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13-05-2007, 07:39
So, last night I was sitting at home sipping on some hot tea, reading through some of my old Realms of Chaos hardback books, when I get a call from one of the owners of GMI Games, Katheren...this is around 7pm...she calls to tell me that a player from out of state was in town, and wanted to get a "good challenge" game in...since she knows that I love tough games, and love playing against as many different players as possible, she figured she give me a call...the way she made it sound, I figured I was in for a tough battle!...so, I packed up my Daemons, finished my tea, and hopped on my motorcycle and rode on down to the shop...I met up with the guy, his name is Richard...a super nice guy, and very funny!...turns out he is a trucker, and works with his good buddy (Hue) as cross country team drivers...they both play Warhammer, so love to stop by different shops and get some games in on their down time...both guys are from Michigan(US) and have been playing Fantasy for a couple of years now...

So, Patrick and I chat for a bit, and decide on 2,250pts for a game, with 5 pieces of Terrain...he asks me if I mind facing a Special Character, and I of course tell him "No prob!"...we roll off to see who picks the first piece of Terrain to place, and end up with 2 Hills, 2 Woods and a little set of 2 Buildings w/Stone Walls...we pretty much place all the Terrain out of the way, with the exception of a Hill in his Deployment Zone...we then roll for Magic...I sub my 1 Fire Spell for Fireball...he rolls his Spells, and then we roll to see who places first (since we already picked sides)...he wins the roll and places first....

Patrick's Skaven:
1x Thanquol w/Screaming Bell (in Stormvermin)
1x Boneripper...stupid thing...
1x Warlock Engineer: Tooled up, Dispel Scroll
1x Assassin: Bands of Power, Throwing Stars, etc...

20x Clan Rats: FC, Lt Armor, Shields, Spears w/Ratling Gun
20x Clan Rats: FC, Lt Armor, Shields, Spears w/Ratling Gun
20x Stormvermin: Hvy Armor, Halberds, FC w/Warpfire Thrower
2x Rat Swarms
30x Giant Rats w/5 Pack Masters
6x Giant Rats w/1 Pack Master
3x Poison Wind Globadiers
2x Rat Ogres w/2 Pack Masters
5x Jezzails Teams
1x Warplighting Cannon

TURN 1: I go first, and begin to surge everything forward...Exalted Daemon stays on the other side of a Hill and Woods, out of LOS of the nasty Magic and Shooting that are in the center of the table...attempt Fireball on the small unit of Giant Rats, but it's Dispelled easily....Richard then goes, and actually moves up his Thanquoul's unit!....Globadiers march up facing my Bloodletters and Bloodcrushers, as does the lone Assassin...Rat swarms park close to my Chariot of Nurgle...Magic begins, and I weather most of the storm, but I Dispel Skitterleap on his Warlock Engineer...didn't want him popping over behind my Exatled Daemon to gain LOS and zap him with the stupid Warplighting spell...Shooting then starts, and I loose a couple of Flesh Hounds, and my Bloodcrushers take a wound...also loose 1 Bloodletter to the Warplighting Cannon....

TURN 2: Time for charges...Chariot of Nurgle hits the Rat Swarms, Chaos Furies go after the lone Warlock Engineer...Plagueriders hit Boneripper...Bloodletters go after the Globadiers, who attempt to Stand & Shoot, but fail their Fear Test and Flee...the Bloodcrushers go after the Assassin, but he too fails a Fear Test and Flees!...Flesh Hounds hit the front of a unit of Clan Rats...again i attempt Fireball, but it's Dispelled...Chariot of Nurgle destroys the Rat Swarms, wiping them out...Chaos Furies chase the Warlock Engineer who failed his Fear Test, but fail to catch him...Bloodletters get a failed Charge, but the Bloodcrushers catch the Assassin...Plagueridrs put 2 wounds on Boneripper, he does 1 back, I win CC, but he's Unbreakable...Flesh Hounds kills a few Clan Rats, no swings back, I win CC, but he holds...His Turn starts, and he charges his large unit of Giant Rats to the front of my Chariot of Nurgle...Thanquol's unit charges my oncoming Plaguebearers...Rat Ogres joine Boneripper in attacking the Plaguebearers...Globadiers don't Rally, but the Warlock Engineer does...Magic again, and again I let most of it through...Spell Breaker against Skitterleap....I Dispel Warplighting from the Warlock Engineer...but the Grey Seer gets it off...kills 2 Warhounds, and 2 Clan Rats...casts Death Frenzy on his own unit...Shooting kills the last Flesh Hounds, and 2 more Clan Rats...Warplighting Cannon kills a Bloodcrusher...Jezzails wound another one...Ratling Guns and Warpfire Throwers wipe out the Chaos Furies...Close Combat begins, and his general's unit wiffs it...they manage to kill 2 Plaguebearers w/Impact Hits and attacks...I kill 2 StormVermin back...I loose by 1(Unit Strength) and pass my Instability Test...Chariot of Nurgle butchers the Giant Rats, they break and I easily catch them, miss hitting a Woods by an inch!....Rat Ogres manage to kill 1 Plaguerider on their charge, the Plagueriders kill Boneripper and 1 Rat Ogre....they Break and are caught by my Plagueriders...this Pursuit takes me into the Warpfire Thrower...

