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12-05-2007, 02:57
After getting back into 40k since 2nd ed and doing very well (like 17-1) Im breaking out my old fantasy army of dwarfs (the only one I still have) I threw away my anvil of doom and also my thorgrim on throne and even 5 gyrocopters and 4 organ guns...sigh but I did keep 160ish metal very well painted (I didnt paint them) figures and 2 unpainted cannons...so I do have a ton of stuff for the army....im planning on converting 2 guys to hold a shield and so I can put my general up on a shield (seems worth it points wise) and am debating about what rare units to get and whether the anvil is good or not...anyone have some good dwarf advice, specific stuff on units and/or strats or even a solid 2000 point list? (assuming 2000 is still the standard)

Thanks in advance for help...

I used to run a gunline of crossbowman and thunderers backed up with some solid units in the middle and a ton of artillery and 2 gyrocopters on a flanking route to take out opposing artillery and litterally just fire and not move...doubt its a good strat these days (40k has changed alot)....dunno if it works well or not in fantasy....

12-05-2007, 03:26
... wrong side, you're in 40K dude ;)

A Gunline can work, but it's also a one trick pony. You will either win, and wipe your opponent before he gets to you, or you'll shoot plenty, then when he hits your line, you get steamrolled.

sadly, those are the only two outcomes. Close games don't really happen.

A Mixed arms force works better, usually.

12-05-2007, 15:09
You're waay ahead of your time:D

however, the usual gunnline can work really well, but remember that you should have some counter attack for when/if the enemy comes up close and personal


12-05-2007, 15:39
damn sorry for posting here...used to posting here I guess lol...ill repost in Warhammer...thanks guys!