View Full Version : 500 point ogre kingdoms

12-05-2007, 08:35
My ogres army for 500 points:


Bruiser Boggums Irongut:150pts
ogre club, light armour, cathayan longsword & brace of handguns.

Core Units:

Ogre bulls:135pts
3 bulls: ogre club
Bellower & standard bearer.

Ogre bulls:105pts
3 Bulls: Ogre club.

Special Units:

Ogre leadbelchers:110pts
2 Leadbelchers: Leadbelcher cannon, light armour.

My plan is that the bull units go forward and charge or 1 unit baits the enemy.
Then the rest of the army and the bruiser fire guns and charge the enemy and just kill them in combat. Advice on army list and plan would be appreciated.

Grendal The Bonecrusher
06-11-2007, 18:36
Yeah I can see it workining i like the bait tactic though more experienced players will see your plan from the start

06-11-2007, 21:32
I'd strip the bruiser down to just a great weapon. He's got plenty of toughness to live through most anything at 500 points, and the greatweapon is generally better than the CLS.

Unload the unit upgrades from the bulls, drop the leadbelchers and see if the total points saved is enough for a unit of ironguts. It should be, but i don't have a book handy. If so, 2 units of naked bulls and a unit of naked ironguts will stomp most anything you could see at 500 points. All those str 6 attacks are just crushing to small infantry units.