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12-05-2007, 22:51
Warboss Growlgar Ironface 272
Black Orc Warboss
Light armour
Enchanted Shield
Ulag's Akrit Axe
Warboss Umm's Best Boss 'At
Bigged's Kicking Boots

Runtgut Trolltaker 152
Goblin Big Boss
Battle Standard Bearer
Light armour
Martog's Best Basha
Effigy of Mork
Gigantic Spider

Zappo Fungusbile 140
Goblin Shaman
Wizard Level
Dispel Scroll

Krazy Mick 126
Orc Big Boss
Light armour
Basha's Blood-Axe

The Goremongers 315
18 Black Orcs
Full command
Waaagh! Banner

The Skincollectors 290
18 Black Orcs
Full command

Arrer Boyz 65
10 Arrer Boyz

Arrer Boyz 65
10 Arrer Boyz

Arrer Boyz 65
10 Arrer Boyz

Spear Chuckas 140
4 Spear Chuckas

Mr Bridges 60
1 River Troll

The Stones 300
5 Stone Trolls

SUM 1990


It started out as a quite different army. I usually run two solid blocks of 25 Orc Boys each, one with choppas and shields, the other upgraded to Big Uns with spears and shield. These would be supported by Orc Boar Boys and Goblin Wolf Riders. However, as I rushing off to a prep-game in the advent of a local tournament I managed to grab the wrong box of Orcs. Imagine my surprise at discovering, instead of the usual dependable Orc bodies: Arrer Boys. I'd actually forgotten that I had these lying around at all.

Bitterly I rearranged my army roster to fit with the stuff I had brought with me and managed to fill out the core slots with a unit of arrer boyz.

They totally rocked my socks off! They managed to kill a Giant and defeat a Chaos Hero in close combat. I was totally sold on these guys and have never since been disappointed.

With newfound purpose I set out and painted the guys up in preparation for the tournament, and during the following days the above army took shape. I finished painting my Black Orcs (all metal... :P). I finished paining my trolls, my bolt throwers, well, you get the idea.

An important change from the army I fielded at the trounament was the Warboss. This was originally an Orc on a Wyvern. Dropping that big pseudo-dragon allowed me to add some more stuff on the Warboss and include the newfound talent: Krazy Mick.

Combat doctrine:
The Arrer Boyz are fielded in 5x2 formation and placed along side each other with each unit somewhat in front of each other. The bolt throwers are placed on either side and between the arrer boyz.

The Black Orcs are fielded in 6x3 formation. The Trolls are fielded in a 5x1 formation and are joined by the Battle Standard Bearer. These combat units are typically placed on the flanks dependent on the terrain.

The Arrer Boyz and Bolt Throwers should be able to soften up any aggressive enemy troops suffieciently for my combat units to handle them, even if I send my boyz to meet them head on. The Black Orcs are sufficiently mobile to reliably charge enemy infantry and chunky enough to withstand most cavalry charges.

The stone trolls are an exceptionally durable combat unit. Though river trolls are more efficient in close combat, Magic Resistance and Scaly Skin help me get those the unit into close combat with far fewer casualties.


13-05-2007, 02:51
While I am no O&G expert by any means, why does the Black Orc Warboss only have light armor? ;) If you want to stick with a 2+ armor save, drop the enchanted shield, get a regular shield and heavy armor, that gives you enough points for an extra Arrer.

13-05-2007, 10:37
Haha! Slight oversight on my part there. Growlgar *used to be* an Orc Warboss on a Wyvern. His original package was the Akkrit Axe, Iron Gnasha's, the Best Bigboss 'At and, well, light armour.

: makes note of option to improve armour to heavy :


13-05-2007, 16:19
Loves to see Arrer Boyz. I hade a unit of 24 (hehehehehe) and was playing aginst an Empire player. I hade it becuse I was short on Infantery orcs and it was made to fight 6 wide. Many people laughed their a** off but when the Empire player chose the side of the table with two hills, I laughed!!! 24 arrers flying every turn against anything on the hill. The Empire player got scared (heheheh) and chose to put most of his units on the other side of the table.

Trolls - I also love them. Looks cool, but damn trolls always do bad for me. I will try the BSB thing with them.