician)


5. 24 Orcs of the Iron Choppa - Core
Choppa, lt. arm
Full Command


6. 24 Orcs of the Iron Choppa - Core
Choppa, lt. arm
Full Command


7. 22 Savage Orc boyz of the Broken Jaw - Core
Choppa, Full Command


Night Goblins of the Bad Moon:

8. 41 Night Goblins
Spears, Standard, Musician- Core


9. 30 Night Goblins - Core
1 Fanatic


10. 30 Night Goblins - Core
1 Fanatic


11. 30 Night Goblins - Core
1 Fanatic


Wolfriders of the Lost Paw:

12. 6 Wolf Riders - Core
Sh. Bows


13. 8 Wolf Riders - Core
Spears, Musician


14. 30 Common (Gnoblar) Goblins - Core


14. 3 Rock Lobbas - 3 Special


15. 20 Black Orcs of the Great Axe - Special
Full Command
War Banner


16. Doom Diver - Rare


17. 4 Ogre Ironguts - Rare
Great Weapon, Hvy. Armor, Bellower


Total: 2300pts


Battlefield: 8x4ft. Deployed up to 12inches in depth.

____________________Dwarfs________________________ __________
|----------------------Big 2-layer hill-------------------------------|
| ---Woods---Big -----------------------------Ruins--Big-----------|
| Woods-----Hill---------Valley open ground---------Hill---Woods----|
|---------2layer hill-2layer hill--------------------------------------|

The battle field for everything between our two deploy zones, was set up before we arrived. During my terrain set-up I just put the 2 double layer hills in my zone, he put up the one double hill and hedges in his.

Note that the big hill from the map go from in-between the two deploy words on the left all the way to the valley. And then the 2nd big hiill is from the valley to the woods on the right.

The valley was about maybe 14inches in length so the two hills took up about 6ft in the middle total. With about 6 inches on each corner being flat ground.

On the left there was about 3-4 inches between the two woods. Enough for fast cav. to go through unhindered.


I won roll to deploy first.

I set up from left to right.

Wolfriders lead by orc big boss in-between the two woods. Next the first unit of night gobbos w/hand weapons.

Black orcs.

2nd unit of night gobbos w/hand weapons.
Night gobbos w/spears and big boss.
1st unit of orcs.
3rd unit of night gobbos w/hand weapons.
Ogre Ironguts.
Common Goblin(gnoblars).
Right behind the ironguts was the savage orcs.
Right behind the common gobbos was the 2nd unit of orcs.
Far, far to the right past the ruins and woods, were wolfriders w/short bows.

My orc warlord was placed a little behind the 3rd unit of night goblins and the ironguts/savage orcs.

Then I put a lobba and doomdiver on the left hill of mine. And the other 2 lobbas on the right hill.

Dwarf Deployment was (MY) left to right.

Dwarf Warriors opposite my far left.
A few inches from then was next dwarf warriors with great weapons.

On his hill was his war machines and crossbows.
Both rune smiths were behind that hill.

Then to the right of the hill were the ironbreakers.
Then the long beards which were directly across from the ironguts.
Which is why I deployed my general off center like that. He needed to be in the thick of the combat with the 2 elite dwarf units on that side of the hill.

His miners would show up later as usual.


My strategy was simple. I would try and take out the cannon ASAP. Then mass target the Longbeards with artillery.

All the woods would hamper my deployment forcing me to mass troops towards the middle, making them prime targets for his cannon and stone thrower.

I think his strategy was to lure me in the middle while pounding me with dwarf shooting, then hitting my flanks with longbeards and clansmen.

He won roll to go first.

Next Turn 1-3.

06-08-2005, 23:51
Dwarf Turn 1:

1. Movement.

He did a bit of wheeling and such. Nothing big.

2. No magic.

3. Shooting.

His cannon shot at my black lobba. It hit the big night gobbo unit, killed 2 of them, then bounced into the lobba, destroying it.

Not good.

His stone thrower shot at my ogres, but scattered off to my savage orcs, killing 3 of them.

Then he shot his crossbows at my 1st unit of orcs. But failed to kill any of them.