TURN 3: My Exalted Daemon bounces by the small unit of Giant Rats to both Fireball them, and force a Terror test on his turn....Chariot of Khorne hits the Flank of the Stormvermin...Bloodcrushers charge the Warplighting Cannon, which is forced to Flee of the board...Bloodletters march up, while the Chariot of Nurgle moves around a Hill to try and get to the Rear/flanks of the Skaven Army...Fireball goes off, kills 4 Giant Rats, they Panic and Flee off the Board...Plagueriders eat the Warpfire Thrower, Overrun into the Clan Rats the Flesh Hounds fought earlier...Chariot of Khorne kills 9 Stormvermin on the Charge, the Plaguebearers kill 3 more...Thanquol Breaks, and is run down by the Chariot of Khorne...this Pursuit brings me into contact with a Ratling Gun....Plaguebearers moved up as well...Plaugeriders roll bad, Clan Rats win CC by the Musician and I roll and '11' for my Instability Test...'pop'...oh well, can't win them all!...there is much rejoicing now in the shop, as there are several onlookers watching the game...his turn begins with some manuvering, and the Rallying of the Poison Wind Globadiers...Warlock Engineer blasts at the Plaguebears, but kills just 1...Ratling Gun not in CC, fires at the Chariot of Khorne, does 1 wound to it and kills his brethren...Jezzails kill off a Bloodcrusher...

TURN 4: Exatled hides behind a Hill...Chariot of Khorne hits the front of the fresh Clan Rats, while the Chariot of Nurgle hits the Rear!...Bloodcrushers charge the Jezzails who Stand & Shoot, but end up killing one of thier own!...Plaguebearers and Bloodletters combo front charge the depleted Clan Rat unit who passes it's Fear Tests...between the Chariot of Khorne and the Chariot of Nurgle, the ENTIRE Clan Rat unit is wiped out!...this Panicks their Ratling Gun who Flees into a nearby Woods...Bloodcrushers wipe out the Jezzails, and Overrun to the edge of the right table flank...Plaguebearer/Bloodletter combo Charge is too much for the last Clan Rat unit, they Break and are cut down by the Bloodletters...at this point, Patrick just laughs, calls it a game, and we shake hands lookng at all the carnage!...a very fun game with Patrick, and some good conversation throughout!...looking forward to the next time he'll be in town!

I do feel a bit bad about this game, because I felt like Patrick was kind of "set up"...he was really cool about the loss, and joked with Katheren late on about her calling in the shop "ringer" for a game with him!...

13-05-2007, 14:24
To...Many...Of... These...Dots...

Sorry, couldn't help myself. Anyways, it's a average battle report, not much detail, but enough to get a basic image of what's going on.

Grats on teh win though.

13-05-2007, 18:51
Well played DG, and good bat rep. Although your list is very well written and well used, I can't get over how well everything went for you! I'd love to know where you buy your dice, man... :D

14-05-2007, 16:49
Thanks for the Replys!

Cpt_NinjaPants: Thank you...the dots are habit...:D . I don't often get the chance to do the "themed" Battle Report, but when I get a chance, I shall post one up for ya'll!

SkawtheFalconer: Thank you! With that user name, you'll be happy to see the new fig coming out for him! ;) ...my dice seem to be hot, then cold...this goes on throughout most of the games...I'm just glad that the hot part was well timed!

maze ironheart
14-05-2007, 20:41
Sounded like your daemons raised some hell on the skaven good battle report.

16-05-2007, 04:27
Much thanks for the kind workds maze ironheart!

11-06-2007, 05:33
it would make a lot more sense if you could edit in your daemon list - could you?

12-06-2007, 19:43
Sorry about that...

Here's my List....
Daemonic Legions: Undivided

1x Exalted Daemon: Undivided(320pts)
*General, Lvl 1, Fire, Soul Hunger, Spell Breaker

10x Chaos Furies: Undivided(150pts)
*Flyers, Skirmishers

16x Bloodletters of Khorne: (291pts)
*Lt Armor, MR(1), Frenzy, FC

8x Flesh Hounds of Khorne: (128pts)
*Fast Cav, MR(2), Frenzy

14x Plaguebearers of Nurgle: (259pts)
*Cloud of Flies, Stream of Corruption, FC

3x Bloodcrushers of Khorne: (240pts)
*Hvy Cav, US3, MR(1), Frenzy

3x Plagueriders of Nurgle: (240pts)
*Hvy Cav, US3, Cloud of Flies, Poisoned

1x Chariot of Khorne: (190pts)
*Large Target, Scyhted, MR(1), Frenzy

1x Chariot of Nurgle: (180pts)
*Large Target, Scythed, Cloud of Flies, Poisoned

Power Dice: 3
Dispel Dice: 3 + 1 Spell Breaker

13-06-2007, 08:49
much obliged to you sir (doffs hat).

Interesting battle report. It seems your exalted didn't get to do a great deal with all that hiding about- I assume you use him for the dispels and terror causing? In the new rules you could plop him in a unit for safety at the start or maybe later on- any particular reason you went for the terrain option? Or do you generally want to keep him intact for the dispel die?

26-06-2007, 16:10
Good Report DG, Always enjoy your style.

It seems like he had too much to deal with and you were able to weather his storm well enough. I am surprised that he advanced in his turn. A tactical error on his part I imagine.