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13-05-2007, 20:43
Looking to enter my 1st WFB tournament next month and this is the WIP, whcih will hopefully get a few test runs before the event.


Great Weapon, Light Armour and Shield, Bow of Loren, Arcane Bodkins and Amber Pendent.

Level 2 Spellsinger:
2 x Dispell Scroll.

Level 2 Spellsinger:
2 x Dispell Scroll.

Waywatcher Noble:
Extra HW, The Hunter's Talon and a Pageant of Shrikes.

10 Glade Guard
10 Glade Guard
10 Glade Guard

6 Glade Riders w/Musician
6 Glade Riders w/Musician

19 Eternal Guard w/Full Command and Banner of Springtide

7 Wardancers w/Full Command
7 Wardancers w/Full Command

5 Waywatchers
5 Waywatchers

General thinking behind each unit is as follows:

Highborn joins the unit of Enternal Guard, who, when flanked by Wardancers on either side, advance towards the enemy. Glade Riders and Waywatchers will move in from the flank and behind to eliminate War Machines etc. Glade Guard themselves will offer covering fire and most likely advance with the lord, making use of high BS and Str4 bows ASAP.

Waywatcher Noble will be doing spot of enemy Mage hunting as both Magic items can shoot at a mage inside a unit.

As this is a tournament where only one of the 3 games will be a pitched battle I can not be certain of getting any woods on the board, and as such, my Mages are basically just scroll caddies as the only time you waste points here is fighting Khorne or Dwarves.

Anyways, that's what I'm running with right now, let me know what you think.

13-05-2007, 22:48
since youre using your mages as scroll caddies i suggest u downgrade these to lvl 1, as they do not give u additional dispel dice on lvl2

remove the Banner of Springtide on your EG because they dont have any shooty weapons and you should probably have used hoda before they get charged anyway, warbanner for +1 combat rez would be better

how do u plan to deploy your waywatcher noble? he could just have scout kin and then join a waywatcher unit, cheaper this way and he would be able to get shield/lightarmour

god octo
14-05-2007, 11:40
In my opinion, the waywatcher Kindred is useless.It is one of the most expensive kindreds, and as equipped, his major selling point is unusable, as killing blow only works with non magic shooting. If you want a shooty noble, swap him for a scout kindred: they are cheaper and do the same job.

Also, if your two spellsingers are going to be scroll caddies, I would swap one for a branchwraithe with the lvl 1 upgrade and the cluster of radients. Then you would have 5 dispel dice and 2 scrolls, which should be fine.

Also, I would try to fit at least 1 unit of dryads into your list, possibly swapping a unit of glade guard or waywatchers for them. They are very useful, being cheap skirmishers with T4.

Hope that helps a little and good luck.

14-05-2007, 13:34
Yeah, that's a good point about the Spellsinger's, I'll drop them to level 1's, that should allow for either another couple of Wardancers or Waywatchers.

As for dropping the banner coz I would have fired my HoDA? What HoDA? The Highborn has a Bow of Loren and Arcane Bodkins, so there is a nasty combination as you head across the board, and not many people would expect to have to take another volley of arrows which ignore armour and those that survive will strike last in base contact with him.

As for Branchwraith and Dryads - no can do, as this is a Asrai themed list and I don't even have the models and have intention of buying them. Basically anything that has the Forest Spirit special rule probably want make it into the list.

Finally, I peronsally think that Waywatcher kin is much better than Scout. For those extra points you get to deploy as close as you want (provided your out of sight), you are even harder to shoot at and even though you take a Magic Bow you don't lose your normal one, so if the oppurtinuty presents itself, Killing Blow is still an option. Whereas, with Scout, all you would really gain from it isLA and Shield, and that won't exactly save you from much at all.