View Full Version : Need Help: What to do at 3000 points for Lizardmen

14-05-2007, 14:07
Well I'm signed up for a 3000 point tournamen on the 19th of May and this will be my first 3000 point set of games I've played and I'm not to sure how to go about writing my list.

First off I don't own any slann so don't suggest any double slann lists. I also can't use any sacred hosting lists, they're not tourny legal in Canada for some wacky reason (I mean if GB and USA can why can't Canada :eyebrows: ). I usually run a fast list without any saurus, and my lord is always wearing his puma shoes. For the last 1000 points I was going to add in 2 small blocks of saurus and a 2nd lord on Carnosaur. I just wanted to hear what other Warseers have done with lizards at 3000 points.

15-05-2007, 08:09
If you run a fast list, definately take the carnosaur. You could always take 3 skink shaman. They are pretty effective casters and would give you a balanced list.