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Warwolt the skaven
13-05-2007, 20:00
Sigh, yes. Its me, and guess what. Another army to be a complete failure :wtf:
Hopefully the fact that I actually GOT most of the stuff for my army and that its not that extremly much minis (skaven... is sheit loads of models to paint dude :O) I might actually finally FINNISH this army. And to top nock it all. My familly have bought our new MEGA camera! 18 times optical zoom, and the incredible ONE CENTIMETER SUPER MACRO mode! WOHO! Hopefully IŽll learn to master this and be able to do über cloze ups. But for now, I will give you a teaser for later tonight. Guess WHAT? Warwolt says;

Orks on a swamp planet playing with cammo. They will be all sneeaaky like!

Currently I have;
1 Ork Battle Force
Some few scratch built stuff
Old Grot-looted Tau Hammerfish ready to be kit-bashed with some other goodness.
Some WHFB orcs
a Lemon Rose :3

Pics later! I just need to put the WHFB orcs on their bases and then shot with the camera :)

Angel Robertson
13-05-2007, 21:13
Watching and waiting . . .


13-05-2007, 21:19
Ive seen some of your skaven and i think ive seen the hammerhead, judging from them this army should be really great

looking forward to pics

Dominus Ex Machina
13-05-2007, 21:22
Sigh, yes. Its me, and guess what. Another army to be a complete failure :wtf:
That has to be the worst opening sentence to a topic I've ever seen ;)

Come on, cheer up buddy. Swedes unite! :D

Warwolt the skaven
13-05-2007, 21:32
prepare for a ride on my WIP'y glory!


Warwolt the skaven
13-05-2007, 21:33

Warwolt the skaven
13-05-2007, 21:34

Warwolt the skaven
13-05-2007, 21:35

Warwolt the skaven
13-05-2007, 21:36

Warwolt the skaven
13-05-2007, 21:38
sorry for the lazyness of not commenting the pics, im in a hurry to get some sleep (im REALLY tired, and im up late just for yooz boyz :3) but IŽll see what I can do for you. Any questions demands answer, and I most likely have them. Or else, uv' wid da 'ead : )

Angel Robertson @ You have waited long enough, now stand up and look on ma picciez! =)
Ninners @ Hopefully it will turn out good, yes! And the fact that the orks are pretending to be bushes (as you can't shoot bushes, because your stupid if you shoot a bush. A bush don't die. And bushes are green, so bushes are the best cover! And no one suspects GREEN orks to hide in the GREEN bushes. And even if they did they won't notice the fact that theyr in there. And thats how it goes, >=3 )

Dominus Ex Machina @ Klart som satan att vi ska hćlla ihop, du är min inspiration! And hopefully that inspiration is enough to.. get this little project of the ground :)

Warwolt the skaven
13-05-2007, 22:29
Ya must be very stoopid, if ya shoot at bushz. Evvia ya shoot atz a bush, or a bush wif a scared lil' puny grot in! At evvia case ya waste time, an on dat time da uvver ork kan cumz closa an stomp ya. So ya donz shoot at bushz.
So if an ork 'ides in a bush, no wun will shot at 'im! Koz 'is greun, an da bush iz greun. An koz greun iz bestest, bushz are da bestest cova! An no wun shots at bushz, so yaŽll be awl sneaky loike till ya git close ter da oomie or panzee or beakie an kan jump owt an WAAAGH 'im!

Heres what the Orks think about their Cammo ;)

13-05-2007, 23:28
Hehehe ..... 't Is a silly theme. :D

Lovely bikez. :)

Warwolt the skaven
14-05-2007, 10:54
As soon as I get some more money (25th and possibly 23rd if im lucky enough with the actioning) IŽll buy me some djungle trees and clump foilage!

14-05-2007, 20:18
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahahaha! Nice flock work Warwolt, wonder how all that will paint up. When you can, think you can edit in some unit descriptions? Some of the ... vehicles :wtf: ... are especially hard to make out under all their tricksy camos.

Luck though!

- Salvage

14-05-2007, 20:38
You need to model some boyz with lawn mowers!!!

