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13-05-2007, 17:06
Hi all, this is my first attempt at a WFB army since getting back into gaming. Please feel free to provide feedback both good and bad as well as any additional comments:


Paladin - Army General
Hand weapon, lance, shield and heavy armour. Barded Warhorse.
Points -- 80

Paladin - Battle Standard Bearer
Hand Weapon, Heavy Armour. Warbanner, Virtue of Duty. Barded Warhorse.
Points -- 129


20 Men At Arms with Polearms
Musician & Standard Bearer
Points -- 115

20 Men At Arms with Spears
Musician & Standard Bearer
Points -- 115

20 Peasant Bowmen
Musician & Standard Bearer
Points -- 135

10 Peasant Bowmen
Musician. Skirmish
Points -- 75

8 Knights of the Realm
Full Command
Points -- 216
NB: Joined by the Army General

8 Knight Errants
Full Command & Errantry Banner
Points -- 201
NB: Joined by the Battle Standard Bearer


5 Mounted Yeomen
Points -- 82


1 Field Trebuchet
Points -- 90

Total Points -- 1238

That leaves me with 12 points to spend! Any suggestions?

As far as tactics are concerned they are only basic at the moment:
The 20 Bowmen will hold the centre with the Men-at-arms on either side. The Skirmishers and the Knights of the Realm will take one flank, the Knight Errants and Mounted Yeomen the other. The trebuchet will be positioned where it is required.

13-05-2007, 17:11
Perhaps divide that big block of archers to two smaller, without command models, and add the errantry banner to errant-lance? Looks pretty solid to me, balanced at least. Not very much of magic, but hey there will be only 6 levels of magic under 2k (max), maybe it will be ok :)

13-05-2007, 19:25
Thanks Oberon.

The Errant Lance does have the Errantry banner; I forgot to add it to the list. I'll edit the original post and correct that.

I suppose I could split the Bowmen. You reckon its not worth taking musician / standard bearers for those squads?

13-05-2007, 19:31
Well IMO at least standard is useless for non-combatant units like peasant bowmen. Ok, with peasantīs duty youīre not giving 100points to the enemy so it is almost sensible to take it, but meh. Musicians are very nice on the other hand, extra LD for rallying is nice, and you wonīt lose those tied combats, a bonus.

But yeah, with two units of peasant bowmen you can shoot more, deploy more (to see what your opponent is doing, with 2 lances you might even want to pray sometimes so not getting that +1 to start isnīt that big deal), and lose less when the enemy does nasty things to them.

Banner isnīt free points to the enemy but it wonīt make any difference either, so maybe you could something more useful with those points. I donīt know, another mtnd yeomen? Knight? That extra rank to M@A-regiment(or atleast a few extra bodies)

14-05-2007, 12:18
I'd drop the mounted yeomen and take extra combat heavy knights and maybe not take so much peasent bowmen or men at arms and instead take lots of knights and you must have a damsel as you wont be able to dispel any magic and a undead horde could come against you and undead magic lets you create lots more skellies and zombz and the weight of numbers will overpower you. Any magic could kill you easily if you've got no dispel stuff....drop some peasents or men at arms and take a 1-3 damsels you'll need them!

14-05-2007, 13:19
I'd also go for more knight (less infranty) and some magic defence .