View Full Version : Bretonnian Mounted Yeomen vs. PK's

Baron of Heldaine
13-05-2007, 22:07
Hey all, just a quick question regarding our fast cavalry.

Ever since 6th edition Brets came out, I have used a unit of 3-4 Pegasus Knights in my 2000 pt lists. However, for fluff reasons I am considering removing them, but I don't want to lose their roles.

I have not used Mounted Yeomen in a very long time (not since 5th edition), and I was wondering if using two units of 5 MY with musicians would be good replacement units?


14-05-2007, 01:24
Yeomen are perfectly fine light cav units. Spear and bow standard, option for shield and swapping light cav with barding and the peasants duty. Stick a banner in them and you have a credible threat to flanks and warmachines that might just draw fire away from the knights. They will be nowhere near as resilient or fast as PK though, but you get two units for the price.

What do you use PK for? They are actually somewhat overkill vs warmachines and light units. MY are much more effective at that, but can't hold their own if attacked themselves unlike the PK.

14-05-2007, 12:15
If u use M.Y, use them as Meat Shields. Send them off full movement in front of missile units (especially Black Power weapons, the bane of all Knights) because losing some mounted yeoman is nothing to losing Knights.

It depends on if u want to play a 3 turn army or a 6 turn army.

3 turn army I would include Mounted Yeoman, yes they would only last the first or second turn but your knights will be charging then so it doesn’t matter.

However if u want a 6 turn army use P.K so u can ensure your flanks are secure and u can get them fast to where they are needed.

14-05-2007, 15:51
I take 2 units of 5 yeomen and one unit of 3 Peg knights.

The big use of the yeomen comes from running them in front of your knight units about 7-8'' in front, then using them to flee a charge through your knights. The knights won't panic because of the knight's vow, so they're fine. The yeomen are fine because they're rolling to rally of a knight's leadership. And they can keep doing this every turn because they're fast cavalry, so you can just run them up 16'' again and flee over and over, which drives opponents insane.

This stops your opponent from charging and keeps him moving slowly while you bring 2-3 knight units to gang up on his unit. On the next turn, hit him with 3 knight units and your yeomen were worth their weight in gold. They're also great for shooting goblin fanatics and generally making your opponent's life a living hell.