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14-05-2007, 17:55
hi dudes! wich color is it on the space marine chpater Raptors on GW:s site?

very needy for answer

14-05-2007, 18:05
Just visit it?:wtf:
Or is your pc being filtered or something?

The raptors are brownish with very heavy yellow-greenish highlights. You really have to see it for yourself.

14-05-2007, 18:31
I do believe Raptors are Grey.

14-05-2007, 18:42
I actaully thought that they were grey as well, but the Space Marine chapter gallery sais otherwise. It's probably outdated in several places; Red Scorpions, anyone.

14-05-2007, 19:30
looks like a mix of graveyard earth, with maybe a camo green mix for highlights

14-05-2007, 20:43
Eh? I thought the Raptors were green. Weren't they the ones in the Fire Warrior Console Game?

14-05-2007, 20:44
but is there a site that says what colors because on the UK site it dosent say smack about what color it is just their name and the color is only shown on a picture and i dont know the colors wery well.

and yes they are green but i want to now what green it is

14-05-2007, 20:54
Well in Fire Warrior (presuming I'm thinking about the eight SM chapter of course) they look a bit like Salamanders. Perhaps a little darker, much lighter than Dark Angels though.

Wise Guy Sam
14-05-2007, 22:59
Camo green. See 3rd editon SM codex. I would shade with catachan green and highlight with a camo green/bad moon yellow mix

15-05-2007, 00:00
if you want the colours for them their in iA 3 and the forge world versions of them are a catachen green with hilights of camo.

Arch-Traitor Horus
15-05-2007, 07:21
3rd ED space marine codex chapter summery thing says there main colour is Camo Green. How ever i think there might be a better way using the new Foundation Paints Also IMHO they HAve alwas looked a little brownish

15-05-2007, 13:04
In the Badab War supplement and in the recent "How to Paint Space Marines" book, the raptors are shown to have blue armour with yellow shoulder pads and lower legs, but everywhere else they're shown having a Khaki colour scheme. There was some fluff on the old armageddon website about them being marooned on a jungle deathworld and becoming expert jungle fighters and thus changing their armour to suit their new found speciality.
It is also mentioned somewhere that they hold little regard for the Codex.
I've always assumed that they've kept their blue and yellow livery and have a number of specialist jungle fighter companies that wear their jungle livery.

15-05-2007, 16:59
i will probably dip those marines so i just have to paint camo green then i recon?