4. No combat.


Orc and Goblin Turn 1.

Not a good start, I was already down a lobba.

1. Animosity.

My 1st unit of night gobbos(even with black orcs next to them), my 1st unit of orcs and my wolfriders w/spears all failed.

Luckily the 1st orcs rolled a 6 we'll get'em! and surged forward. The others squabbled. Although the night goblins did roll a 1, but could not charge the black orcs cause black orcs are immune(and the gobbos know better). But that was 3 1's in a row that they rolled.

2. Movement.

I marched forward as fast as I could with everything else.

3. No magic.

4. Shooting.

Both remaining lobbas shot at the cannon. My doom diver shot at the dwarfs w/great weapons.

1st lobba overshot. The 2nd misfired and could not shoot this turn.

The doom diver hit the dwarfs. Rolled a 1 for hits. Then rolled a 2 to wound. ugh.

5. No combat.


Dwarf Turn 2.

1. Movement.

His miners failed to show up this turn.

Other movement were minor wheels and small moves forward.

2. No magic.

3. Shooting.

His cannon shot at my old lobba this time. The stone thrower shot at my red lobba. The crossbows shot again at my 1st unit of orcs.

The cannon of course destroyed the lobba. The doomdiver crew paniced and fled off the board. ouch.

Then the stone thrower directly hit the red lobba. AND OF COURSE DESTROYED IT!

I lost all my war machines in less than 2 Turns!!

4. No combat.


Orc and Goblin Turn 2.

Not good at all. Where's Mork when you need him?

1. Animosity.

My first unit of night goblins again failed animosity. So did my savage orcs, 2nd unit of orcs and again with the wolfriders w/bows.

The night goblins rolled a 6, we'll get'em at least. The others squabbled.

2. Movement.

My wolfriders lead by the orc big boss, charged the dwarf warriors.

The rest of the army not suffereing from animosity, either marched, or moved forward into good positions.

3. No magic.

4. NO SHOOTING. argh.

5. Combat.

Grotfang brought forth his pigstikka and killed 3 dwarfs. No one else did squat.

The dwarfs killed 1 wolfrider in return. I lost combat by 2, but they passed their break test.


Dwarf Turn 3.

1. Movement.

Still no miners.

He moved his longbeards forward to keep the bull charge from the ogres next turn.

They triggered a fanatic who failed to reach them.

2. No magic.

3. Shooting.

His cannon shot at my black orcs. His stone thrower at my big unit of night goblins.

His crossbows split shots from the night goblins and 1st orcs.

The cannon. Thankfully. Misfired and was destroyed. Whew.

The stonethrower killed 7 night goblins. The crossbows killed 3 more. The night goblins passed their panic test since the general was just close enough.

Either 2 or 3 orcs fell to the rest of the crossbows.

4. Combat.

Grotfang cut down 1 dwarf to 1 wolfrider cut down in return. Grotfang and his boyz fled from combat, but were not caught by the dwarfs.


Orc and Goblin Turn 3.

Things were really going bad so far. The cannon blowing up was the only good news for me.

1. Animosity.

The 2nd unit of orcs failed. Otherwise all clear. They squabbled.

2. Movment.

The black orcs charged the dwarfs w/great weapons.

Grotfang's boyz rallied.

The fanatic cut through the ogres killing one. argh. They passed their panic test.

The rest of the horde moved forward. I tried to position the ogres better, so that all 3 could fight in combat.

3. No magic.

4. No shooting.

5. Combat.

The black orcs tore through the dwarf warriors. Broke them and then ran them down. Just barely staying on the table as they did.

End Turn 3.

Next Turn 4-6.

07-08-2005, 00:01
Dwarf Turn 4.

1. Movement.

The miners appear. Right next to the black orcs, forcing them to reform to face them their next turn.

The dwarf warriors move a bit toward Grotfang's wolfriders. The runesmiths move up a bit. The ironbreakers trigger a fanatic, who goes towards the crossbows and kills 0 of them.

2. No magic.

3. Shooting.

The stone thrower shot at night gobbo unit 2. Killed 9 of them. They fled in panic.

