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07-08-2005, 20:27
right, ive been talking to a friend, and we both collect O&G (well, SO&NG) and we decided that even with the back of the book lists there is barely enoug variety to cover the orcs, in all theyre glory.

there arent enough varient unit types, and the new ones that there are, are all rare choices, or 0-1, so very rarely turn up.

so, my proposal is, that if your interested, to work apon re-doing the varient orc lists, and creating more.

what i think should be changed is the following:
savage orc list. savage orc chariots made a little shabbier, but as special choices. no spider riders or swarms, but maybe a skirmishing unit.

badlands list. all cavalry made core, including spider riders, as well as pump wagons scrapped, and some new choices, such as goblin light chariot units, like the tomb kings ones.

an all gobbo badlands list. spider riders, wolf riders, and chariots (though 0-2, 2 per choice) core, with gobbo light chariots, night gobbo wolf boys, or squig riders, and maybe a new unit type.

i have all the resources to playtest the list, and will get some new rules written up and posted.

any ideas and constructive critesisem are welcome, and if you want to help out, your welcome to.

a unit of heavy wolf riders, to act as hard hitters for all goblin armies, made with avians design a unit page, medium cavalry.

goblin heavy wolf riders.-14pt basic-special choice in all goblin cavalry list. unavailable all other times.
standard gear-light armour, shield, spear
may upgrade to heavy armour at +1point
champion- 14pts (+1attack)
standard- 14pts
musician- 7pts
wolves may take armour at +2pts per model, counting as barding (movement reduced to 8, +1 armour, for a total save of 3+ with light armour, 2+with heavy.)

the armour is rather good, so i may change the costs so a fully upgraded model would cost around 18-20pts.

what do you think? im not sure about the armour for wolves, but a use for the armoured heads from the gobbo sprues, and a chance to add some leathers to a wolf would be nice.

constructive crit is welcome. now for goblin light chariots, and chariot mounted light artillery/weapon teams. light bolt throwers on chariots maybe...

07-08-2005, 21:47
goblin wolf drawn light bolt throwers

chariot mounted light bolt throwers.- 90pt basic-2 per special. All gobbo cavalry army only.
crew- 4 goblins, with hand weapons, and the light bolt thrower.
chariot size= Medium (S5, T4, W4, 5+ armour save, D6 impact hits)
the chariot has sythed wheels, and is pulled by 2 wolves.

special rules- light bolt thrower- Range 30"; Strength 5-1 per rank; D3 Wounds; No save; Roll to hit as normal
eavy stuff for wolfsies- due to the weight of having a bolt thrower AND a chariot rigged up to the wolves
theyre movement is reduced to 8".

and light chariot units.

superlight goblin chariots- 30pts basic- special choice, unit size of 3-12

crew-2 goblins. The chariot is pulled by 2 wolves
weapons- hand weapons.
the unit mazy take spears at +1 point, and shortbows at +2
the chariot can also have sythed wheels at +10pts.

soecial rules-
superlight- S4, T4, W3, 5+ armour save, D3 impact hits
-May form units
-Move as Fast cavalry
-Unit Strength 3
-Add +1 to the armour save of characters riding them, rather than +2

con crit please

07-08-2005, 23:23
you're kidding, right? O&G have the most exstensive amount of units of ANY army. I mean, they have 20 different character options compared to an average of 5 for other armies.

also, black orcs are currently and should be the only orcs to get heavy armor. they have fought their way to the top and so get the best armor. giving goblins heavy armor is an ABSOLUTE no-no, outside of maybe a specific dogs of war regmient with damn good fluff justification. Orcs and goblins are fine as they are, they're one of the most versatile and playble lists around. You're asking for too much man.

Lady's Champion
08-08-2005, 10:20
I have to say that though there should be more Orc and Goblin variety in the fluff maybe, allowing for too many different unit types only makes the most confusing and unit filled book more so

Oh, and Goblins with heavy armour when Orcs can't? :wtf:

08-08-2005, 10:37
goblins would hardly be able to move inheavy armour,

try giving a 10 year old a suit of plate mail.... he would colapse after 5 min!

Lady's Champion
11-08-2005, 18:46
Lol 5 mins? He wouldn't stand up!