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14-05-2007, 18:17
I'm not too sure about other Games-Workshop's, but down here in dreary wet Brighton our local store is having a competition each day of May to celebrate White Dwarf's 30th Birthday. Everyone who enters gets a one-piece Dwarf (and Night Goblin) just for entering. Each day there is 1 winner (sometimes more in case of a tie) who wins a mystery prize... It is quite literally a mystery prize... just a random model in pretty sparkly wrapping paper...

So far I have entered 4 times... I came hoint first on the first one, having painted a one-piece dwarf model. Failed the Convert a Dwarf into a Squat miserably, and won the third one which was Design a White Dwarf Cover. I also entered the 'Eavy Metal Painting Tip which was todays challenge and will find out how I did tommorrow...

All in all I have accumulated 2 Night Goblins, 3 Dwarf Warriors, 1 power armoued Squat and (my prizes) Cypher and a box of Wulfen... not bad eh?

So in this log I will be posting my progress in the competitions as well as my progress on the models I have won... Cypher is partially done. He is a very dark Green with browny coloured robes and white/grey skulls and trim... I wont be able to post pics today, but might get a chance tommorrow...

Sadly my mum and step-dad are on their honey-moon and I have to spend the week at my Nan's... while I brought some painting stuff with me, there is no camera for me to photogrph my work with... so hopefully pics tommorrow maybe...

21-05-2007, 20:08
Hey all! Am back from my time away and can now show you all some WIP pics of Cypher… He’s kind of a test really… to see if I can still achieve results I used to get, but haven’t been achieving more recently… My Grimgor is a good example, he is perhaps my favourite model, mainly because of how well painted I feel he is… anyway, Cypher so far is looking about equal, in some places better (such as the blend of the armour, and other places worse, ie the Sword… It’s also my first try and NMM which I have used on the guns and some of the back pack…enjoy, C&C please…


Note: I have also gained a Chaos Terminator as prize for a beard painting contest and need a colour scheme for it…

22-05-2007, 21:58
hmm... appears I can't change the thread title... anyone out there? Fans of Cypher or Chaos or Fallen who want to comment? maybe?

23-05-2007, 00:32
Nice wrok on the Cypher model, I love the cloak nice toning. Don't forget to do the face otherwise superb painting.

23-05-2007, 07:47
the beard competition, my boys are wearing tonight! great work on the model, do like the sword

23-05-2007, 09:50
that is a really cool looking sword! very well painted, it kinda almost glows

23-05-2007, 10:47
Cheers guys... and are you sure? Cos I seem to notice every single flaw in the model when I look at those photos... especially on the sword... he's not done yet, just need to do face, hair, black on holsters, the grenade and his base... then I'm done...

27-05-2007, 13:49
Well, the 30 came to its conclusion last night with me being just another face in the crowd… Someone else got lucky and walked away with the 150 worth of 40K stuff… A complete Witch Hunter army in fact… lucky bugger…

Anyway, I in total managed to accumulate 4 prizes from the build up days… not bad eh?

I finished Cypher… and next on my list is a Chaos Terminator which will be used to test out the colour sceme for my new CSM army for when the new dex comes out…

After that is going to bu the Wulfen, followed by the Iron Priest…

I gave him a quick spray with varnish when he was done and he came out all shiny!! So I had to go over with some dull-coat… some bits are still kinda shiny though…

I’ve already done the basecoat for the red and will be painting him later… It’s going to be a Khorne cult army wearing red armour with bone trim and black helmets…

Hmm… Wulfen


27-05-2007, 13:57
Well done, pity about the big prize, but sure he was happy.



27-05-2007, 14:02
Curse you!!! I want to win a power armoured squat!!!!!

Top work on Cypher, I dislike marines (I don't hate em) but that model's always seemed cool to me!! Done well mate.

10-06-2007, 17:06
Umm, Is that REAALLY a new colour scheme? seems awfuly like the WBs to me.

10-06-2007, 17:32
You do realise its only an undercoat?