The crossbows killed 2 more orcs from the 1st orc unit and 1 more night goblin spearmen.

4. No Combat.


Orc and Goblin Turn 4.

1. Animosity.

The common goblins are the only thing that failed. They squabbled.

2. The ogres charged the longbeards. The 1st orcs and night goblins spears charged the crossbows. Grotfang's wolfriders re-charged the dwarf warriors.

The 2nd night goblins fail to rally.

In compulsory a fanatic comes back through the crossbows killing 2.

the 2nd fanatic goes through the goblins killing 1.

Other movement is me moving things forward to get in position to fight, such as reforming my black orcs to face the miners.

3. No magic.

4. No shooting.

5. Combat.

Grotfang's charge kills 2 more dwarfs, but cannot win the combat. They just do pass their break test.

As the 1st orcs and ng's w/spears charge the crossbows, 1 orc and 1 night goblin are killed by the stand and shoot, which split it's shots.

In actual combat they cut them to ribbons and run them down. The orcs pursue into fresh enemy, into the stone thrower.

The dwarf lord cuts down 1 wound from an ogre with his rune of swiftness letting him strike first. In return the ogres kill 3 longbeards. The ogres just do pass their break test.


Dwarf Turn 5.

1. Movement.

The miners charge the black orcs.

A runesmith charges the orcs who pursued into the stone thrower.

The ironbreakers charge night gobbo unit #3.

2. No magic.

3. No shooting.

4. Combat.

Grotfang kills 1 more dwarf, but it's not enough. They break and flee and are cut down by the pursuing dwarfs. Embarrassing to be run down by dwarfs when you're fast cav.

The black orcs lose 2 before striking back and taking down 2 miners. With the war banner and ranks/outnumber, they break the miners and run them down.

In the combat with the runesmith and stone thrower crew, the 1st orcs kill all 3 crew. The runesmith kills an orc in return and does pass it's break test.

The ironbreakers kill 5 night goblins. They kill 0 in return. When I roll my break test needing a 5 to pass(in general's range) the first time I roll one dice is a 1, the other is teetering between 6 and 3 stuck in a bit of terrain.

I roll again and it's again teetering in other terrain.

So he asks me to reroll both elsewhere. I do and it's a 3.

He seems upset.

Now I don't mind if they flee. Cause the pursuit gives my warlord and savages a chance to charge them next turn.

So I just say, if you want me to just flee I will, since it would have came up 9 the first two times and that I don't mind fleeing.

So he says, sure flee and he thinks he knows why I'd rather flee.

I do and they're cut down by the ironbreakers, but are in charge arcs of more greenskins now.

I felt a little bad about this later, but I did say, hey I wanted them to flee. So I don't think it was a bad play. And the hill corner kept the dice from dropping to a 6 both times when they should have fled anyway.

Anyway back to the game.

The dwarf lord cut down another ogre. The remaining ogres kill 3 more longbeards. The ogres manage to pass their break test.


Orc and Goblin Turn 5.

1. Animosity.

None to speak of.

2. Movement.

The night goblins w/spears charge the remaining runesmith.

My warlord and savage orcs charge the ironbreakers.

My wolfriders w/short bows charge the flank of the longbeards.

The 2nd night goblins rally.

Compulsory the fanactics both whizz away from the action.

My 2nd orcs reform to face the flank of the ironbreakers. My black orcs wheel to look at the left flank of the longbeards quite a way away.

3. No magic.

4. No shooting.

5. Combat.

The night goblins overwhelm the runesmith through weight of numbers. He breaks and runs off the table, the ng's pursue off the table.

Same with the orcs and their runesmith. flees from table and orcs pursue off table.

My warlord cuts down 3 ironbreakers. The savage orcs get 1 more.

His BSB strikes back killing 1 savage orc.

It's too much for them and dispite the re-roll for the BSB they flee and are cut down.

The dwarf lord cuts down another ogre(3 wounds). The remaining ogre kills 3. The wolfriders kill 1. The longbeards kill 2 wolfriders. It's too much for the ogres and wolfriders, who both break and run, despite being in range of the general.