14-05-2007, 20:52
:eek: :p :D

that sums my opinions up!

its funny, unusual and scary all at the same time!

keep up the good work

Warwolt the skaven
14-05-2007, 21:17
Dang, they look alot different on the photos than they do now. Ive spiced up things a bit with some oregami, now they have cammo with leafs on! wootness ^^ But my dad have said goodnight, so I can't upload on their computer because im asleep ... :3
Anyway, stuff is looking better. Ive planned around and I now know I will be able to afford new paints along with some clump foilage!

Boss_Salvage @ Well, after the oragami they got a pretty sweet texture. Can't wait too see how this end up with some clump foilage! wooh!

DigitsDavid @ ... ace. ACE! MWAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA!

Ninners @ IŽll try to add some more humour elements to it. DigitsDavids is a great inspiration for me, and IŽll try to do my army in the same manner of charm as he did ^^

14-05-2007, 21:27
I think you've got a lot to work with old bean. The orks have always had a comical appeal! Maybe have the odd sun bathing ork ( or even model a small group having a picnic on the back of a vehicle!)

Try getting hold of some of the plastic toadstools which come on the goblins I think (also very easy to GS). Painting these red & white will help to break up the larger grass surface areas on the vehicles.

floyd pinkerton
14-05-2007, 21:37
any pics of the bikes from other angles?

I wouldn't mind some inspiration for my up-and-coming speed freaks.

Warwolt the skaven
14-05-2007, 21:45
DigitsDavid @ I don't want to do that, I tought at first. But dang, If I want a comic army I better litsen to the grand comic of all! :D

Flod Pinkerton @ IŽll get some tomorrow! Before I... grassyfie them x3

14-05-2007, 22:26
Uuummmmm, oragami? :wtf: your boyz have oragami camouflage....please clear this up....

Warwolt the skaven
14-05-2007, 22:39
Oragami is a spice used on pizza, and is also very good to have as miniature leafs ^^

14-05-2007, 22:41

Ora(i)gami is the japanese art of paper folding * chuckle*

Warwolt the skaven
14-05-2007, 22:44
Bloody TV program! It was about Oragami so I confused it all x3
Yes, I use Oregano to spice up my army.

14-05-2007, 22:46
lol. Just for that, your penance should be to model one ork clutching a paper swan!!!!

14-05-2007, 22:57
He-he that would be a great penance :evilgrin: Oragami being used as pizza spice *chuckles*


Warwolt the skaven
15-05-2007, 18:36

The First completelelele boy! Woot! Its a 'eavy shoota with a bucket hat.

Warwolt the skaven
15-05-2007, 18:37

Warwolt the skaven
15-05-2007, 18:39

And my "Fing in da Waterz", the looted Leman Russ. All I need is some detail job on the leman russ then im done with these two!

15-05-2007, 18:58
Uh ... wow, they look good! Very spooky and, well, camo'd up! There being so little color - and almost no contrast - might technically be a 'bad thing', but I think the end result is spooky and neat. Cool stuff Warwolt, looking forward to more with paint.


- Salvage

Warwolt the skaven
22-05-2007, 22:50
Once I had a blog, it sunk to the 6th page... o-O


Anyway, heres the finnished tank! ... well almost, Im thinking of adding some red paint to it. Hope you enjoy =)

Warwolt the skaven
22-05-2007, 22:50

Closeups :}

Warwolt the skaven
22-05-2007, 22:52

So basicly the fluff is, they saw this bugger sink down the ocean. So now, after a few months under the swamp a ork mek and his mob picked it up and got it ready for some krumpin! Thats why theyr so rusty :}

22-05-2007, 23:21
Rust looks great Mr Skaven. What's next?

Hobbes the Tiger
23-05-2007, 04:18
It looks like a techpriest's worst nightmare!:evilgrin:

Very cool idea and great execution.


23-05-2007, 15:44
Tank looks sweet Warwolt me lad, what is next? Nice gobbo crew on the tank too, by the by.

Also, I will now rate this blog a 5! in the hopes that you bash out more orks and finish an army up proper like! :D

- Salvage

24-05-2007, 00:43
Very nice, looks like the Titanic.