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Da Black Gobbo
14-05-2007, 13:17
Do you think is it worth, is the orc and gobs magic a good thing? i mean in a 2000 points battle having a lvl 4 Shamman and another 2 lvl 2 shammans could work? what do you think?
Even in smaller games such 1000 or 1500 2 lvl 2 shammans could be efective?

14-05-2007, 13:46

Of course, as long as it is green.
Can you imagine a huge greenskin army, just a bit too much out of range of a high elf and dogs of war army (with a huge amount of dispel dice and scrolls...) and then calling a WAAAGH, subsequently moving as far as possible, and then get all in combat by just rolling a mighty irristible force on the WAAAGH spell?

And I pulled a second WAAAGH on irrisistible force in the same game,
slaughtering even more...

Of course, a nice massacre in my favour.
Yes, it can be worth it. Only I tend to blow up my own shamans, so usually I keep my magic at low profile. But if you really go for it and with a bit of luck, it can be quite devastating.

Personally I would not take a lvl 4 shaman in 2000 though, and in smaller at least take 1 big boss, since good leadership is more important in an O&G army IMHO.

Da Black Gobbo
14-05-2007, 14:08
well i was thinking in getting a level 4 shamman two lvl 2 shamans more and a Black orc big boss.

14-05-2007, 15:16
That could work nicely. Also get the horn with +1 Ld, that might even the odds a little bit.

Only problem I can see is that the big boss might face a general overloaded with powerfull items, while your hero is limited at 50 pts for magic items...

14-05-2007, 15:43
I roll 2 lvl 2 shamans every game in 2k and it works great. I could take 2 lvl 2 gobs and 1 ssavage orc shaman lvl 4, it could work it would be a little magic heavy but give it a try and see what happens.

Heretic Burner
14-05-2007, 23:17
No of course it isn't worth getting, it is by far the worst in the game.

Beyond your standard scroll caddy every shaman you take hurts your army enormously, and lets face it O&G really don't have the power to hand your opponent free victory points.

Why? Each and every shaman you take likely gives your opponent the equivalent of free dispel scrolls each game. This ruins a magic phase if your opponent takes even a moderate amount of magic defence. One bad animosity roll and you've lose a magic phase, and you roll for every shaman in the army!

And that is just a start! Besides having the worst mechanics for magic in the game, the army also suffers a terrible miscast table. It is downright lethal. So not only is it unlikely you will get many spells off you are unlikely to have your shamans survive for very long.

Plus you lose out on leadership which is crucial in an O&G army. The horn is absolutely no help at all, keep in mind it is subject to magic resistance from each and every unit your opponent fields!

We aren't done. You might be thinking with by far the most disadvantages in the game the O&G spell lists must make up for it. They don't. These are far from the best lists in the game, in fact they are decidedly average. This is far from necromancy and Slaanesh magic here folks.

No, the worst magic in the game shouldn't have a single point spent on it beyond a caddy (and even that isn't mandatory). Stay away from shamans.