The longbeards decide to chase the ogre, they catch him and he's cut to shreds.

The also pursue into the goblins.


Dwarf Turn 6.

1. Movement.

Only move is the remaining dwarf warriors wheel from where they killed grotfang.

2. No magic.

3. No shooting.

4. Combat.

From the pursuit into the goblins only 2 dwarfs are facing goblins. They kill one. The remaining goblin actually takes down a longbeard, but he saves the wound. The longbeards pass their break test.


Orc and Goblin Turn 6.

1. Animosity.

My off table units return for their animosity checks. No units fail, as they all sense victory.

2. Movement.

I charge my warlord and savage orcs into the longbeards.

The short bow wolfriders fail to rally.

Before I can do compulsory he concedes the game as all that is left is the remnants of his longbeards who are in combat with 3 units and have 3 units to their rear bearing down on them(although it's the end of the game, that sight looks ominous). And more orcs behind the goblins ready to join the fray.

Next the final game summary.

07-08-2005, 00:07
Final summary.

Dwarfs - 1046
Orcs and Goblins- 2050

A solid victory for the greenskins. And my first ever victory in 6th edition(after I stopped playing at the end of 5th edition).

I was pretty concerned the first 2 turns when I lost all my war machines and had my wriders w/spears running. And he kept cutting down goblins from shooting like weeds. But it's true that it didn't matter. Where there's one goblins there's 30 more.

By the 2nd half the dwarfs were just overwhelmed. Eventhough they fought hard and kept it from being a massacre. We've played 4 games now and I still have never killed his dwarf lord. Even last game when I completely destroyed the longbeards around him from concentrated lobba fire, the lord just stayed alive and was still fighting at the end, cutting down orcs.

The game also played much faster. We finished in about 2 1/2 hours including setup. Without magic and alot less shooting, the game flew by.

I'm really pleased with the black orcs. I figured in a game this size, big'uns would be just as good since they're so much cheaper. But while my big'uns did well the previous 3 games, the black orcs really mopped up, taking out 2 strong units all by themselves getting my 755 VP points(including 100vp for the table quarter they had) all by themselves.

So the no shaman tactic appears to have worked. But I am uneasy about not having magic when facing that cannon. If it hadn't misfired it could have easily kept on killing my guys. That diagnol shot that it misfired on with my black orcs could have killed problaby 6. If they'd panicked and fled then the game could have been very different. So I do think I lucked up there. Maybe there was a would be shaman in one of those orc units who got a little brainbursta in on those dwarfs to make them misfire when I really needed it.

Though I think I feel better facing a cannon with foot of gork and gork's warpath on my side.

But who knows.

For now Graulz is pleased. And will enjoy lots of stolen dwarf ale and BBQ'd Dwarf Ribs.

Freak Ona Leash
07-08-2005, 01:10
The Dwarf list was definitky in your favor. A bunch of magic defense characters whene he didnt ned any, not nearly enoguh warriors, two units of Longbeards(one is plenty). But it seemed like a good baatle. Certainly beetre than anything WD churns out.

07-08-2005, 02:05
He just had the one longbeard unit, the other one was ironbreakers.

Who cost alot of points, but don't seem to be better than clansmen for the most part.

I know he's painting up more clansmen units though, so I anticipate more of them in the future.

The longbeards though are great. Especially with the dwarf lord leading them. I also think he should just deploy the miners on the table at the start since he seems to have bad luck with getting them to show up before turn 4.

The game could have been much closer if the cannon didn't misfire. I think the black orcs would have rallied even if they panicked, but they wouldn't have been in a position to break both those dwarf units.

In any event, I'm definately thinking of keeping with the no shamans vs dwarfs idea.

It's a shame GW doesn't create some sort of way for armies with no magic users to get more dispel dice other than bringing in wizards or runesmiths. I don't think magic is overpowered at all, but I do think the way the system works, it forces you to spend character alottments on scroll caddies like those 2 runesmiths, cause 2 basic dispel dice just isn't enough defense vs magic.