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Da Black Gobbo
11-05-2007, 21:31
Well as mentioned in the other post here it goes the army in where the Mega killing unit of 25 savage orcs (reduced to 24) goes.


--1 Savage orc Shamman: Lvl 4 nibblas ity ring, item of 10 points only for savage orcs.


--1 Black orc big boss: Martog's best basha biggedd boots, heavy armour and shield.

--1 Night goblin shamman: 2 dispell scrolls

--Goblin big boss:Riding a wolf, wallopa's one hit wounda, item that explodes when the owner dies hiting a d6 str 6 hits.


--24 Orc Warriors: 2 choppas and full commad.

--24 Savage big orcs: 2 Choppas full command.

--6 Wolf riders:spear, short bows, musician.

--6 Wolf riders: spear, short bows, musician.


--19 Black Orcs: Full command.

--Goblin Wolf chariot: 1 extra crew goblin and wolf.

--Goblin Wolf Chariot: 1 extra crew goblin and wolf.


-1 Gigant.

I would deploy the infantry blocks together in the center of the table to charge on front, the gigant will cover a flank with a unit of wolves, and the other 2 chariots plus the wolf riders unit will cover the other one, if i the enemy whant to shoot to my mega killer unit well the rest of my army still going in 2 chariots 2 units of orcs and a gigant, is not a tragedy to loose them, if they reach the combat Fantastic! they will kill almost everything in they way with a large amount of Str 5 attacks. What do you think??

12-05-2007, 02:23
I look at the army and cant see where the win will come against a tournemtn build army (presuming the use of uber units means you want to be competive) I look at my tournment armies and dont see anything that would particular scare them. I'm not sure where your points have gone, your black orcs and Savage orcs are not powerful enough to beat a serious comabt unit in hand to hand and apart from those too you dont seem to have anything that scary. That isnt meant to sound harsh but you ahve spread the points across a couple of units and ended up with none that are powrful enough to compete at top level. In my GT qualifing army my ironbreakers are 25 strong 2 magic banners with 2 combat characters on straight stats your savage orcs would score 1 wound and would be auto broken in the first round of combat unless you insane couraged it (unit strength 52 fear casuing). Go down to one powerhouse unit of black orcs with 2 cheap and cheerful orc boyz units to back them up. Drop the giant and the Lv4, your a combat army; you should tool your army towards it

12-05-2007, 10:31
I have nothing against a big unit that kills loads of stuff.

However you big unit will loose models quickly due to shooting.

Worse still it suffers from frenzy. Which means it can be lured out of your battle line and flanked.

My advice would be to un-big boz them (make them noramal savage orcs).

If you still want a big uber unit then take the points and add some more black orcs (whitch are tougher and more reliable).

One last thing drop morts best basha on the Black Orc. He has armed to the teeth which is very good (first round use the two choppas second round use the great weapon).

Da Black Gobbo
12-05-2007, 14:27
You can not change weapons during the combat, first turn you choose one and then till the combat finish you still having that weapon.

12-05-2007, 15:05
No Black Orcs can change their weapons every close combat turn.

Thats why they are so good and expensive.

Da Black Gobbo
12-05-2007, 18:45
Dude i don't know english army book but my book says: At the begining of every combat, not at the begining of every combat round that is differennt.

12-05-2007, 19:04
The gobbo's right Gimp, you choose which weapon you want at the start of the combat, not at the start of the turn. Only exception is Brettonian characters with lances and magic swords on the charge, you can use the lance and then switch if you want.

12-05-2007, 19:18
I think Gimp is right about dropping the big 'uns on the savage orcs. I also find that wolf riders aren't that effective in small numbers. In my battles they don't last more than one round in combat. I think you should drop two of them and put 10 together. With extra points either add more Blorcs to its unit or if youve got enough, add as many orcs as possible and make 3 units. (oviiously smaller units, but i don't know if you will have enough points for that!!!)

12-05-2007, 21:54
My Army Book says

"At the start of each combat, a unit of Black Orcs can choose to fight either with........"

But now that I read it it sounds very ambiguose.

Does it mean the start of each different combat or the start of each round of combat.

17-05-2007, 20:03
Does it mean the start of each different combat or the start of each round of combat.

Each different combat im afraid Mr Gimp...

if that were true i would never take normal orcs!

17-05-2007, 21:17
Well,,, i do like that savage orc unit... just my idea is to make it 36 big(if a big boss shall be there then make it 35+boss) 6wide and 6deep.... two hand weaponS and noggs banner of butchery.... first round of combat if u uses that banner... u get 4*6 strength 5 (if big uns!)attacks!!! and if a boss 1 more... and if a big boss... even more again... (just think about a warboss with that wep that gives bonus in strenght and attack for rank bonus.. think abaout haveing additional 7 strength 8 attacks... devastating if u ask me... im sure that i woudnt like this unit to get their hands on my T3 high elves!!