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13-05-2007, 21:41
Tomb Prince (100 pts):
- Great Weapon (4 pts)
- Scorpion Armour (40 pts)
Tomb Prince Total: (144 pts)

Liche Priest (115 pts):
- Collar of Shapesh (25 pts)
- Talisman of Protection (15 pts)
Liche Priest Total: (155 pts)

(20) Skeleton Warriors (Archers) (160 pts):
- Musician (5 pts)
- Standard (10 pts)
Skeleton Warriors (Archers) Total: (175 pts)
(12) Skeleton Warriors (96 pts):
- Light Armour (12 pts)
- Standard (10 pts)
- Champion (10 pts)
Skeleton Warriors Total: (128 pts)
(3) Chariots (120 pts):
Chariot Total: (120 pts)

(10) Tomb Guard (120 pts):
- Champion (12 pts)
- Standard (12 pts)
- Icon of Rakaph (40 pts)
Tomb Gaurd Total: (190 pts)

Screaming Skull Catapult (90 pts)
Overall Total: (1002 pts)

This is my first shot at a TK army. Most of my stuff is shipping as we speak. After much research and opinion hunting I have come up with my own Army List. If any experienced TK players can see a problem with this can you please let me know. Thanks :skull:

14-05-2007, 01:06
i also play tomb kings and here are some suggestions

1 buy more skellies + tomb guard
give yer priest cloak of the dunes cuz you need his mobility
if he goes yer army goes with him
for 1000 add 4 more to yer tomb guard and join it with yer prince
make 20 combat skelletons and 12 archers
they will make an excelent shield
avoid terrain except put yer catapult on the hill
keep yer charriots on the flank they'll help if yer skellies start losin combat
screw the command on yer archers its totally useless
keep yer prist in a unit
go for heavy horsemen over chariots youll want the less exspenciveness and they count as core instead of speacial
add a scorpion and 5 carrion good for killing war machines stray wizzards and marchblocking and if nesecary charge the rear and negate the ranks not to mention the + 2 for rear charge

thats about all not bad for a first trry

14-05-2007, 20:57
Although somewhat incoherent, Nickn has put forward some great points.

Your chariots count as special units - you'll have to toss another core i there somewhere.

Carrion are fantastic, especicaly for catching fleeing units and killing warmachines.