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Da Black Gobbo
14-05-2007, 10:16
Hi there! here is my 1500 points for a Toruney, all coments will be wellcome.

---Black Orc Big Boss: Martog's best Basha, bigged boots, heavy armour, shield.

---Orc Savage Shamman: Mork's Idol, lvl 2.

---Orc Savage Shamman: Boarback, lvl 2, 10 points item that gives +2 to spell casting while fighting, Dispell scroll.

--20 Black Orcs: Full command, shields.

--5 Savage Boar boyz: Biguns, full command, shield, Waagh Banner.

--23 Orc warriors: 2 choppas, light armour, full command.

--24 Orc Warrios: 2 choppas, light armour, full command.

Well now i have 90 points left to spend, and i don't know if i should add a 6 wolf riders with musician, bows and spears, or 6 squig hoppers, what do you think??

14-05-2007, 12:13
I'd take the wolves

14-05-2007, 13:05
I'd say you need a couple more units. Having full ranks is nice, but not entirely necesary in a battle that size.

If you cut the BO's down to 15, the Orcs down to 18 you should be able to field an additional support unit or two. This should net you some 160 points. Add in the 90 points you've already got left and you can get some fast cavalry and a chariot in there as well!

These extra units will be of great help when you want to get the SOBBs into combat. An opponent may well bait your frenzied unit by moving to the edge of it's charge range and the fleeing. Keep your SOBBs a bit further back than your wolves and arrange the wolves in a narrow formation two or three wide.

When your opponent triggers a charge from the SOBBs, send in the wolves as well. Your opponent may reconsider his baiting maneuver when he realises that he cannot reliably escape the wolves' 18" charge move!


Da Black Gobbo
14-05-2007, 13:16
well the good point about squigs is that i need them against those nasty chameleon skinks, as they can "charge" 8d6 ignoring terrain to everything at 360š arround, first turn they could hunt them with very easy, i think i can drop 5 black orcs and remove the dispell scroll, because i need those 2 units of 20+ orcs to get extra magic dices, with mork's idol and this two units fighting i can have 4 extra dices so in magic phase i'd have 8 d6 to cast those great big waagh spells. Any more thoughts?

14-05-2007, 13:42
Ok, how are you going to charge 8d6 inches?

No, let me re-phrase that: How the HELL are you going to charge 8d6 inches?


14-05-2007, 13:44
And you only get one bonus magic die for having any number of 20+ strong units of Orcs.


Da Black Gobbo
14-05-2007, 14:06
well in spanish rule book we mesure in cms so the squigs move 8d6 cm ingnoring terrain and in 360š arround, is not charge but if your "find" a unit in the middle of your way is like you charge them, so nasty skinks 20 cms from me the squig hoppers move in their direcction and i hope to get more than 20cm in 8 dices. And the book, unless the spanish version, says that you have a magic dice per 20+ orcs fighting.

14-05-2007, 16:04
8d6: The answer is ACCEPTED! :) Curious way to handle it though. 3d6 x 3 or 2d6 x 4 centimeters would make more sense.

English version says: If you have one or more units... add one extra dice to the power pool. So having three 20+ strong units of English Orcs is less effective than having those Spanish Orcs. Curious.


Da Black Gobbo
14-05-2007, 17:39
You know if spain is different, then the spanish orcs must be different!!! hehehe. I will look at the FAQs maybe is a translation mistake or something...Anyways, don't you think that is a little idiot a magic item that gives you a magic dice if all your 20+ units are fighting and it costs 50 points?so expensive isnīt it? what do you think about the squig hoppers as infiltrate hunters?

Heretic Burner
14-05-2007, 23:30
Well the SOBB unit is very poor. This is based on two obsevations:

1) It is pretty much your only fast moving unit in the army

2) They are boar boyz

Lose them, they are just not going to do anything for you. Pretty much any army will tie them up all game even if they aren't destroyed outright (not hard at all with the pathetic save).

Replace them with speed. You now have the points for it.

Wolfriders, Chariots, and Spider riders are all options.

In your case I would look at spider riders. Your blocks of infantry simply aren't going to do anything for you if you can't dictate at least a handful of your opponent's units. Spider riders are ideal since the additional speed isn't needed if they are "escorting" your units and the terrain advantage is crucial against such armies as WE, Brets, TK, and countless others.

Another thing to consider is a savage orc shaman on a boar is a very very bad idea. Your opponent controls your facing. Your opponent controls who you attack. And with even a miniscule amount of firepower that shaman will simply not have the support to survive. I am no fan of magic at all, but if you are going to go that route go with standard orcs, the extra attack just isn't worth it.

15-05-2007, 07:13
Anyways, don't you think that is a little idiot a magic item that gives you a magic dice if all your 20+ units are fighting and it costs 50 points?so expensive isnīt it?

Woops! You might be right there. I was thinking of the Orc Magic special rule, not that magic item. Silly me.

I've never used it, mainly because I don't often go magic-heavy with my Orcs.


Da Black Gobbo
15-05-2007, 14:28
Well then i could drop the savage Bigguns into bigguns boar boyz drop some orcs from some units and add a unit of wolves/spiders and a chariot?

Da Black Gobbo
15-05-2007, 14:49
What do you think about that one?:

--Black Orc Big Boss:bigged boss, amulet of protectiness, heavy armour, shield.

--Savage Shamman: lvl 2 dispell scroll, magic paint (+2 to spell casting while in combat)

--Orc Shamman: Lvl 2, mork's idol, boar.

--23 Orc Warriors: 2 Choppas, full command.

--24 Orc Warriors: 2 Choppas, full command.

--6 Wolf riders: Musician, bows, spears.

--6 Wolf riders: Musician, bows, spears.

--6 Squig Hoppers

--1 Boar Orc Charriot.

--19 Black orcks: Full command, shields.

well the tactic with this army is similar to the other one but i've done some changes, i think they should go with the black orc unit on the center flanked by the two orc units and behind all of them the shamman in boar, the reason i want him in boar is because i will probably need him backing some combats with his spells so the must move, the other shamman will go in a unit of orcs warriors backing them, the squigs chariot and wolves are for flanking purpouses, with the 360š vision of the squigs i hope to hunt some infiltrate skirmishers or just make them flee. What do you think??